Yes, Fundraising Is Part of Our Business Model: Here’s Why

You may have noticed we just launched our second 2020 fundraiser. This is exciting news for a lot of you, but we recognize that it also might be an alarming or even annoying announcement to others. So we wanna answer some questions about our fundraising that we’ve gotten in the past, and just dig into what we’re doing and why.

Letter From the Editor: Fresh Vision for Autostraddle

The heart of my new vision for Autostraddle is pretty simple: make more space for lesbians and queer people — especially people of color — to be our entire selves and to be known for the multi-dimensional ways we move in the world. We are the ultimate authority on our culture, who we are and how we live. This is a home for us.

You Raised $2K for Women for Political Change at Rise Up Get Down — A+ Members Can Watch the Replay!

On Sunday June 28, the anniversary of the start of the Stonewall Riots, we threw a little digital shindig to celebrate Pride as an uprising and to raise money for Women for Political Change in Minneapolis. We’re giving A+ Members access even if they couldn’t make the live show because they’re the best, so if you sign up now, you just have to await the weekly A+ E-News for details!