Our “Gentleman Jack” Event in Los Angeles Was Secretly the Best 19th Century Lesbian Comedy Special Ever

Everybody laughed harder than they have ever laughed at anything written in the early-mid 19th century ever before. This is ’cause Anne Lister wrote some very unique erotica and had a lot of relatable if dramatic lesbian feelings — e.g., dealing with the agony of dating a girl whose husband isn’t dead yet — and also because our performers were brilliant and talented and hilarious.


Alone In the Tropical Everglades

When I got diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, I dropped everything and moved to the outskirts of the Everglades to die. Pushing my body to its limits brought a healing that I never could’ve found as a healthy person – to finally belong in my own skin.

Health + Athletics

Too Fast, Too Black, Too African: On Caster Semenya

“Would it be easier for you, if I wasn’t so fast? Would you prefer I hadn’t worked so hard?” Semenya is fast because she works hard to be at the top of her game; every single time. Much like any other athlete who dominates their sport from Simon Biles to Serena Williams to Billie Jean King and Abby Wambach. Which is why, I, Queer, African, Woman, Black, Failed Athlete, celebrate you Semenya and the work you have done for women like us; for whom our presence on global stages remains to be normalized.


Be Part of Autostraddle’s 2019 Pride Gallery

This year’s Pride month is an extra special one because it’s the 50th anniversary of Stonewall — and, of course, because it’s as vital as ever for us to assemble and be visible and stand and shout together as we march through the streets declaring our presence and pleasure at being part of the LGBTQ+ community.