For Queers, by Queers, in Strait-Laced Boston

There’s a staunch Puritanical and traditionalist bent that persists in New England, now resulting less in atrocities like the perennially invoked Salem Witch Trials and more in people being doggedly polite: here, that means ignoring each other in public, not making small talk when you can be direct, and extreme propriety around personal questions to the extent of depersonalization. It can leave a queer kid uninspired, and in communities where, for better or worse, coding is still a vital method of communication, it can make the world feel small.

News + Politics

Extra! Extra!: The US’s COVID-19 Cases Peak as Stimulus Package Passes; Here’s All That Explained

This is the week that the US finally reached the top of the global rankings in terms of number of confirmed cases; Congress just passed a stimulus package the likes of which, I truly believe, have not been seen in a long, long time, if ever. There is a much, much bigger world that is getting hit with COVID-19 right now, and I definitely want to turn to that. But there’s a lot to say in the US alone right now.

Food and Drink

The Dyke Kitchen: You Can Eat Savory Pancakes Anytime!

If I’m being honest, as a person whose joy is generally exponentially increased by sharing it with other people, so not having live company with which to share my food has been underwhelming of late. That said, I do love to impress myself, and the easiest way to do that is to take something simple, like a pancake, and give it a makeover, so I can fall in love with it anew.