Write for Us

Hello and thank you for your interest in writing for Autostraddle! We are looking for submissions in the following categories:

  • HOLIGAYS: It’s time. Holiday or fall/winter-related essays, lessons, fashion, party planning, etc!
  • Funny shit
  • Fashion & Beauty
  • Sex, relationships & dating

We are not looking for:

  • Callout posts
  • Academic papers
  • Why [x] is [problematic] [-ist]

We are especially interested in submissions from:

  • Butch / masculine-of center women
  • People of color
  • People over 45+
  • Trans women

Payment: We are an independent publication with a tight budget, but we’re committed to paying all our writers, although we recognize that it’s not as much as we’d like to or as much as you deserve. Usually this falls within the $40-$150 range. We are particularly inclined to compensate writers at higher rates who are QTPOC, professionals turning in work that doesn’t require editing/revisions, pitching a story from a perspective or on a subject which is underrepresented on the site.

Original Feature Journalism/Reporting:

If you have reporting experience and are interested in writing a reported, feature-style longform piece (3,000+ words) that tells a gripping, nuanced story that is relevant to our community with photo or other multi-media elements, feel free to pitch us your idea with a budget. Depending on the scope of the story, your experience and our estimation of the story’s potential reach, we are open to negotiations up to $1,200 as well as expenses covered, but will be very selective as we can only afford a few of these each year.

This includes investigative journalism as well as pop culture stories like oral histories of queer or queer-adjacent TV shows and movies, 3,000+ word celebrity profiles of famous lesbian, queer, bisexual and/or trans women, with photographs (or we’ll pair you with a photographer) or behind-the-scenes of a queer TV show / set visit. We’re also eager for pieces on social phenomenons and relationships, like this or this or this.

For all submissions, please include your rates if relevant.