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Autostraddle Bi+ Week Roundtable: Choosing Visibility

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How do we want to be seen in our daily lives? How much control do we really have over it? How do we make ourselves visible in a world that often chooses not to see us clearly, and what risks and complications come with it? There’s no one answer, which is why we had all these Autostraddle staffers who identify somewhere under the bisexual umbrella talk about it for you!

First Person

Sharon Stone Crossing and Uncrossing Her Legs

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“I watched her zip up her white dress in the mirror; I watched her cross and uncross her legs; I watched her, and my friends watched her, and in the movie we were watching the other characters, men and women, watched her. I hated her so much, and so purely, with such satisfaction. I couldn’t look away.”


15 Must-Read Bisexual Nonfiction Books

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Whether you’re looking for powerful personal bisexual narratives, insightful political analysis of bisexual issues, or information to help understand bisexuality (yours or someone else’s), there are books in here you don’t want to miss!


VIDEO! Getting In Bed with Kate Leth: Bisexuality II

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Queen of Bisexuality Kate Leth joined me in bed this week and talked about coming out as bisexual at age 11 via Sailor Moon (!!), feeling like you “aren’t gay enough,” bringing straight, cis partners to pride celebrations, and soooo much more. Plus, kittens.