“To L and Back” L Word Podcast Episode 603: LMFAO With Rhea Butcher!

Riese: I guess if you marry Jodie Foster, you don’t have to do anything anymore.
Rhea: You don’t have to.
Carly: Nooooooo
Riese: I mean, you win!
Rhea: Yeah!
Riese: You win!
Rhea: I mean, you really do! That is it. That’s bingo, right there. “See you guys!”
Carly: You did it!
Rhea: “Later!!”
Carly: You did it.
Rhea: “I’m going to do my thing now. It’s only whatever I want, from here on out!”

“To L and Back” L Word Podcast Episode 602: “Least Likely” With Christina Tucker!

Carly: I feel like if I confusedly kissed Jennifer Beals, I would also have to move away.
Christina: I would have to join WITSEC. I would be like, “Listen, get me on a USA cable drama because I got to go. I’m losing it.”
Carly: “I got to go. Give me a wacky sidekick, we can go fight crime together, or whatever. Maybe we’re lawyers. We’re going to wear suits and my name is not Carly anymore.”
Christina: “I can’t be Christina anymore because my mouth has been on Jennifer Beals’ mouth.”

“To L and Back” L Word Podcast Episode 511: Lunar Cycle

Riese: And then she explains that they have different core values.
Carly: Then Jodi says, “What are my core values?” And Bette says, “It doesn’t matter. It’s not a judgment.” What? What?
Riese: I want Bette to be like, “I see the beauty in things.”
Carly: And what do you see, Jodi? Also the beauty in things? Oh.
Riese: And Jodi’s like, “I’m wearing your exact outfit. Obviously, I also see the beauty in things.”