Maine & Washington Gay Marriage Election Day “Live-Blog”!

noon1We’re gonna do our best to keep up tonight with the results of the world-changing elections happening all over the country today but especially in Maine & Washington! If you’ve ever witnessed an Autostraddle live-blog of anything, you know that it is totally incoherent nonsense and sometimes legs get sliced open.

We’d love to hear from anyone who’s been out to the polls in Maine or Washington today. Or both, in which case you must be an X-Men person who can shape-shift and move through time, in which case, thank you for coming to earth to save us!

3:20 AM Suck It!

I have written the concession article.
Last word on the Live-Blog:

2:00 AM Maine, Esmerelda is Mad At You

I think if I watched the Phillip video right now, I might cry!

us 608_16

1:36 AM Suck City USA

“Wherever it has been established that it is shameful to be involved with sexual relationships with men, that is due to evil on the part of the rulers, and to cowardice on the part of the governed.” (PLATO)

1:20 AM If I can’t find my chapstick in the next ten minutes I’m cracking skulls

Huffington Post: Voters Repeal Law Legalizing Gay Marriage
Queerty: G’Bye, Marriage?

1:06 AM Bottom Line the World is going to End in 2012 so who cares.

You know what I mean.

1:04 AM I feel like my head is on fire

Our second gay anchor of the night, Anderson Cooper, is trying to bring focus back to gay marriage in Maine. Rachel Maddow had to do the same. Did she ever lose her cool I can’t remember?

Gawd, they really need to be prodded over there in teeveeland. This is obviously not live. Right? What the hell is going on? CNN, wtf. I miss the past. I like this better. 23% , remember when we only had 23% votes in?

12:52 AM: Look at how cute the mayor in Houston is!

Ana Marie Cox asks Larry King talking heads to bring their attention back to Maine. Says Obama should’ve given attention to Maine instead of to New Jersey or Virginia. Larry King said, “he’s opposed to gay marriage, so why would he go in for that issue?” Guess I imagined that HRC speech. Maybe that’s why Lady Gaga followed it by playing “Imagine.”

Houston City Controller Annise Parker was the top vote-getter Tuesday in the race for mayor, garnering more than 30% of the vote in a crowded field of candidates.


12:47 AM: The rights of the minority should never be decided by a majority vote.

Pam’s House Blend reports Good News in Houston and North Carolina.

Jesse Ventura on Larry King said, “If you put it up to the vote of the people, we’d have slavery again.”

12:44 AM:

us 608_10

12:32 AM: Ana Marie Cox has an alternative lifestyle haircut and I like it

The lesbian is still winning in Houston. Everyone paying attention? Michigan & Texas voted for the gays tonight, and Maine didn’t! Maine! Maine is like right by Ben & Jerry!

I have decided this is all a situation of semantics, I think people are legit confused at the polls by the voting “Yes” to reject a right. I mean that’s such a confusing statement. Really on so many levels.

12:30 AM: Puppy

12:27 AM: Mainlining Part Duex

82% Reporting.
52.36% YES
47.64% NO

12: 21 AM: Mainlining

Dear Asshats of America,

Do you realize no other country in the world that you’d actually want to live in would put up with your bullshit? You shouldn’t be so ungrateful.




I love puppies, ice cream, and sunshine, and I hate people!

12:18 AM: It’s too bad I already slit a body part last year.

79% reporting.

52.41% Yes
47.59% No

12:17 AM: It’s Time for a Recount?

From Open Left:

+ The campaign has to wait for certification from the Sec of State, which will happen after all absentee ballots come in. In Maine, there is a no-excuse absentee ballot law and she expects there to be a “significant” number of absentees.
+ The certification takes a maximum of 20 days but is almost always done before then. The campaign has to pay a nominal fee (ranging from a few hundred bucks to $10K but more likely to be a few hundred) depending on how close the vote is.
+ The recount is statewide, all or nothing. Not challenging individual precincts.
+ Based on past experience, the recount will take at least a few weeks and likely longer than that.

I’m going to re-use a graphic from the DODF, still applies:


12:07 AM” i hate everyone

Maine: 76% Reporting
Yes 52.11%
No 47.89%

In other news, Sarah Shahi is still really hot!

11: 57 PM: Blergh

Maine: 73% reporting.
51.86% Yes
48.15% No

11:48 PM: Yes Leads by 14,656 votes (51.8% to 48.2%) w/ 68% reporting.

Tinkerbell is angry

11: 45 PM: You have to outclick so it gets bigger and you can see the look on his face


11:41: I Wanna Live in Friendship & Hope

OMG, I am looking at the unreported districts, and in Knox County Maine, there’s a town called Appleton, another called FRIENDSHIP and! AND! Another called “Hope”! They have a “Hope” in Michigan too, so. Also, Knox County has a town called “Vinalheaven” which is clearly a misspelling, must be filled with record-album-loving hipsters who like gay people and all free spirits in general.


From Open Left: After talking with some people here, based on projections from the campaign and looking at the rural numbers starting to trickle in, there is a very, very good chance of a recount, and we’re making preparations for that.

11: 34 If George W. Bush Somehow Managed to “Win” the 2000 Election despite a lot of predictions to the contrary, Certainly We Can Win This One.

Maine: 65% reporting.
Yes 51.59%
No 48.41%

11:31 PM Le Sigh

Maine: 61% reporting
Yes 51.5%
No 48.5%


11:27: nom nom nom

The thing is, I just can’t bear the possibility of having to listen to another Maggie Gallagher speech of self-satisfaction.

Here’s Washington!

Picture 8

11:23: Yes at 51.58%, No at 48.42%. 60% of precincts reporting.

