Top Ten Best Lesbian Movies: 10 Queer Movies That Don’t Suck.

alloverme100Fact: lesbian movies suck. Fact: Not every lesbian movie scales the pinnacles of suckdom achieved by most lesbian movies, e.g., Go Fish‘s mind-blowingly wearisome Sapphic History seminars and Lost & Delirious‘s Bird-Metaphor Overkill. Some lesbian and bisexual themed films actually feature good writing, good acting, and good plots. Some even feature smokin’ hot lesbian sex scenes (though the MPAA always fights to censor female sexual pleasure with the financially damning NC-17 card, which is an even tougher battle for female-on-female sexual pleasure peddlers) with Women We Love like Angelina Jolie, Leisha Hailey, Jordanna Brewster, Ally Sheedy and Clea Duvall.

So today, Autostraddle celebrates our top ten favorite lesbian films!


Names highlighted in PINK represent actually lesbian, gay, bisexual or otherwise-inclined persons. They are in order from “1” being our FAVORITE LESBIAN FILM EVER to “10” being a lesbian film we kinda liked.

1. Fucking Amal/Show Me Love (Swedish), 1998

Directed & Written by: Lukas Moodyson
Starring: Alexandra Dahlström and Rebecka Liljeberg.
When Fucking Åmål was released in Sweden in 1998 it beat out Titanic at the Box Office — a feat that lesbian-themed movies aren’t exactly famous for in the U.S. But Fucking Amal (a.k.a Show me Love) is really that appealing! Fucking Amal offers a strikingly realistic interpretation of two high-school aged girls from different crowds but similar states of weirdo-mind who find themselves incredibly attracted to each other — Agnes (the loner, her only friend is wheelchair-bound) and Ellin (popular with a “reputation” amongst the boys).fucking_amal_08

Amal resonates because its coming-of-age story doesn’t feel forced. Ellin & Agnes deal with different levels of resistance from friends and family to both lesbianism and each other, from Ellin’s friends saying lesbians are disgusting and get AIDS to Agnes’s Mom defining lesbian as “a perfectly normal woman who just happens to fall in love with another woman.”

Quiet throughout but with a feel-good resolution; Fucking Amal leaves you giddy with first-love nostalgia and no Celene Dion songs stuck in your head. (By Intern Lily)



2. But I’m a Cheerleader, 1999

Directed by: Jamie Babbit
Starring: Clea Duvall, Natasha Lyonne, Michelle Williams, RuPaul, Melanie Lynskey


The Ex-gay movement is a serious problem affecting the GLBT community, but with a heavy dose of Camp, Jamie Babbit has transformed the topic into one of the best, funniest lesbian movies ever: But I’m a Cheerleader. I mean, Ru-Paul plays an ex-gay counselor who’s in love with the obviously gay son of the oblivious woman who runs the program, how could this movie not be fun? The central characters are Megan, the cheerleader sent to Ex-Gay camp “True Directions” by her concerned parents & friends & boyfriend, and surly misfit Graham (Clea DuVall), who Megan meets at True Directions.

Highlights include: The opening scene of Megan’s gay intervention where Megan herself doesn’t think she’s gay. True Directions’ blue & pink color scheme and 50s-style costumes which look GREAT, and its therapeutic activities like the girls caring for baby dolls or housecleaning while the boys play football and make cars.

The film challenges, mocks and exposes the ridiculousness of gender norms on both sides of the game while charming audiences with nonstop campy humor and quick, witty dialogue. But most of all, there is Clea Duvall putting her hair behind her ear at just the right moment, being homosexy and making the movie end on a high note. (By Intern X/Alexandra Walters)

Fun Facts: When it was initially rated as NC-17 by the MPAA, Babbit made cuts to allow it to be re-rated as R. When interviewed in the documentary film This Film Is Not Yet Rated Babbit criticized the MPAA for discriminating against films with homosexual content.

Babbit says that her influences for the look and feel of the film included John Waters, David LaChapelle, Edward Scissorhands and Barbie.

