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New York 2020-01-22: QUEER TIGER BEAT

Nikki Palumbo (UCB, Reductress) and Taylor Ortega (JFL, Disney) host this magazine-turned-comedy show of their queer teen dreams! This month’s issue features the very hunky Mary Beth Barone (Comedy Central), Julia Shiplett (Clusterfest), Jessica Henderson (Glamour Magazine), and Natalie Rotter-Laitman (August Exploration).

By |January 12, 2020
Meet-Ups / Events

Brooklyn 2020-01-23: Saturn Returned – a happy hour gathering for queer women and folks age 30+

It’s Saturn Returned edition #6… new year, new venue! Don’t let January get you down, we’ve got delicious drinks and fantastic folks to keep you energized.

New York offers a variety of queer events, but it can be hard to find a party that starts before 10pm — most of us have work in the morning and need our beauty rest. When you do get out to the party, you typically encounter a gaggle of fresh-faced adorable gays who don’t remember when MTV played music videos. Bless them, but it can be alienating for us more seasoned folks.

This party is for any queer-identified women (and queer-ID’d folks who date us) over the age of 30! That includes lesbian, bi, pan, queer, trans, non-binary, gender expansive, butch, femme, etc and anywhere in between.

Meet-Ups / Events

Los Angeles 2020-01-01: Girl(friends) New Year’s Day Pop-Up Marketplace

CREATIVE PEEPS! Do you like art and happy hour drinks? Girl(friends) is hosting an all female and non-binary art show for New Year’s Day! We are party series called Girl(friends)– it’s a music and friendship meet-up for girls and non-binary people to connect with other girls and non-binary people. Our next party is going to be a New Year’s Day party (Jan 1st). It’s our first year anniversary event at the Friend Bar in Silverlake. We’ll have a Female/non-binary vendor market that opens at 4, live performances from 6-9, then DJ after that.

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Instagram: @girlfriendslosangeles