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Riese’s Team Pick: Mary Gaitskill on Lady Gaga

I said once on twitter that I wanted to read Mary Gaitskill describe Lady Gaga, and then it turned out that such a thing had in fact already happened. !. Mary Gaitskill on Lady Gaga at ryeberg curated video: “This video is to me a picture of hell. It is so normal, yet so terrible.”

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Women in Combat: Is it “Contradicting Basic Biology” to Trust Male Soldiers To Keep it in Their Pants?

The New York Times looks at sexual harassment in the military and many commenters agree that the problem is that women are too sexy and men will be men. We vehemently disagree, obvs. The Prop 8 trial will be tweeted from within, which means we are finally in the future! Oh wait, nvm — anti-equality morons in Iowa are already gearing up to vote for a constitutional ban on human rights in 2010.


Riese’s Team Pick: The Decade in Poetry

2000-2009: The Decade in Poetry at the Poetry Foundation. There’s some Eileen Myles in there. (I love her) “The women poets I know are beginning to understand feminism as a sly term that can hold a lot. All that it needs…”

By | December 27, 2009

Ho, Ho, Hey Did You See That Comment Seasonal Sunday!

What, you didn’t think the gift giving was over, did you? We spent the holiday week cozied-up and reading through every one of your (many, many!) awesome comments. You’ve been so good this year; we wish we could wrap you all in a big family group hug! But due to the physical limitations of the internet, we’re giving out comment awards instead.


Riese’s Team Pick: Bright Pink Tears

I am in love with a gay boy and his name is JC Gonzalez. JC commented here, I liked his comment, clicked his name, and arrived at Bright Pink Tears, the home of JC’s ethereal photography (“primarily women and feminine boys”) and ‘zine (titled “My Daughter Says She’s Genderfuck Now What The Fuck Does That […]

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A Shot at Tila Tequila: The Autostraddle Interview

Autostraddle stops talking about Tila and talks to her instead: “Hopefully, after people read this interview, it will change their minds about me. But if not, it doesn’t matter. I’m still happy. I’m still going to fight for our right to get married. I’m going to buy my Teletubbies pajamas, and throw pickles at paparazzi!”