I coulda been a contender!

11:19: PM Guv’nuh

Still waiting in Maine. Rachel talking to Governor, he says that he’s encouraged by the young voters coming out and that the margin of difference is too small. Talking about how he changed his position on gay marriage. Says he’s more passionate about it than ever before.

11:13 The Governor of Maine will be on The Rachel Maddow Show in a few minutes.

Hey thanks for watching the election with us, btw! Nights like this we feel the INTERNET IS MAGIC. Hopefully Maine is also magic tonight too.

11:10 I Want a Little More For Me, More For Me

I really don’t understand how we can only have 46% reporting and people are already thinking it’s over. This isn’t the entire country, there’s not THAT many people that things couldn’t change dramatically. We’re not even at half yet you guys!

YES 50.2%, NO 49.8% with 46% reporting.

11:05 PM: Article from Bangor Daily News

Gay Marriage Vote Tight: At Stand for Marriage Maine’s election party, the scene was much more subdued but not somber as about 60 people awaited the first election results.


11:03 COOL MAN

Breckenridge Colorado has decided to decriminalize marijuana possession under one ounce for citizens. Rachel will be talking to the Governor of Maine actually a little later.

11:02 PM I giggle when she says 69 percent

44% reporting.
50.12% No
49.88% Yes.

Bloomberg just won his third term in New York City.

11:00 PM Rachel Maddow is LIVE! Voting is Over in Washington!

I feel like I should put together another girls in boyshorts gallery just in case things don’t go our way? I’m excited about medicinal marijuana though for real, because I think the government shouldn’t be in Big Pharma’s palm all the time. Anyhow.

10: 55 PM Gotta win this one kid

I am actually not mentally prepared to lose Question 1 tonight. It’ll be like when Gore won, and then they said he lost, and then we all decided we’d rather extend our disbelief with a massive recount rather than accept the verdict and with it, America’s conversion from democracy to aristocracy. Anyhoo.

10:48 PM Republican Chris Christie (gay marriage foe) won New Jersey.

Why they gotta kick us when we’re already down.


The lez is winning in Houston! Comeback time for us in Maine with 50.81% for No, 49.19% for Yes, with 33% reporting.

10:38 PM Michigan My Home State FTW

Kalamazoo Ordinance 1856 Results:
Yes (yay!): 65% *Winner!!*
No (boo!): 35%

65 percent of Kalamazoo voters have approved Ordinance 1856 by a vote of 6,463 to 3,527, adding protections for gay and transgender people to the city’s nondiscrimination ordinance. This margin is larger than the number of outstanding absentee ballots that are currently being counted.

10:30 Change We Can Believe In

OMG this guy I hooked up with in 1999 is in a PC Richard & Son Commercial talking about how his Dad still loves electronics or something, but that’s not his Dad. If Maine votes Yes, I am going to have to marry that guy instead of a Maine Wood Nymphette!

10:25 I am trying to count the votes as fast as I can!

This must be a big day for the Bangor Daily News!
So we have 50.51% yes, 49.49% No, with 28% reporting, which is great because now we can have a COMEBACK. Everyone loves a COMEBACK.


10:18 PM Portrait of a (Future) Marriage


10:13 PM By a Hair

Portland Daily News has 49.40% Yes, 50.60% No with 23% of precincts reporting.

10:03 PM Rachel Maddow will be live with Maine governor at 11 PM FYI

22% reporting in Maine –
NO: 50.62%
YES: 49.38%

Rachel Maddow has a cute graphic for Referendum 71. But since I can’t take a screenshot of my TV, I’ll just show you this photo instead (I made it small, you will have to click.)

Carmen and Shane

9:58 PM Report from The Jerz & NYC


And wow, Bloomberg and Thompson are neck-and-neck in New York City! Thompson called Bloomberg to concede, but then the “call” on the vote has been withdrawn, so we’ll have to wait.

9:53 Good News, Bad News

Open Left reports that “from the city of Portland itself, largest city in the state and a heavy base vote area- No 71%, Yes 29%, without absentees” and “We lost the state capitol of Augusta, 47-53%. Not good.”

Also there’s live video happening at Protect Maine Equality.

9:49 PM

Rachel Maddow interviewed Al Gore and it will air tomorrow!

54.48% No
45.52% Yes

9:36 PM You Lose Some You Win Some

Lindsay Lohan’s Dad says Lindsay looks over 100 years old. And he wonders why she’s so unstable now, what with big cheers from Dad like that.

Anyhow, speaking of 100! IN MAINE, 14% of precincts reporting, 52.49% No, 47.51% Yes. Yay!

The Virginia Republican governor is thanking G-d for voting for him or something.

9:25 PM Cleve Jones on Maddow

Cleve Jones: “People who are easily manipulated to hate us don’t know us … we have one constitution and only one class of citizenship … I’m encouraged by an uptick in youth turnout … important to remember that no matter what happens, we’re all still second-class citizens … I regret that Obama did not take this opportunity to speak out against Question 1 …”

Maddow makes a jokey reference to how Cleve and her, as gays, know more about this stuff than everyone else and asks him to explain what we should expect from Obama.

9:22 PM Maine Campaign Manager on Rachel Maddow

Maddow says No on 1 has outspent Yes on 1. At election headquarters, Rachel is talking to the campaign manager. I missed his name b/c Natalie is blowdrying her hair with the door open and it’s really loud.

Oh! OK his name is Jesse Connolly. He is optimistic. Rachel asks about the scale of the get out the vote campaign. He says they had a lot of volunteers, and that with the larger turnout they’re gonna do really well.