3. Boys Don’t Cry, 1999

Boys Don’t Cry definitely isn’t a “lesbian film” — there aren’t any lesbians in it! But it has a lesbian director and a queer sensibility and is important for other reasons so we wanted to talk about it anyhow.

Director: Kimberly Pierce
Written by: Kimberly Peirce & Andy Bienen
Starring: Hillary Swank, Chloë Sevigny, Peter Sarsgard, Brandon Sexton II, Allison Folland
“This is the scene that made my friend realize he was trans!” exclaimed my genderqueer non-romantic life partner during Hilary Swank’s chest-binding, underwear-stuffing scene as Brandon Teena in Boys Don’t Cry. And though not all viewers come to that same conclusion, it can’t be denied: this movie’s got the potential to change lives, or at least change minds. Released in 1999, before even LGBT rights worked their way into the mainstream, the Academy Award-winning Boys Don’t Cry tells the true story of Teena, a young Nebraska trans man who was raped and murdered after it was discovered that he was born anatomically female.

Swank captures Teena’s all-American boy charm. Smirking and drinking and picking up chicks, Teena makes clear what was once (and often still is) confusing to many: being transgender and being gay are not the same thing. Mistaken by locals for a butch dyke, Teena refuses to accept this label and insists upon the truth: he is a man.


Disturbing and thought-provoking, this movie brought the idea of transgenderism to the mainstream media in a way that was sympathetic rather than stereotypical, exposing the bitter truth of a true story and giving life to the idea that gender is more than the sum of one’s parts. (By Intern Katrina)

4. Saving Face, 2005savingFace

Directed & Written By: Alice Wu
Starring: Lynn Chen, Michelle Krusiec, Joan Chen, Jessica Hecht

You know how we’re always complaining that we wish someone could just make a sweet movie about love that happens to involve the particular challenges of a lesbian relationship without making it A BIG LESBIAN MOVIE? Saving Face, which you’ve probably not heard of, is the unsung heroine of lesbian films. The sweet love story addresses the pros and cons of Chinese-American family life and specifically how Wil (Michelle Krusiec) navigates her world as a lesbian.

Fulfilling the pressures of her family and her own drive,Wil is a hard working doctor who looks on track to become head of surgery, a position currently held by the father of the woman she falls in love with; proud and gorgeous lesbian dancer Vivian Shing (Lynn Chen). Meanwhile Wil’s mother is having trouble with traditional relationship norms as well and has moved herself in to Wil’s apartment. Mother and daughter both come to understand one another and accept each other’s secret loves despite their deterrence from traditional cultural expectations, which is one of many things the film does so well.


The awkward but endearing dynamic between sweet & shy Wil with passionate & outgoing Vivian is a joy to watch, in addition to being the first lesbian film about an Asian-American couple.

(By Intern X/Alexandra Walters)


5. Bound, 1996

Directed & Written by: Lilly and Lana Wachowski
Starring: Gina Gershon, Jennifer Tilly, Joe Pantoliano, Christopher Meloni

Visually stunning and sexy as fuck, Bound is a masterful film noir-style suspense flick known as one of the first mainstream films to include homosexual lead characters without centering the plot around homosexuality. Lesbian ex-con Corky Sinclair, played by Gina Gershon, is hired as a plumber in the building where she meets Violet (Jennifer Tilly), the smoky-voiced Siren and girlfriend of money laundering mafioso Cesar. When they aren’t having hot lesbian sex, the duo are planning a major $2,000,000 heist.


Won a GLAAD Media Award (1997) for Outstanding Feature, a Grand Jury Award at Outfest and was nominated for “Best Kiss” at the 1997 MTV Movie Awards.

Fun facts: Feminist sex educator and pioneer Susie Bright was hired as a “lesbian sex consultant” for the film. Most studios told the Wachowskis that if they changed the character of Corky to a man, they would be interested in producing Bound, but they declined, saying “that movie’s been made a million times, so we’re not interested in it.” Their eventual budget was an unheard of $6,000,000. (By Riese)
Next: “Remember 1998 before Angelina Jolie was super famous? Neither do I.”

