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The Queer Gardener’s Almanac: Winter

Autostraddle’s giant survey last year showed that queers will make the most of even the tiniest outdoor patches they can get their green-fingered mitts on. It’s time we celebrated the wide open spaces of our rural and suburban queers too, imagining the possibilities for the expanses we inhabit today or dream about tomorrow.


“Good Trouble” Episode 216 Recap: Fragility

“Everybody wants to be an ally but not everyone wants to be an ally long enough to make themselves uncomfortable. Everybody wants to be an ally, but not everyone is willing to have their own standing threatened. People rationalize their action — or inaction, as it were — but what it fundamentally comes down to is everybody wants to be known as an ally but few people are will to invest their time, money and security in actually being an ally.”


Queer Tarotscopes: Pisces Season Gives Us Room to Breathe

Where does your mind go when you give it space to wander? What emotions bubble to the surface when you stop trying to hold back? Pisces isn’t afraid of the power of their feelings or the strength of their connections, instead urging us to embrace all that we are and dive as deep as possible into the unknown.