Write for Us

Hello and thank you for your interest in writing for Autostraddle! We’re currently overwhelmed with submissions and therefore are only soliciting the following:

  • Personal essays or feature articles on topics related to queer, feminist and/or outsider culture. We’re looking for really good stories, new angles, edgy style, unique arguments, keen intellect and searing wit.
  • Fashion, style and beauty pieces from masculine-of-center women and people of color.
  • Articles about sex, relationships or dating.

Payment: We are an independent publication with a tight budget, but we’re committed to paying all our writers, although we recognize that it’s not as much as we’d like to or as much as you deserve. Usually this falls within the $40-$100 range, although there are exceptions.


  • If you have extensive reporting experience and are interested in writing a feature-style longform piece that tells a gripping, nuanced story that is relevant to our community with photo or other multi-media elements, feel free to pitch us your idea with a budget. Depending on the scope of the story, your experience and our estimation of the story’s potential reach, we are open to negotiations up to $1,000.
  • We are particularly inclined to compensate writers at higher rates who are QTPOC, professionals turning in work that doesn’t require editing/revisions, pitching a story from in a perspective or in a subject which is underrepresented on the site.

Please include your rates if relevant.