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  1. haha… when you’re done yelling at us for leaving out Imagine Me & You… you know your audience so well! Nice job ladies ;-) The first one, do we know if it’s available through Netflix?

  2. mmmhhh, never listen to the commentary of debs, it will make you want to shoot yourself. brewster and foster are all “ohmygod, when my mum sees this” and “what did we do” and “ohhhhhwecannotstoptalkingabouttheslimyguywhoplaysbradbecauseweretotallystraight”, it was mildly upsetting. but i don’t think jordana brewster has ever been cuter-hotter in any movie ever!

      • I did not know until watching that video just now that Jenny was a key figure in Angelina’s sexuality realization — I actually thought she’d always been open minded and had seen other women before Jenny but had never been out in public about it before. So interesting. Also looking at Angelina Jolie for long periods of time makes it hard to look at anything else in the whole world. Like my desk is so ugly, relatively.

  3. My first girlfriend showed me But I’m A Cheerleader when I was 17, and this past school year my gender prof. showed the movie and spent the rest of the 3 hour lecture talking about it, and it’s undeserved R rating, and the for real homo-rehab camps. It was a good day.
    Also: Jordana Brewster ftw.
    Also Also: Great article! Go team!

    • all over me is kinda special though. it’s unique and indie and different — definitely not as well put together as Imagine Me & You, but for the budget she was working with it’s pretty impressive. Of course it’s all just personal opinion, we’re certainly not experts on the matter.

    • I love it that you’ve seen almost all of them, lesbians ftw. Anyhow, you must see fucking amal because it is so cute/good! except you have to pay attention ’cause of the subtitles, which can be tough sometimes.

  4. I didn’t actually think Imagine Me & You was that great? I think I liked Lost & Delirious better? Maybe it is just me. What is with lesbians and ampersands?

    Also I would like to submit Boys Don’t Cry for the list of Movies That Made Me Cry The Most Ever.

    • OMG MY SUMMER OF FREAKING LOVE. We came up with this top ten in the park sans-computer and thought it would be better to do it without help of wikipedia etc – more authentic etc. And I kept being like, what is that movie, Summer Love or something? My Summer Love? and no one knew what I was talking about except Intern Hot Laura, sorta, but she didn’t remember the name either.

      Desert Hearts is another good one. I’m not a fan of D.E.B.S., but everyone else on the team is/was, so I submitted to popular opinion.

  5. the best thing about high art was this quote when lucy is talking to her mom “Both. I have a love issue, and a drug problem. Or maybe I have a love problem, and a drug issue. I don’t know” other than that I really didn’t think the movie had many other redeeming qualities. Some of the writing was cheeky. Do not ever watch it when you are feeling depressed or drinking. I agree with the other picks.

  6. I really loved D.E.B.S. (Angela Robinson ftw!), Saving Face (the lead characters are sooooooooo hot), and GIA. Have yet to see All Over Me but I want to see it since I want to see a young Leisha Hailey acting. Plus she’s hot & I’m gay so it pretty much goes hand in hand :)
    High Art is one of those movies I can’t get into. A whole lot of nothing happens & then it ends in a stereotypical way. & no matter how hot the sex scenes in Bound are, that one chicks voice keeps me from enjoying the movie!

  7. +1 for Imagine Me & You, cliched, kind of sucky, but it’s also the only rom-com that doesn’t make me want to stab forks in my eyes.

    I would also put a heavy recommendation on Hu Die, if for the soundtrack and pretentious cinematography alone, as well as Les Filles du Botaniste, despite all of the dead lesbians. Subtitles make me kind of hot, what can I say.

    • Yeah, she is married to a man but she’s always said she believes sexuality is fluid and she doesn’t see gender as a factor in relationships. She’s also a huge gay rights activist, which is awesome. I actually wasn’t sure if I should include her or not as ‘otherwise-inclined,’ but well … then I did!

