S L I C K: The Defender

Content notes: butch/femme, finger fucking, oral sex
Miranda was the sole owner of Genesis Imports, a high-end car dealership that exclusively sold European vehicles. It was near closing when she saw a town car pull up, and from it, emerged a striking butch with graying, short hair and broad shoulders. They walked assertively to the front door, and Miranda was immediately attracted to them. Their stride indicated that they knew exactly what they wanted. And Miranda knew what she wanted, too.

Their crisp, white shirt was slightly unbuttoned with the sleeves rolled up. Miranda caught herself wondering what it would feel like nibbling on the side of this stranger’s neck. Her gaze moved down their toned body and then back up, stopping at their arms. She wondered what this person could do to her.

In one fluid movement, Miranda gracefully got up from her desk and ran her manicured fingers through her jet black bob. The butch was inside the building before Miranda reached the bottom of...

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Melody Kamali

Melody Kamali is a comedian based in New York City. She is best known for co-hosting the “Dyking Out” podcast. Follow her on social media at @melodykamali.

Melody has written 1 article for us.