S L I C K: Thank You, Mistress

Content notes: bondage, flogging, D/s, name-calling, hand sex
You’re tied naked to my four-poster bed, spread eagle, face down. Your firm, supple ass sits in front of me. I stand with my brand new black and red leather flogger, ready to be broken in.

You wait in anticipation, not knowing when the first hit will come or how long I will beat you for. All you know is that your ass is begging for it, aching for it.

You have a low pain tolerance, but that’s okay. I can work with that. It’s not about causing the most pain or smacking as hard as I can. It’s about getting a reaction out of you and guiding you gently, but firmly, to your limit.

I want to hear your gasps, your moans, your grunts and your groans.

I want to hear you count ...

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Leo Wilder

Leo Wilder is a butch lesbian erotica author on the west coast living with their polyamorous butch partners. Their stories explore the butch/butch and butch/femme lesbian experience and often feature transgender and gender non-conforming characters. They publish at butch4butch.com and post on Instagram as @butch4butches.

Leo has written 1 article for us.