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Femme Brûleé: Blueberry Galette

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I miss camp so much the only cure I could think of was some kind of comfort food that involves berries – only one type though – and that I could make very quickly and easily. I decided the only thing to do was to bake a mountain of berries into some flaky buttery crust and eat it while I scroll the A-Camp hashtag and cry for the millionth time. And thus, this blueberry galette was born!


Nessie Is My Girlfriend: What Is it With Queer People and Cryptids?

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“I started a Tumblr called Midwestern Monster Hunt dedicated to my adventures and to sharing stories of the weird, macabre, and strange. I began following blogs devoted to lovingly curating blurry photos dotted with red circles, grainy images of discs in the sky, or puns about Mothman. The more involved in cryptid and paranormal spaces I became, the more queer people seemed to pop up.”


“Vida” Episode 103 Recap: Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby

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It isn’t just about the hot sex — though the sex is very hot — it’s about creating spaces where Latinx queer bodies can feel ownership. It’s tearing down shame. It’s about saying that our love, our sex, our sticky sweat is valid. It’s about fighting tooth and nail for pleasure in a world that would rather us be criminalized for waking up in the morning.