  8. great list! “heavenly creatures” is another fantastic and rather queer movie for everyone who is updating netflix. definitely a predecessor to “my summer of love”. and it has trippy claymation. and a young kate winslet and melanie lynskey!

    oh! also i heard/read Lisa Chodolenko is in production on a new movie featuring j. moore and a. benning as a lesbian couple: “the kids are all right”… hopefully it won’t suck.

    • true story that my friends have all already heard: Heavenly Creatures is based on a true story, and the person who Kate Winslet played in the movie grew up and became a mystery writer and was the biggest client of the literary agency I used to work for. She had changed her name and everything but when HC came out, an intrepid reporter in New Zealand made it her life’s mission to track down this woman and prove she was the same woman who was now writing mystery novels in London, and the whole story came out and it was a big deal, and etc. She also said there was no sexual relationship between the girls as was implied in the movie.

      that being said, heavenly creatures is so so good, but I think we had trouble with the idea of a movie where being lesbians = murderers being on our list

  9. bold choice of title, ladies. that scene in the first part of ITWCT2 when she collapses on the bed crying just KILLED me. also i became mildly obsessed with clea duvall after seeing her in “the faculty” – when i was internet-searching her at age 16 i found out she was a gay and dating radio sloan and had the word “radio” tattooed on the INSIDE of her lip. don’t know if it’s true, but that’s when i knew that it would be me and clea 4FR.

    no love for the incredibly true story of Tina Kinnard in love? it’s just as well, i haven’t seen it and it probably belongs on the razzie-lezzie (LAZZIE!) list with better than chocolate and the lost and delirious raptor.

    • I haven’t seen the Incredibly True Adventures of Two Girls in Love either, I’ve just seen a lot of clips of it like in movies about gay movies! (I LOVE DOCUMENTARIES)

      actually i just love you really hard right now for knowing what the Razzies are.

      also yeah I loved ITWCT2 because I think it really did show a lot of good stories, like told some stories I hadn’t heard. I was really intrigued by the second story; the notion that these lesbians thought that the “butch” thing was a betrayal to their feminist lesbian movement because it reinforced male hegemony, I’d never heard of that before. but the first story is absolutely the most touching/sad … for sure

      • vanessa redgrave should never be heartbroken. it’s too much. it’s like punching judy dench with a puppy. it’s not right.

        you just reminded me that the second segment was also my first exposure to the “you can’t be feminists with us because you’re lesbians” thing from 70s second wavers. this movie was like a women’s studies intro I course! and i forgot nia long was in it!

    • You haven’t seen Two Girls in Love and you give it a razzie? How absolutely unbiased and balanced. Do you work for FIX news, too?

      Two Girls in Love and Desert Hearts are two good films that should have made this list instead of Imagine Me and You and D.E.B.S, IMHO.

  10. “we had trouble with the idea of a movie where being lesbians = murderers being on our list”…

    LOL. i suppose movies featuring vengeful/bitter/man-hating/murderous lezzies could be a whole other list—perhaps best reserved for the comments section. “notes on a scandal” is another superbly acted downer with a psycho lezzie (judi dench). i was conflicted about her character and the relevance of her being a lesbian…that wasn’t made clear until the end, almost as an explanation, but i’m not sure the film-makers meant to vilify the character b/c of her sexuality. interesting character study if you can make it through the rather dreary plot.

  11. I thought DEBS was hilarious and sooooo cute! Who wouldn’t with the delicious Jordana as a lead??:) And GIA! That used to be my favorite movie of all time! I have to dig it back out and re-watch it, it’s been a while.

