S L I C K: Home for the Holidays

Content notes: hand sex, masturbation, getting caught
It was officially cold enough that I couldn’t just throw my winter coat on over my threadbare Spice Girls tank top and short shorts to take out the trash without risking my nipples slicing holes in Baby and Posh’s respective faces. I crossed my arms in front of my tits as I walked back to my apartment building in the snow, so as not to draw the attention of the elderly gay couple who somehow always managed to start fucking the exact moment that they spotted me out their fourth-floor window.

I was ten winters deep in Chicago snow and it never got easier. My phone buzzed in my coat. It buzzed again. For a moment in the haze of the cold, I just let the phone vibrate against my pubic bon...

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Jasmine Henri is a writer, performer, and teaching artist living in Chicago. She is an ensemlble member of the Neo-Futurists, a founding member of Hot Kitchen Collective, and a company member of PlayMakers Laboratory. Her writing is overwhelmingly about queerness, Blackness, youth and pop culture.

Jasmine has written 4 articles for us.