The Autostraddle Yearbook: A Decade Of Gay Work


“i love everybody! today is the day i understand the internet! i feel like that girl in mean girls who just wants to bake a cake with rainbows for everybody, but she doesn’t go to their school, but i actually do go to this school.”

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"It felt important."
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In the beginning, was just Riese and her friends. Nobody got paid back then (and it would take many years for everybody to get paid), we just all did it because we believed in it. So did you — and that’s where the “Intern Army” came from — readers who wanted to help, and did.

“I’d be like hey, hold on a sec I have a patient and go like literally put a lab coat on and draw someone’s blood… then come back to my desk and draw some weird cartoon about fisting”
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When I first started writing for Autostraddle back in 2009 I still worked full-time doing something that wasn’t putting words on the internet. I met Riese at a Halloween party at Robin and Carly’s place in midtown that I went to with Kip. Back then I still thought I was going to go into something related to clinical psychology (that was the plan!) so I was working doing clinical neuropsych research in a hospital in Manhattan, gchatting with Riese and everyone else most of the day at work. I’d be like hey, hold on a sec I have a patient and go like literally put a lab coat on and draw someone’s blood… then come back to my desk and draw some weird cartoon about fisting or write something for Technostraddle (RIP). I honestly don’t remember why I told Riese I would launch a tech vertical for Autostraddle when we were drunk at that party, but it accidentally changed the course of my career! Also I made a lot of really weird friends and now we all see each other at our annual mid/quarterlife proto-retirement gathering, A-Camp.

Taylor Hatmaker

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To Marie [Riese]: you are a visionary and a writer’s writer and oh so kind, and curious and smart – she’s always paying attention, isn’t she? – and all the beautiful people that were there at the beginning and continue to be apart of Autostraddle: you did it! I am soooooo honored to have been a little part of the beginning, to have contributed to this amazing space, and I support it with all my heart. Happy Birthday! Here’s to another 10!

Natalie Raaber
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the year of us

this year we did a lot of…


  • Sisters Talk Radio Best Lesbian Website
  • Golden Kitty Award for Best Lesbian Website (from Lesbian Lounge)
  • Lezzy Award for Best New Blog
  • Mashable Open Web Awards: Best Online Magazine

most prolific writers

  1. Riese Bernard
  2. Carly Usdin
  3. Alex Vega
  4. Emily Choo
  5. Crystal Silvester
  6. Laneia Jones
  7. Robin Roemer
  8. Jess Rothschild
  9. Sarah Palmer
  10. Stef Schwartz / Taylor Hatmaker (tie)
see rachel’s prophecy

the year of…


pop culture


  • Jennifer’s Body
  • The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (Swedish version)
  • Whip It



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  1. dear autostraddle,

    thank you for all the memories!!!!!! This is an incredible piece of hard work and live and art — just like so many things you’ve created over the years. I started reading autostraddle I think daily in 2013, when I was in high school, even though I didn’t realize I was gay until 2015. In retrospect, wild!! anyway I have treasured so many personal essays and pieces of autostraddle writers and editors lives and pop culture and advice and laughter and everything else that makes autostraddle the wonderful home and community it is. You guys showed me what queer adulthood and love and marriage and friendship looks like and I’ll never stop being greatful. I was so happy when I graduated college and could join A+ and when I upped my subscription in January. HAGS and thanks for the memories!!!!!


  2. Dear Autostraddle,
    This yearbook is absolutely the coolest, greatest, loveliest, and gayest thing I have EVER seen on the internet!! Over the past week, I have been starting from 2009 and journeying through the herstory of this loving community into which I’ve somehow accidentally stumbled. There are just no words… I hope that we will all exist for ever and ever, and that I can somehow be a part of it. You all are goddesses, and I “worship” your boundless creativity!! :) Much love!

  3. i’m so late to commenting on this because i like, was overwhelmed by how much i love it and how much i love us for a long time? and now it’s april 3 and i’m like…okay it’s been almost a month since this published, is now the time to comment? i guess???

    thank you riese and laneia and sarah and cee for building this gift for us. thank you readers and writers and lovers and fighters for keeping this space alive. i love everyone and i wish i could say more but that’s kinda all i’ve got. i love us for forever.

    xoxo have a great summer see u in the fall jk see u right here for 4eva

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