S L I C K: Sweet Dreams

“I had a kind of dirty dream about you. Do you want to hear about it?” You laugh, and fuck, that sound twists itself inside my chest like a fist. I want to make you laugh more. Your voice drops, somewhere between a whisper and a quake. “It started with me kissing you.”

S L I C K: Plug and Play

“I picked up the tentacle attachment and clicked it into place. For a moment, nothing happened – then, the tip began to move, seeking out something to touch, and the entire shaft lit up with sensation.”

S L I C K: Hank & Melanie

She stared at the camera as she slowly took off her dress; she liked the way Hank looked at her through the screen, his mouth parted, his eyes wide. She could hear his breathing, and she loved the way he gasped when she did anything that made him particularly proud. FaceTime sex was full of its own cues and rhythms. It was hot.

S L I C K: The Ass That Ate Back

Tanya wasn’t the kind of queer to make the first move, generally speaking, but that night was different. Marianne was different. She seemed more than interested in what Tanya had to say. Her words were gentle and warm, but funny and sexy. Like a horny heated blanket that could make you laugh.

S L I C K: Raincheck Part 1

You are just picking up Naomi. Your very good friend, Naomi, whom you have only not-so-jokingly offered to take up on her not-so-joking offer to fuck for a decade. She literally just got emotionally gut punched by some fuckboy. Don’t be another fuckboy. Not today. Unless she initiates. Fuck, she always initiates. Fuck, I missed my exit.

S L I C K: Constellations # 6 Bennett & Paige Go Slow

Special? Of course she was special. She was their partner, their most precious relationship, their lover of nearly ten years, their most trusted confidant. She smelled like a combination of lavender and musk, with this particular tenderness that still made Bennett’s knees weak and that growl start to build deep in their body.

S L I C K: Duckling

First I became a cloud-woman. Min had always liked watching them as a child, one of her only good memories from that period. I lifted up my skirts, let her lap up my water. Her mouth was covered in dew when I kissed her.

S L I C K: Wanna Cyber

Mostly I had chalked my ambivalence up to stifling antidepressants and emotional avoidance. Was I gutted of desire or was this a case of under exposure? Or was I supposed to own my simpleton truth and scream from a cliff, “I just want to dim the lights and be pegged, goddamnit!”

S L I C K: Sizzling Erotica Round-Up

Life moves fast. Time is a warp. It’s possible that you missed some of these tension-filled erotic S L I C K moments. Join A+ so you can read the slow, tight tension — right before the frenzy — that I love to revisit.

S L I C K: Yes, Daddy

I wanted you to dominate me, Daddy, and you relished the chance. The leather straps twirled through the air as the pain grew sharper and more familiar. It stung hard. And it felt so fucking good.

S L I C K: Lesson Learned

“Ms. DeLovely, will you please stop by during my office hours?” Your voice stern, but laced with sweet concern. I’m already dripping. Clearly this is a role you were born to play. “Yes, Professor Luna.”