    I hated All Over Me and High Art, and the only thing I like about Bound is how incredibly sexy Gina Gershon is. What about Loving Annabelle? It’s a little short on story and acting, but it’s still a great lesbian movie:)

    And you’re right, the Incredible True Adventures of Two Girls in Love is terrible, but I own it anyway because, well, I guess I just roll that way;)

  12. Not mentioned, yet two films I would include: The Gymnast, a late in life first lesbian love story offers the usual steamy build-up, but is best noted for the amazing bodies of these real life aerial artists especially since one of them is of an age not usually featured in youth obsessed lesbian films. The other also has a circus acrobat related theme: When Night Is Falling, a Canadian film notable for erotic atmosphere and surreal set design if a bit short between the sheets. I’m also surprised no one’s mentioned Tipping The Velvet for victorian costume drama lust and it’s follow up Fingersmith.

    • Tipping the Velvet is technically a TV miniseries I thought, right? We did talk about doing it, ’cause I love that book and movie, but decided not to ’cause we didn’t think it counted as an actual movie. I could be wrong. This is what happens when we attempt to make lists without wikipedia at our side.

  13. great list! is it bad that I’ve seen all of these?

    also: all over me is the best! i saw it a while ago and it made me want to transport back to the 90s and go to riot grrrl concerts and meet girls with pink hair.

  14. Itty Bitty Titty Committee is by far my favorite lesbian movie. Directed and written by Jaime Babbit. It has grrl riot music for the soundtrack and a dash of feminist theory. Also Jenny Shmizu makes a brief cameo. Saw it at outfest two summers ago. Daniela Sea is a minor character. Which leads to me to Short Bus which she breifly appeared in. Such a great Cameron Mitchell movie.

    • Yeah that’s why we said that it’s not a lesbian movie in the disclaimer immediately before the recap. We included it because it was really good, and it was directed by a lesbian, and is loved by many lesbians. We weren’t trying to be super-serious about it or make a statement, just recommend some good movies with a queer bent.

  15. Really good list! What ’bout Mulholland Drive? Oh, and Spider Lilies!

    And My Summer of Love made me want to die… Was like, oh that couldve been so wonderful and affirming, but instead it degenerated…which I guess we, the audience, always knew it would. Broke my heart, like, wth?

  16. interesting list, i will have to check out the ones i still haven’t seen. When night is falling should be on the list, it’s by far my favorite lesbian movie. i thought Lost and delirious was also good, as for Imagine me& you, it’s a cute uplifting movie, thought of it as a lesbian version of Love actually, but i don’t see it making any Top ten lists.

  17. This really is such a terrific list. Thank you! My additional favorites that I always recommend to people would include: GO FISH, DESERT HEARTS, THE INCREDIBLY TRUE ADVENTURE OF 2 GIRLS IN LOVE, ITTY BITTY TITTY COMMITTEE and BY HOOK OR BY CROOK (which can be read both as a lesbian movie and as a trans movie). And also THE HOURS which is a fantastic and extremely lesbionic movie that, much like BOYS DON’T CRY, simultaneously embodies and transcends the “Queer Film” label.

    And then there is the greatest movie ever made :-) TIMES SQUARE!

    If anyone wants to see my complete Top 10 lists (one queer and one “straight”) you can go here:

  18. What about Aimee and Jaguar or Tipping the Velvet or even Fried Green Tomatoes for that matter? Good stories and most importantly, great performances. Who can sit through a movie with terrible acting? Bound was a perfect example of a good storyline ruined by terrible acting.

  19. I’m glad I found ur page, I’ve seen a few movies but now I have a lot more 2 watch. Saw: D.E.B.S, 2 girls in love, Bound & that’s about it. I enjoy all of ur comments, really helps 2 find these movies.TY now I just have 2 find out where 2 watch them!!!!!

  20. what about “remember 1996 when tupac was alive and before angelina jolie was famous?” foxfire? i’m not talking about a mozilla browser. can i get a jenny shimizu shout out: “i’m afraid of heights. i’m not afraid of getting high.”

    not really a lesbian movie but there’s enough flannel and leather jacket to go around.

  21. why would boys don’t cry be on this list? you kind of coyly point to the fact that the movie is about a man, but i think you should fucking check yourself on your transphobia.