Asked what they did differently than what happened in California, he says they were prepared to respond to certain things and that at the end of the day it’s about turnout. He says that if we get a Yes on 1, per Rachel’s question, that he doesn’t even know what he’s going to do tomorrow. I’m imagining that if we lose this, he will be drinking a lot and probably won’t remember tomorrow either.

Yes – 47.34%, No – 52.66%.


Rachel Maddow is going to be talking about Maine and will be going live to the No on 1 Headquarters and talking to Cleve Jones in a few minutes.

9:14 Don’t Mess With Texas

In Houston, Parker has 27% of the vote and Locke has 28%. Parker is the lesbian, tight race!

9:10 PM Picture this

Picture 7

Picture 6

9:02 PM At what point can we “call it”? Just for fun?

20% reporting in Maine – No – 54.48%, Yes – 45.52%.

Rachel Maddow: “A year after voters struck down same sex marriage in California, Maine will decide tonight if their state will be the first in the Nation to endorse same-sex marriage.”


From Open Left:

In Lewiston-Auburn, we’re winning 58-42, including absentees. HUGE. That is one of the heaviest if not the heaviest Catholic region in the state. Nearly all of those numbers are in.

We are getting the base vote numbers back that we need in in South Portland- about 65% No votes. They’re nearly all in.

The Bangor Daily News, which just reports completed districts, still has 53.39% Yes, 46.61% No.

8:46 Back to Life, Back to Reality

Commenter Mike says, “rural votes will come in late, and those are the ones most likely to vote YES.  College students can vote in the town or city where they attend college, so the city vote (first to get reported) is often liberal, and will vote NO.”

Also Keith Olberman has declared that Glen Beck and the 9/12’ers have officially jumped the shark. “Glen, 9/12ers, if you are invoking 9/11 just to oppose health care reform, go to hell.”

8:42 – GLEE was on Alexa Chung today!

Also, um, 54.18% yes, 45.82% No.

8:39 From commenter Jo, a few minutes ago

“For now, I keep reminding myself that mathematically, the fact that No on 1 is gaining ground doesn’t mean anything, Since only 1% of precincts are reporting. I still can’t help but have flashbacks to watching Prop 8 numbers coming in.”

8:37 Everyone understands that with like only 6% already reporting, these numbers are relatively meaningless right now right?

Maine – Yes 50.67%, No 49.33%

8:34 Yes I Care About Other Issues

BTW, a bunch of Republicans won in Virginia, and Wonkette is funny: “Jon Corzine has spent approximately $700 million of his own money trying to win one of the least desirable jobs in politics: the guy who has to raise taxes on a populace of constipated slobs who can’t even pump their own gas, by law.”

8:31 PM – Leveling the Field

In Maine: 61.70% NO, 38.30% YES.

8:29 PM -Really this guy is TOO MUCH

Picture 4

8:25 PM – New Results From Maine

2% reporting

73.46% No

26.54% Yes

8:14 PM – Nate Silver is The Oracle

Over at, Nate Silver announces his plans for the evening and his prediction for Referendum 71 (Yes!) and Question 1 (No! And no means yes! As in, Yes! Yes Voting No Means Maine People Can Get Married in the Mountains!)


One time when I was a little girlboy I went skiing in Maine and this snowboarder almost killed me, I was wearing a hat that looked like a raccoon so maybe he thought I was a raccoon. I like Maine though, b/c it is pretty. I also like Washington. Seattle has the best library I have ever been to. Like EVER.

8:12 PM – Tweets Like This Scare Me

Picture 3

8:09 PM – Uknowhowiknowtwitterisweird

Picture 2

8:07 PM – UKnowHowIKnowTwitterisnotGay

The following things are trending topics: T-Mobile, #losemynumber, TMobile (love it when that happens, Micheal Jackson), Alec Baldwin, Steve Martin, Oscars, #unseenprequels, Justin Bieber (who?), Lady Gaga, Verizon.

Things that are not trending topics: Election, VoteNoOn1, yaygay, twatlovertuesdays.

8:05 PM – Polls Close in Maine

Polls are closed in Maine, unless you’re still in line in which case you have a right to vote and don’t let ANYONE TAKE THAT AWAY FROM YOU! Space Mountain works the same way, FYI.

7:56 PM – Photocopy my Ass

South Portland Maine ran out of ballots and had to use PHOTOCOPIES! – “It wasn’t clear if the state questions or a local referendum on dogs at Willard Beach was driving the turnout.”

I assume the referendum on dogs at Willard Beach was piggybacking on the gay marriage deal? I mean, we all know what happens after the gays get married …


7:39 PM – Going Rogue

Why is Chris Matthews talking about Sarah Palin, I feel like I’m in a time warp

Also: No On 1 Scheduled Speakers Announced.

7: 38 PM – So far So Good in Maine

Well, according to the first um, 51 votes reported, we are winning gay marriage with 45 against Question 1 and 6 for! (Bangor Daily News). So that’s about 0% of the total voters? GAME ON, HATERS!

7:21 PM – New trending topic time #VoteNoon1. From eight minutes ago, when #NOon1 was still in effect:


7:06 PM – Gay Explosion

The real sign of how much people care is that the Channel 71 website has totally stopped working, probs overwhelmed by gay love or right wing hackers.

6:58 PM – Introduction to A Night With AMERICA!

In Maine voters will decide on Question 1 which could reverse the state’s law allowing same-sex marriage. Starting at 8 pm EST, ProtectMaineEquality will be covering election results as they come in on their campaign site. Until then be sure to check out the Portland Press Herald for regular updates. As of right now, voter turnout in Maine is almost twice than what Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap predicted with upwards of 50% of registered voters now expected to show up at the polls. Pam’s House Blend at 5:00 PM EST has posted final newspaper clippings/Maine Blog Stories.

