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“To L and Back” L Word Podcast Episode 603: LMFAO With Rhea Butcher!

Riese: I guess if you marry Jodie Foster, you don’t have to do anything anymore.
Rhea: You don’t have to.
Carly: Nooooooo
Riese: I mean, you win!
Rhea: Yeah!
Riese: You win!
Rhea: I mean, you really do! That is it. That’s bingo, right there. “See you guys!”
Carly: You did it!
Rhea: “Later!!”
Carly: You did it.
Rhea: “I’m going to do my thing now. It’s only whatever I want, from here on out!”

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News + Politics

Extra! Extra!: What Does It Mean That the House Passed the Equality Act?

In this week’s Extra! Extra! Natalie weighs in on the significance of this moment and also gives us a grounded perspective on whether or not the 117th Congress will succeed in passing non-discrimination protections for LGBTQ+ people where the 116th failed. We also look at American extremism, the vaccine roll out, the climate crisis and a smattering of domestic and global news.


How Do You Scale a Personality Cult?

We do lose something when dedicated queer spaces like Into, Girlfriends and SheWired shutter or AfterEllen goes full TERF, but we also lose something when The Awl, The Hairpin and The Toast do. These were places where writers were free to experiment, to be weird, to make writer-first content that isn’t easily monetizable.

Sex + Relationships

LIVE WORKSHOP: Get Into the Queer Sex 101 Workshop Series, Learn All About Masturbation with Shelli!

We’ve been working on figuring out how to bring you more content that gives you concrete know-how about queer sex. And we’re ready to make it happen! We’re bringing you a brand new live video series exploring the building blocks of queer sex, led by real queer sex-having people! This month, Shelli Nicole is bringing you a world of knowledge and insight about masturbation in a workshop for A+ members!

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