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That Lesbian Kiss is Gonna Need Some Tongue Before We Deem it “Hot” Thanks

Lads list TV’s Hottest Lesbian Scenes but miss all the good stuff, 90210’s lesbian kiss anticipation, Adam Lambert does “Sleepwalker” on Jay Leno (VIDEO), Rosie recaps The View’s interview with Octomom (IT’S AMAZING), Kanye writes a good blog post, Real World DC’s Emily Schromm talks to AfterEllen, Lindsay Lohan’s Purple Magazine photoshoot, 90210 House on sale & more!

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The Big Reveal: Glambert’s Gay Impact, Jennifer Beals’ L-Plot Choice, Gaga’s Feminism

Guardian writer misses the point on Lady Gaga, Desperate Housewives’ lesbian update and Dana Delaney on Jennifer Beals’ choice to reject Sen Grisham to stay true to her character/Tina, will Adam Lambert change pop music for the queers, Johnny Weir posed for Vanity Fair recently. Kathy Griffin will be on SVU tomorrow. The stars of Glee will be on tour this May. And Daniel Radcliffe loves the gays.

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Lesbian Lifestyle Unpopular Today: Maureen McCormick, Kim Zolciak, Alicia Keys h8 the Rumors

Apparently the gay agenda isn’t working today ’cause no one wants to be a lesbian BUT who cares, This American Life’s 2002 ep about how homos aren’t crazy is streaming online this week! Also; homophobia in African-American churches, Johnny Weir on “That’s Gay!”, the upside of depression, Caster Semenya is not the real Middlesex, Clay Aiken’s HRC speech FTW, Crystal Renn interviewed, “Bro-etry,” 10 Reasons to Avoid the Phone and more!

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It’s OK to Hate Gays: Exodus International Counters GLSEN’s Tolerance Campaign

Exodus International counters GLSEN’s message of tolerance with the “day of truth.” Health care is changing in NY and marriage recognition is changing in MD; Miss Beverly Hills is just as bitchy but not as pretty as Carrie Prejean, and the NAACP’s feelings about gay marriage could be maybe on the way to changing. Stuff might be happening again with the Prop 8 trial, people in the Netherlands are protesting the Catholic Church’s exclusion of gays, because obvs Jesus would love to go to your gay wedding.


Shiloh Jolie-Pitt’s Tomboy Look Scares Media Just Like Ours Scared Our Grandparents

Apparently Shiloh Jolie-Pitt is a stylin’ tomboy, which means Angelina is brainwashing her into the bisexual lifestyle! Meanwhile, studies suggest tomboy-identification is good for girls. Also; South African boarding school shuts down after lesbian kiss, the NAACP Image Awards, out actor Guillermo Diaz, “Toe to Toe” looks at interracial friendships, Tegan & Sara in Austin, how to help Chile and old school Gaga.