In Washington, on the other side of the country, supporters of LGBT rights are hoping Washington voters will approve Referendum 71, also known as the “everything but marriage” bill. You can watch live coverage on Election Night with Approve 71 starting at 8 pm PST.

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    • I’m hoping the first 56 voters are a representative sample. As goes the first 50, so goes the nation, I heard Tinkerbell say once.

      • For now, I keep reminding myself that mathematically, the fact that No on 1 is gaining ground doesn’t mean anything, Since only 1% of precincts are reporting. I still can’t help but have flashbacks to watching Prop 8 numbers coming in.

  1. this is brilliant! i’d been looking for a decent live results thing that i could feverishly refresh whilst pretending to do work, but couldnt find one but then Autostraddle to the rescue!

    Also, “It wasn’t clear if the state questions or a local referendum on dogs at Willard Beach was driving the turnout.” I have never been to Maine but I already love it.

  2. The rural votes will come in late, and those are the ones most likely to vote YES. College students can vote in the town or city where they attend college, so the city vote (first to get reported) is often liberal, and will vote NO. I LOVE it when it’s 42-5, but at one point it was within 120 votes out of 10,000 cast.

  3. These elections make me so stressed. Even though it doesn’t directly affect me I will still cry/lose faith in humanity/maine/washington if people vote yes on 1/no on 71.

    • But it does affect you! Because it’s about things changing and the country turning around and the future! It affects all of us! I will also be really sad. I hope they pass medicinal marijuana if they dont pass gay marriage at least so people can soothe their pain.

      • Yes, it does affect all of us! Contrary to those who disingenuously insist that gay marriage won’t affect everyone else… when they KNOW it will.

        Not buying what you’re selling, sorry.

        • That’s fine, we have plenty of other readers who will buy Really Papi t-shirts. Actually, they already sold out. So BAM.

        • I said it doesn’t directly affect me because I live in Canada and things will not change here no matter what the outcome is in Maine or Washington. I know that it will indirectly affect me because I want my friends in America/everywhere to be able to marry whoever they want and it starts with smaller elections like this. I would like to say that their struggle is my struggle, but I’m still on the outside looking in. There’s only so much I and other “foreigners” can do since we’re not American citizens.

  4. um…..according to the Bangor Daily News, it’s ACTUALLY

    No 14969 54.60%
    Yes 12446 45.40%

    your blog was off…

    “The Bangor Daily News, which just reports completed districts, still has 53.39% Yes, 46.61% No.”

    • Yes that threw me too — the Yes/No changed positions — the higher number is on top, the question answered (yes/no) has changed positions twice now. Confusing at first.

    • all i got is what the bangor daily reports a few seconds before i post another update! I’m trying to give real time results as best i can!

  5. argh i have to go to bed because of stupid university and the stupid time difference. normally i would obv stay up till it was called. will dream that maine tells question 1 to fuck right off and if in the morning it hasn’t i will be very very sad. good luck everyone!

  6. Here’s the latest from the Bangor Daily News tally:

    No 32670 52.49%
    Yes 29575 47.51%

    Go LGBT in Maine! (From straight couple in Oregon)

  7. Thank you for LiveBlogging this! I’m in Washington also awaiting intense election data, but I’m from Maine and my entire family lives in the Machias area.

  8. two things:

    1. my heart is in my throat
    2. if no on 1/yes on 71/both pass, i will honestly feel like obama won all over again. (slash maybe better?) i’ll say it if no one else will.

  9. I live in Australia, but I am registered to vote in Washington State as an absentee. My ballot went out last month! :D Come onnnnn! Approve! APPROVVVVEEEEE

  10. i keep refreshing the page, but the votes aren’t coming in faster! RIESE CAN YOU PLZ COUNT THE VOTES FASTER

  11. i don’t understand the 35% who voted NO in kalamazoo.
    djsgbfbguagbbvguS @ people being to vote away rights for one specific minority.

  12. Especially to Rachel: I grew up in ME and have lived in WA some 30 years and so this bicoastal two-state floodlight thing makes me especially love what you say about it feeling like a year ago when Obama won IF R-71 passes and it’s NO on 1 in Maine! And let’s practice playing optimist, it really looks like that will be the outcome! Yay! We can believe in the humanity of people again. Just as, big time, we were enabled to do a year ago with Obama’s electrifying election. So many other things these days, not so much! Plus this: It doesn’t have to matter what personal stakes it means for each voter, it’s the FAIR & RIGHT thing to do. It’s what America is supposed to stand for. Thanks for caring enough, for voting and speaking out on this momentous vote. It’s really only common sense. Should be. One day it will be.

    • Yes! That is exactly how I feel both now and a year ago on Nov. 8th or whatever! Like this is a moment for my country to prove to me that it is capable of doing the right thing, sometimes, in small doses, and that my government is not necessarily a machine built to make my life hard and scary. I really want this to be the night that Americans approve equality by a popular vote, and I can in some way feel the opposite of the way I felt about Prop 8. #fingerscrossed

  13. The internet is proving more up-to-date and reliable than friggin CNN right now: they have it at 50%/50% with 37% of the votes counted… GET WITH IT ANDERSON COOPER.

  14. You are helping me through this night. Practically nowhere else is doing this. I’m living vicariously through Maine from Illinois and this is killing me. By the way, love your comments!!!

  15. First of all, thanks for the live blogging. I live in NH and was desperately trying to find a source to get live updates from and I found you.