  22. I’m sorry, DEBS was fucking terrible. The only reason every other lesbian on the planet seems to love it is because it’s got jailbait girls in school uniforms. It didn’t even rise to the level of camp it was so bad.

    Two Girls in Love definitely belongs on this list instead.

    • well I’m sorry I guess you have no good taste, because D.E.B.S is freaking amazing. I’ve seen just about every Lesbian movie and DEBS is my favorite! Its got 2 girls who fall inlove, but with a crime thrilling twist… how can you beat that, you simply can’t.

  23. “High Art”? Seriously? Gaaaaag! That stinker is better than Ambien for putting you to sleep…

    Just because it has addictions and tortured artistic souls and lesbian angst doesn’t make it good. If you want addictions and art and angst, try Killing of Sister George ;)


  24. Dear intern Lily:

    In Fucking Amal you mention “her only friend is wheelchair bound” like that makes the friend somehow pathetic or less appealing as friends go than someone who was not ‘wheelchair bound’. Highly offensive. Perhaps you might consider changing the language up in the future so that people with disabilities aren’t depicted (even inadvertently) as being lesser-than. Every little bit matters.

  25. I have seen every single one of these movies! I didn’t have them all on DVD so I ordered the ones I didn’t have today. Its actually a GREAT LIST. I heart christina cox (better than chocolate), Gina Gershon (Bound), Lisa Ray (I can’t think straight), oh and the one that played Elin (show me love). I make sure that all of my lesbian friends have seen ALL of these or I put them through lesbian 101 and have them watch them. One of the best quotes was Kim (christina cox) and Maggie are about to kiss for the first time and they get kicked out of the coffee shop and she says “I am out!” or at the loft and she grabs a bunch of the sexy toys and decorates the plants and says “better homes and dildos”

    If it has a hot leading role, and some catchy funny lines Ill watch it a ton of times! I need more lesbian (movies) to add to my collections!lol

  26. No way is anyone going to notice this comment, but while they’ve never made a big announcement about it, Lana (nee Larry) Wachoswki is probably trans and probably identifies as female, so probably should count as pink even though they transitioned years after Bound was made.

  27. Terrible uninspired list!! You missed out so many and some really have nothing to do here! I know they are not that many lesbian movies but, in your case, better reduce your list to 5 great movies instead of having 10 with 2 poor movies and 3 very blah..

    This post is from 2009, ok, no Imagine Me&You (great movie) but few deserve to be on this list (or should be glad NOT to be in this bad list).

    This is my personal list:

    – When Night is falling – Canada – 1995 (The best lesbian movie ever)
    – Heavenly Creatures – USA – 1994 (how could you possibly forget that one!)
    – Butterfly – Hong Kong – 2005
    – Fire – India – 1996
    – Monster – USA – 2003
    – The World Unseen – USA/India – 2007
    – Bound – Agreed
    – Boys Don’t cry – Agreed
    – Fucking Amal – Agreed
    – Saving Face – Agreed

    ‘But I am a cheerleader’ suxxxxx, it could have been a great gay St Trinian’s but it just failed.
    Gia is so over rated due to Angelina Jolie’s hotness.

    • Monster?
      Heavenly Creatures?

      Are you a fan of the Lesbians are Murderers archetype? I’m not. That’s just me. Those were great movies — better than most of the movies here — but they don’t come up when i think of things our community should be heralding as our proudest moments. Calling Monster a “lesbian movie” is inaccurate, it’s a movie about a serial killer with a tragic, tragic, heartbreaking life who happens to be a lesbian.

      Also there’s a second part to the list where Imagine Me & You is included

      • Why Monster couldn’t be a lesbian movie? It is a story of a lesbian as MAIN character. To me, that makes it a lesbian movie. Are you saying a lesbian movie should be talking only about lesbianism, giving us pretty much a lecture of what’s a lesbian, what they eat, how they live, how they fuck? That would be more like a documentary to me or.. the Real L Word. Kinda. At least what they were trying the achieve.
        Why is Boys don’t Cry in the list then?
        Is Bound a lesbian movie or a gangster movie?
        Gia is a movie about modeling, isn’t it?

