S L I C K: Read Me

Content notes: sex with a boss, oral sex, simultaneous orgasms

This bookstore job was a big freaking deal for so many reasons, but the biggest reason was Gigi Hamilton.

I suddenly imagined the picture of Gigi from the press releases, the one that was on the bookstore website. In it, Gigi gazed into the camera, her brown eyes wide, her brown skin glowing under the fluorescent lights, her gray-speckled black hair framing her face in an afro. Her smile was brighter and more alive than the sweeping city view in the background.

I caught myself. Get your head in the game, Indigo. This is not the time for gay fantasies. I let my heartbeat slow and then crossed the street to enter Martha’s Bookshop for the first time.

The first time I saw Indigo, she was standing in front of the QTPOC poets display at the front of the store, her hand on her hip and her long, golden-brown braids stretched all the way down to the curve of her butt. I thought she was beautiful, and fro...

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Tiara Dee

Tiara’s six word memoir is “born with questions in her mouth.” By day, she works as a sassy, affirmation-card-wielding Career Coach. After hours, she is a creative writer, book reviewer (@booknerdspells), and unofficial bubble tea ambassador. Tiara writes angsty fiction and essays about intersectionality, mermaids, reading, spirituality, being queer, and traveling. She hates beets and people who touch her hair.

Tiara has written 18 articles for us.