    It’s hard not to feel really depressed right now. Unless a big turnaround happens, I’m starting to lose hope. Maine had the chance to really set an example for the entire Nation– to become the first state to accept gays through the legislature and through popular vote. Now it looks like they might blow that and side with the bigots.

    I really hope something similar doesn’t happen in NH. I’m really scared that it will. I’m hoping the state will concentrate on what’s really important, like budget issues, and not turn to the bigots.

  16. It sucks that Washington is an all absentee ballot state…it takes longer to count votes :(
    But the largest county voted to approve so things are looking up :)

    • Agreed. I’m so de-friending Maine. Can you send break up requests on Facebook? I’m breaking up with lobsters too. Just on principle


    It’s extra disappointing because it seemed like a done deal earlier in the night!

    Dear God: Please make the good people of Maine see the error of their vote, and continue on the path of progress. Please bring comfort to those couples and families hurt by tonight’s election. (And please let the Phillies turn it around and win the series, because that would make me a little less depressed and frankly, they need the help.)

  18. Face it kids — separate just isn’t equal. It takes a man to love a woman, and every boy deserves a daddy of his own.

    31 to zip, nobody is buying what you’re selling.

    • I can’t believe you are still here.

      Trust me, if “gay” was for sale, we’d have a lot more money right now. Unfortunately it ain’t commerce, it’s politics … well, these days. What’s the difference.

      • I would totally buy gay. I would buy gay with my gay money, and then I would write down how much I spent in my gay checkbook with my gay pen and then go brag to all my gay friends about how much gay I bought.

    • Actually Polese, this doesn’t concern you. When Riese and I get married after we get the right few years from now when the older bigots start dying off, you won’t lose a damn thing so fuck off.

      • Seems to me like YOU are the bigot here, since marrying a “man” is apparently out of the question for you. Sexism much?

        • You may want to use a dictionary to find the definitions of the words “bigot” and “sexism” before using them in a sentence.

        • By that logic (and I use the word “logic” loosely here) if you are married/have a sexual orientation at all you are “sexist” because it would be excluding the sex that… you are not marrying/having sex with? WHAT? Someone here has had too many ryes tonight and it wasn’t me.

    • Also, if “every boy deserves a daddy of his own” then I hope you’re also spending time sharing your commentary on the websites of single mothers of America.

      • But of course. Social conservatives like myself have been fighting against single parenthood and unmarried cohabitation for decades now — surely you’ve noticed us from time to time?

        Kids need daddys. Just ask any man doing time in prison.

        • You’re right, kids do need “daddys.” Sucked for me and my brother when ours died when we were kids! If you have a plan for how to stop Dads from dying, then you just might change my mind!

          Anyhow, thanks for your insight and bringing your agenda into our space, I really appreciate it. It’s not polite, but I guess you have your own rules over there in Self Righteousville.

        • Incredibly amused that you are attempting to make a serious argument while simultaneously using the words “daddies” and “prison” in the same sentence.

      • Oh good, just checking. I want to make sure that at least you’re treating all the “sinners” equally. You know, cause you should care.

    • “nobody is buying what you’re selling” – more and more people are.
      Also, one day not too far from now some lucky gay is going to be saying the same thing to you. Deal.

      • Yeah, take it from someone with an estranged mother: hetero marriage ain’t infallible. A man loving a woman and being a daddy doesn’t auto-equate to a happy marriage. There’s no recipe for good child rearing; gays just want the same opportunity to start a family and try their damnedest.

        Although I put this out there as an independent statement, because “arguing with you would be like arguing with a dining room table”.

      • also the word “Daddy” (as opposed to “dad” or “father”) just conjures up super creepy mental images, which make this entire argument totally pointless in my mind.

    • Hey, good news, Asshat! With gay male fathers, a boy will get two.

      Also, although you and your bigot friends seem incapable of understanding this, gay relationships and parenting are going to continue regardless of whether or not the straight population of America ever grows up and stop stomping their feet and screaming “But that’s icky!” All you’re succeeding in doing is making life a little more painful and uncertain in the short run for gay people and their children that you claim to have so much concern for. That pain and frustration seems to bring people like you great satisfaction, so I hope you really savor these moments while you still can. You won’t get to for much longer, and I think even you know it.

    • What you mean like an action figure? I used to undress Barbie and use Ken only for washing her car.

    • I really don’t know what to think of “it takes a man to love a woman.” I wonder if it sounds as ridiculous as it reads. I would try saying it out loud right now (just to see) but I think I would offend my cat, and nobody wants that.

  19. a;ex… best comment ever. you guys freakin rock and i’d buy anything you guys are selling. especially a “really, papi” shirt so i can wear as i have sex with my girlfriend. so sign me up. =)

  20. The Maine thing is very frustrating and by frustrating I clearly mean I want to punch things. What concerns me more overall is the fact that three republicans were elected to be Governors of swing states. Ok maybe two swing states. Bloomberg eh whatever. I live in NY and am still registered in Ohio (from college) because that is much more of a swing state. However, NJ and VA makes me nervous. (Anyone see the documentary Freeheld it takes place in NJ. Very emotional it also won an Oscar in 2008.) I am all for a multiparty system but sometimes independents make my blood boil. Nader in 2000, Chris Daggett in NJ today. Independents are much more likely to vote democrat than republican. So spoilers they are even if they think they are doing the people a service by giving an alternative. At least the elections are not for congressional seats… yet

  21. I also feel like that picture of Shane, except I also feel like setting Anita Bryant’s hair on fire.

    p.s. where can I buy some more gay from?