        I hear you but this is not relevant to me as no movie is ever really fully didactic no matter the topic and will be empty if it was just a pure description of the lesbian way of life or any other topic, gayness, black culture, christianism and botanic.

        I love it when a lesbian is the main character of a story that has nothing to do with analyzing how she eats as lesbian.

        And yeah i like them a bit psycho! That’s just personal.

        By the way, where is the second part of the list? I’d like to see it.

  28. Boys Don’t Cry doesn’t have any lesbians in it, so I really don’t see how it could be called a lesbian film, and in fact to do so is to suggest trans boys are not boys, which is cissexist.

    Just saying.

  29. i think i saw nearly 30 lesbian films…but i like only few of them..i like it story and its of the films just name the label as lesbian.
    1-show me love
    4-my summer of love
    5-loving anabella
    6-room in rome
    8-imagine me and you
    9-when night is falling
    10-saving face

  30. girltrash all night long, finding t.a.t.u are 2 good ones that alot of people haven’t heard about. i loved girltrash all night long mostly cause it was partly a musical and the 2 main actresses are the girls who play Spencer and Ashley on south of nowhere. and hello finding t.a.t.u is about 2 friends who fall in love while trying to meet T.a.T.u.

  31. Umm.. Elena Undone had the longest on-screen kiss ever woot!
    Yes or No’s okay.

    D.E.B.S is flipping ridiculous man

    Chloe isn’t exactly a lez film but amanda seyfried and julianne moore were hot.

    I agree with a lot of the choices here :)

    but Lost and Delirious and When Night is Falling just do it for me every time

  32. 1. I Can’t Think Straight ( hottest girls ever)

    2. My Summer Of Love ( who doesn’t think Emily Blunt is hot)

    3. Kissing Jessica Stein ( funny both girls are so hot)

    4. Loving Annabella ( Erin Kelly every lesbians wet dream)

    5. Bloomington ( the teacher I gotta give her a high 10 so sexy and the dimples are to die for)

    This list is good but I highly recommend these movies as well!

  33. I love Elena Undone, the long kiss scene did it for me. I’ve seen most of these movies, and going through the comments I see a lot I’ve never heard of. I’ll be checking them out. You know they need to make more movies about bisexuality, just my opinion, and not in the stereotypical way.

  34. I really loved Saving Face. After watching that and a year or so passing after watching IMY, IM&Y seemed so tame in comparison. I think with Saving Face as an indie movie you could actually see genuine/ authentic scenes between the two lovers, but in IMY I just thought.. people in love are far more passionate than that. They had some light kissing- they never even laid upon each other with at least a few articles of clothing missing. Darn the mpaa for making passionate scenes so unrealistic. I now feel IMY was really bland and a bit one dimensional

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  36. Ohh the best lesbian movies would have to be elana undone and i can’t think straight ive seen all the movies on the list and those are awesome as well i own almost all of them they are just great movies and they help support gays and lesbians!!!

  37. Kyss mig. The alpha and the omega of the lesbians films. Good story,great actors,the best “fake” orgasm i have ever seen in a film ( gay and straight),great music…
    My favourite scene: while cycling Mia rubs her face against Frida´s back… it left me breathless.

  38. I’ve just watched before the Boy’s Don’t Cry and it was awesome! But I do not know if it is part of the lists here. Right now I’m trying to download some of top 10 lesbian movie favorites because before I tried to get it in youtube but as we all know, youtube has limitations so good luck for me on where I could get those movies that I really want. I’m just wondering if Fraunde Haut is a movie or a TV series lesbian show? Coz I’m not sure. I just saw it on a sneak peak in youtube and not famiiar on those genre of categories. I just know that those are erotic movies as their genre.

