Creative Interviewing Creatives: Mila Jam Is the Artivist the World Needs Right Now

“Most production companies and organizations feel like they check off their list of requirements by having one of us in the room. We need more inclusivity in lead roles, as well as behind the scenes. There is a lack of positive representations of black trans women. Why are we not celebrating the accomplishments of a demographic of women that overcome extreme adversity? We are beyond prostitution. We are more than secrets.”

Sex + Relationships

Anonymous Sex Toy Review: Starsi Vibrator

“Oh my god, I just remembered — I put Starsi on my crotch and my partner straddled me and it honestly felt like I was an alien and we ALMOST kind of did role play?? Even though we’re NOT into that. But I was like, what if you got abducted and had sex with the alien and they had vibrating genitals!!!”

By | October 27, 2020