  22. OMG. Anti-R71 voters just said on the local news that, even if it’s approved by the people of WA state, they already have plans set out to take it down. Really assholes? Really?

    • Its about time people start realizing that we have no room for these freaks;)

      Perhaps they should take their G A Y money and buy an island over in the persian gulf and live the way they see fit, that way in 60 years due to being unable to pro create we can sterilize the island with a nuke and then be done with all of this controversy:)

      I love this country and its promise to allow those to express diverse opinions;). . . . . . . at least when its my god fearing opinion.


  23. Its about time people start realizing that we have no room for these freaks!

    Perhaps they should take their G A Y money and buy an island over in the persian gulf and live the way they see fit, that way in 60 years due to being unable to pro create we can sterilize the island with a nuke and then be done with all of this controversy;)

    I love this country and its promise to allow those to express diverse opinions;). . . . . . . at least when its my god fearing opinion.


      • It always amuses me that the haters think the gays can’t procreate. Um. We still have working reproductive systems. We still get pregnant. We just don’t usually get accidentally pregnant, like our sacred straight brethren.

  24. Its about time people start realizing that we have no room for these freaks!

    Perhaps they should take their G A Y money and buy an island over in the persian gulf and live the way they see fit, that way in 60 years due to being unable to pro create we can sterilize the island with a nuke and then be done with all of this controversy:)

    I love this country and its promise to allow those to express diverse opinions;). . . . . . . at least when its my god fearing opinion.


    • it’s just procreate. all one word. just go ahead and push them together – like scissoring – procreate. yeah.

    • I have a strong feeling that you and your future significant other will procreate and your kid will prob. end up being one of those gay freaks you have such strong feelings towards. Then said kid will probably grow up hating you and use your god fearing money to go go to gay bars and do gay things and then will come college. No island needed, but probably will use your money for a very gay spring break one day.

  25. I feel so profoundly sad for everyone in Maine and in the country that supports equal rights for all…

    Nothing I can say can dull your pain…

    However, history will be proven to be on your side. This is a similar moment as Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speach. Gay rights will win.

    I am sorry that in the meantime the neanderthals and nitwits of my hereosexual bent are hanging on by the skin of their teeth.

    Gay rights will not be denied, and the new generations will win on this issue, soon!

    Mark from Portland Oregon

    • Thanks so much for your support, Mark. Realistically as loud and gay and proud as we are, we are still a minority and we need support and added voice of people like you.

      The thing that keeps me going is the knowledge that the world is going to change for the better in the next 5-10 years and I’m going to be here to see it. It might be hard to be optimistic in the face of defeat like tonight but it IS going to happen and we ARE going to get there.

    • When you go back to school to learn how to spell ie “speach” and “hereosexual” ask if they will go over sexual education as well and then come back and let me know how gay people should be treated equally when they refuse to contribute equally?

      Social security is an example of a system that was meant to be sustained by pro creating people but I’ll bet you’ll expect to recieve it none the less!

      Will you feel sad for us all when the billions of chinese people overtake our minimized population or will you just look for a well endowed little oriental guy?

      Please pray and read your scriptures, dont take pride in “being different” and thinking that your “cool” or “special”, realize that it is not too late to change your ways and live the way our God intended in order for us to be as happy as possible.

      God is waiting for you.

      • Hey “Anything box”, you should get off Autostraddle before you catch the gay! I’m pretty sure that’s as logical as the rest of the stuff you’re saying! We’re on the edge of an overpopulation crisis because of people “pro creating” too much, so if anything you should be thanking us for reducing competition for food and water for your future 18 children.

      • Um, without getting into the ridiculousness of everything else you wrote… I’d just like you to know that social security isn’t sustainable even if in some la la land of yours it was only meant for those who procreated.

      • right. so Anything box is racist & hates the gays. WHAT ELSE? I wonder if they hate puppies too.

      • are you kidding me? I’ve been looking for a well-endowed Oriental guy for years! man, I can’t wait for the rapture! there will be so much penis everywhere! even jesus will be there! and he totally has a penis! so! exited!

      • So how do you feel about heterosexuals who can’t have children? Do they get to come live with us on the island too?

      • Also, I can’t get over the fact that you chose to incorporate the word “box” into your username when homo-hating on a lady-loving website. Awesome

  26. also lady gaga was on that alexa chung show today too, just sayin. glee and gaga on the same show, how gay!

  27. Times like now remind me that I’m only 90% robot and have STRONG FEELINGS.

    Allow me to get all kumbaya and say how glad I am that so many of you are here, sharing on Autostraddle. We’re a COMMUNITY, and we’ll model through this, too.

  28. just wondering, why do so many gay/lesbians and supporters of gay/lesbian rights keep chanting “we will win, and win soon” yet every time this issue is put in front of the people, it gets shotdown. I’m fairly neutral on this issue, I just wonder where this “hope” comes from, because as an observer who could really care less either way, I’d say your chances look bleek at best.

    • We will win because we will never go away. We will not allow our civil liberties to be brushed over. We’re more than a ballot issue; we’re more than each failed election. So, we were shot down tonight. The margin of votes keeps narrowing toward our favor, and will progress until the side of equality wins. We will win SOON because of this progress, because America is progressing, because America IS progress. We’re not hopeless dreamers; we’re American dreamers.

    • For me, personally, if I did not have that outlook (which I don’t have all the time but most of the time I do) I probably could not go on. Like as in living life. Maybe that’s just my melodramatic self speaking but right now I truly believe that is true.
      It’s not exactly fun being denied simple rights just because of who you happen to love. We need this outlook if we want to get anything done. It keeps the momentum going.
      And you can say that our chances look bleek but look how far we’ve come from just 50 years ago. Things can and will change.
      To not keep that positive attitude would be to give up and we absolutely cannot give up.
      I was taught that one day I would be able to marry the person that I love. I’d like to live what both my parents and society taught me as a child.