      • Actually, as someone who’s trans*, I think it’s really good they included Boy Don’t Cry! Transgender people, regardless of their orientation, are too often excluded from lgb communities- partly out of transphobia, and partly because well-meaning people seem intent on focusing on distinctions between the two groups. The post above distinguishes between being trans and being “butch” without casting Boys Don’t Cry off as irrelevant to queer issues.
        (People who comment on how inappropriate it is to include this movie seem to forget that the title refers to the article as “10 queer movies that don’t suck”- and though not about lesbians, Boys Don’t cry is most defiantly queer.)

  39. I also love Loving Annabelle and The Four Faced Liar<3… but honestly.. i didnt really like show me love… and its not on the list.. but i didnt like better than chocolate either.. i didnt connect wither either of those movies.. a

  40. Imagine me & you is a deffo top on my list just purely because i think its so romantic and cute, aswell as Itty Bitty Titty Committee and But im a cheerleader which i find completely hilarious but pretty stupid and slightly cute, Just watched All Over Me purely because Leisha Hailey is in it who is absolutely hot in my eyes, but the film wasnt really that impressive, there wasnt enough of Leisha Hailey in there and them getting together was just like 10mins into the end and stuff it was kinda sudden, not sure what film to watch next? xD

  41. DEBS was on here? And Aimee and Jaguar wasn’t?

    DEBS happens to have one lesbian character. It’s a movie people watch to see girls in short skirts. I think it’s one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. I’m actually really disappointed in this list just for that.

    DEBS can be fun in a “B movie” way — but not in a “wow, lesbian cinema doesn’t suck! It isn’t just catered to what straight men want to see and actually relates to us!” way.

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  43. Completely have to agree with the person who said “When Night Is Falling” is the best lesbian movie ever…here are my 10:

    1. When Night Is Falling (The story, the music by Lesley Barber and Pascale Bussières conspire to make a near perfect movie).

    2. Cracks (Eva Green is just fabulous…this comes as close to tying for #1 as possible)

    3. Desert Hearts

    4. Sevigne (A spanish movie that has nothing at all to do with Chloe Sevigny…LOL)

    5. Boys Don’t Cry (I find this hard to watch, to this day…but Hilary Swank was awesome and you can’t beat Chloe singing “The Bluest Eyes In Texas”)

    6. I Can’t Think Straight (Lisa Ray will get my vote every single time)

    7. Elena Undone

    8. But I’m a Cheerleader (Talk Clea Duvall all you want…I’m taking with Natasha Lyonne)

    9. Saving Face

    10. Aimee & Jaguar (Warning…this movie will leave you completely devastated)

    Honorable Mentions would be Loving Annabelle and The Secrets.

    All in all…we do seriously lack good movies that realistically tell our stories.

  44. Okay, while I agree that Boys Don’t Cry is a fantastic movie and an absolute legend in queer cinema it really really really really does not belong on this list. Because the main character is a straight man and… it doesn’t… have any lesbians in it…???

    And I get it, it’s so undeniably awesome it’s hard not to talk about it. But even if I could get over it being on the list at all, I cannot get over Brandon being referred to as “Teena” throughout the entire article. I thought the columnist was just using his last name at first but that doesn’t appear to be the case. It’s pretty disrespectful to Brandon’s memory and to trans people in general not to use his chosen name so can we please remedy this?

    • list lolentry. I agree with it being on the list though, quoting my friend Mark: ‘the film is unnatural, forced, idiotic and utterly lesbian in nature, if something does me a disservice this is it.’ Basically women’s equivalent of ordering a futanari porn series to Tom of Finland.

  45. What about Heavenly Creatures?
    It may be considered controversial as to whether they are actually lesbians or just infatuated with each other in another sense but I absolutely loved that movie and it is one of the first films I saw that made me feel funny feelings…. Oh and Kate Winslet? mmmhmmm

  46. Okay so, am I the only one having trouble finding a version of Saving Face online with subtitles for the parts not in English? Because I can’t find a stream or torrent anywhere with subtitles and it’s frustrating cause I really wanna watch it.

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