S L I C K: Accept Transformation, Part 1

Content notes: D/s, bondage, vibrators

He walked across the brick walkway slowly, with a clarity of purpose and a serenity Connie had rarely seen in him in the times before. He used to look around nervously, sweeping the ground with his eyes, his posture tucked inward, hiding his chest and projecting his doubts. His mannerisms, the way he dressed, the perpetual and painful-looking curl to his spine — it had always been a request for you to forgive his existence. Now he didn’t seem to care about the outside world and its reaction to him at all.

He glided toward Connie, his shoulders rolled back, his face radiant in the breaking sunlight. His rusty-brown hair was freshly cut and bouncy and framed his cheekbones perfectly. His eyes casually focused on Connie as he made his approach.

“You’re late, Nix,” Connie admonished him, tossing a Sugar in the Raw packet across the wrought iron table where she sat waiting. A pot of blueberry green tea, Nix’s favorite, steamed into the air aro...

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Trans-effeminate gay robot here to share erotica.

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