    • History is on the side of the oppressed. Civil rights, women’s rights, etc. There was a time when women couldn’t vote, interracial couples couldn’t marry, and there was little hope that such huge injustices would never be overcome; however, over time the prejudices that are taught are eventually outgrown. People hate what they do not understand, and the more we make ourselves visible the more people will begin to understand that we are human beings just like them. Once people realize that there is probably at least one person they know and love that is gay, the more they begin to personalize the issue and empathize with their loved ones who are being effected by this discrimination. It is easy to hate a faceless issue, but once that issue has a face… the face of a person you admire, or the face of a person you love, then it becomes much harder to attach the hate to a recognizable and respectable face. Once the older generations pass, the prejudices they were taught will also pass. That is why we hope, and because of those who are brave enough to be visible. And we hope because of those who openly fight the injustice when it is easier to just take it and be silent. And we hope because of our allies who support us even though they have nothing to gain and will probably be persecuted for our sake and yet they do it anyway because it is a just cause.

    • if we do not believe that we will win then we will all go completely crazy. we have nothing without hope. if you had fewer rights than the person standing next to you on the subway in the morning, i think you’d feel the same way.
      and for the record i do belive — actually, i KNOW — that eventually we will all look back on the time when there was such a ridiculous showing of inequality in our country and we’ll laugh at how silly that was.

    • well, a defeatist attitude is never going to get you anywhere in life let alone equal rights.
      i also don’t understand how one could care less either way, if you don’t mind equal rights for all that is not equivalent to not minding if some deny rights to others??

      • Yeah, I have the same quesiton. I’m very interested/confused. A couple of people I know feel the same (neutral) way so I would just like to hear why you feel this way.

          • yes, i think that’s about right. the kicker is this weird backwards belief system that decieves them into thinking that their feelings are actually “caring” when they are not.

          • I think many people are also confused by the whole.. Yes No.. thing. Some people are probably voting “yes” thinking they are voting for gay marriage when really they are kicking us in the pants. Damn those tricky parts of speech! those republicans are sneaky too

  29. I have so many strong feelings right now.
    I’ve been following the updates on here but not the comments because I’ve been dealing with sick people in my room and the fact that EVERYONE HAS SWINE FLU.
    So that plus the denial of rights plus people saying mean and backwards things in the comments is making me very thankful that I have therapy tomorrow. I have too many emotions.
    BUT I love all the wonderful, supportive, intelligent, and witty comments that overflow on autostraddle at all times and make me feel like the world is ok and that I am ok.
    So keep being wonderful!
    I’m off to disinfect every inch of my tiny, tiny dorm room.

  30. The final numbers on Bangor Daily News– and by Final, I mean the last that they feel like reporting for the time being, are that we’re 27729 votes behind. Technically, we could still make that up in absentees– 100,000 voted absentee. I don’t know how many of those were counted ahead of time, or how that works.

    I want to know what this recount shit is about– do they think we have a chance? I mean, I hope we do. There’s something unsettling about the fact that a lot of the smaller, conservative districts were counting by hand. I was calling for the campaign and gathering information about polling and a lot of the more bitter town clerks seemed to be the ones who would be voting by hand. So, yeah, I’d like to see a recount.

    I know I’m being redundant. It’s been a long, awful night.

    • I’d like to see a recount too. I have a feeling that the recount voices aren’t going to be heard like they should. Everyone’s already called it. Ugh.

  31. What really breaks my heart is the fact that Maine is where this country started- with Jamestown and the Plymouth company. Then Maine became the 23rd state in America in order to keep the number of free states EQUAL with the number of slave states. Maine’s like the distant cousin that every body loves but hardly anyone sees…I hope the country is seeing them now and realizing just how low people (d-bags) will go to get exactly what they want. Our country is too individualistic for it’s own good. But at the same time if we were truly individualistic then it wouldn’t matter what rights your gay neighbor has- just along as you could still succeed in life.
    Sadly…history repeated itself tonight.

    • Yea, history always breaks my heart too… along with math and science and fat-free cookies.

      • If only people were more educated about all this kind of stuff. Our next president should have a PhD in History- I’d vote for them. And seriously, the “common man” should write the voter booklets since hardly anyone understands that voting yes means you’re taking away human rights. They obviously weren’t writting to their audience, not everyone can read like a slimy politician.

  32. I really feel sad for people with that much hate in them, must suck not being loved by ANYONE as a child **Anything box** The fact that haters are even on this site intrigues me though, how do you think these assholes find Autostraddle. Btw if there was a “gay island” that would be most amazing place on the face of the earth, and we don’t need to have sex with men to have babies moron. I contribute, I pay the same taxes you do and have no rights to show for it. I refuse to let your ridiculous hatred bother me. We will be equal very soon and you can move ASSHOLE ISLAND if you see fit.

    • I feel like there should be a reality tv show surrounding the idea of a gay island. Like “Survivor: Big Gay Island” and they would send straight people to try and survive on a big gay island. It would be awesome.

    • It’s hard out here for a pimp AND a gay. They’re just trying to get money for the rent…we’re just trying to get equal rights.

  33. This is so shit, but i know that someday soon people will realise that this shouldn’t even be an issue. Inequality goes against everything that America stands for. Wish I could do more to help. State by state is especially crap as just seems to amp up the hope/disappointment each time. Right now can’t really think about how unfair/horrid people can be or will hit everyone near me slash cry. Think will go listen to Sainthood to feel better.
    You guys are all wonderful and awesome and I will buy all the gay you have for sale!

  34. Shame on the people from Maine – I thought they were all for people living their lives as they like without others butting in! We are all people – different or not…

  35. Ladybug and sappyass I’m sorry for coming across as “hateful” I prefer the term passionate, I have gotten quite a kick out of reading posts since mine and inadvertently found this site looking for a chat regarding the issue voted on in Maine.

    The big gay island idea is a funny one, discusting! but funny none the less

    I have a new appreciation for this site, I still disagree but have enjoyed conversation none the less!

    ~Malachi’s Dad

      • Actually, I counted at least 11 spelling/grammar errors in those three sentences, if you can call them that. That’s got to be some kind of record.

    • You know, all of us would love to be stranded on an island with Laneia. I guess we’ve got something in common after all! I mean, when you take the away self-righteousness, bigotry, and small mindedness – we are able to find some common ground with each other at the end of it all: We all think Laneia is hot.

      I really hope you don’t come back. Sorry. *shrug*

      • Also, she could probably build you a kickass shelter out of like four coconuts or something. Just sayin.


        ps i want to be on an island with laneia too. we’ll drink tea and tweet about it.

  36. Dont be sorry Rachel. I wouldnt leave you high and dry, you ladies are growing on me. I may not comment on here much longer but I gaurantee I will visit and read your various posts because I am now intrigued;)

    Buahahahahah, your all awesome!!!!!

    Have a nice day, Malachi’s Dad

    • oh my god man. you have got to start spell checking your shit.

      here’s the thing — even though i’d rather share my life with a woman, i don’t believe you are worthless or stupid. i bet you’re a fairly normal person. you probably get up everyday and go to a job so you can make your car payments and you probably dvr your favorite shows and wish three-day wknds happened every week. you apparently have a child? he/she probably loves you a lot. bet there are other people in your life who love you, too.
      hey that’s neat — me, too. except for the job part because i’m totally unemployed right now. but aside from the job part, we have a lot in common.

      the difference between you and me, Box, is that i am making a positive difference in this world by not hating you or people like you. i hope you feel as little pain and suffering as possible. i hope your car doesn’t get repossessed. i hope you don’t get fired. i will never try to take away your rights or revel in your discrimination. i won’t even laugh at the fact that you still believe in magical people who live in the sky.

      but here’s what i really need you to understand, Box — no matter how much you hate us, no matter how much you discriminate against us, no matter how many rights you scheme to take away from us or deny us, we still win. because we get to have lesbian sex.
      every. day.

      • This is me applauding this wonderful, magnificent, fantastic comment. Laneia wins.

        (that for the record sir, left me a whole lot more.. what’d you say? “hot” than yours.)

      • wait, i want to nominate laneia for comment of the week. i want to nominate laneia for winner of life.

      • I knew this was coming.

        And I knew this would be awesome.

        But that sound you hear is my expectations being surpassed, yet again.

        Laniea FTW.

      • I admit my defeat, pure and simple, Thank you all for putting up with me for that short while.

        Laniea look me up if you ever pass through big sky country, just for a friendly chat of course!

        ~Malachi’s Dad

      • Ah man Autostraddle makes my day, pretty much every day.

        Laneia : winner of life to infinity! And beyond actually. Like Buzz lightyear. But obvs a gay buzz lightyear who draws names out of a fedora and makes crafty things.

  37. I wanted to say some things:

    1. To everyone who has thanked us for being here — thank you. We’re all still super angry today, but the rewards of feeling this community get stronger — and bigger! — is the thing that gets us through.
    2. Laneia FTW Laneia FTW Laneia FTW
    3. A few people have asked things like, “why so many trolls on AS suddenly?” etc.
    Firstly, as I think Saphicass maybe pointed out, that’s a good thing, b/c the more traffic we have, the more money we make from ads, so HA fuck you haters we’re Robin Hooding your asses!
    Secondly, the reason is that much to my surprise, we were one of only a handful of large websites live-blogging with a focus specifically on these races last night. Yes there were updated tallies at Bilerco & Queerty, obvs, but the only other active convo I was able to find quickly was at Pam’s House Blend. I love PHB so hard btw. This information literally was not broadcast front and center on very many other websites.
    OPEN LEFT I LOVE YOU and your maine-specific thread, btw.
    I’d look at HuffPo and NYTimes, daily kos, politico, etc but Maine was never on the front page or an easy scroll down. Anderson Cooper had to ASK for an update on Maine.
    I’m sure I’m wrong and a bunch of ppl are going to yell at me that they were live blogging it.
    But really, the point is that according to Google and Google News … Autostraddle was it. So when haters were looking for a place to hate, we popped up first. This blows my mind, considering that I barely even know what I’m talking about and honestly expected everyone else would be doing exactly what I was doing (live-blogging maine & washington) and no one would read this. i actually thought about quitting when natalie was blowdrying her hair so loud that i couldn’t hear the teevee. but i’m glad i didn’t even though it got depressing at the end and i started watching puppy videos for the first time ever.
    4. i love you all so much!

  38. Laneia that was an amazing response and so very true, I am actually disappointed that I let that ass get me so fired up. I’m am just so DONE with hatred & bigotry. I was really hoping Corzine would win for a small chance of marriage equality in NJ. I appreciate all of you girls and love Autostraddle. On a joking note if there was a gay island Autostraddle shall rule!

    • Seriously, if you are going to let an ass get you fired up, it should definitely be Sarah Shahi’s.

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