S L I C K: Atelai

Content notes: nipple play, cunnilingus In the garden Atelai a Rose will grow there, by and by,and bring such Beauty to the placewith petals curled in blushing grace to remember you and I as we once were.
A poet, and a writer, who, with many dreams, and plans to brew,both had need of an escape to somewhere green, where they could shapeand mold their words, which had gone astray.
“Calm down, now,” I heard you sigh.“The words will come here, by and by.”I smiled and said, “The words are late,they promised to meet at half past eight.Perhaps there’s traffic, or a train delay.”
You laughed, and then our eyes did meetand something deep, profound and sweetgrew in me so rapidly that I gasped, and spilled my teaonto the garden floor of stone and clay.
As I knelt, you caught my eye-“The air will dry it, by and by.”And then your hand reached out for mineand pulled me up, fingers entwined and held me there with firm security.
My body felt electrified,clarified, intensified! Before I stop...

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Kyra Sims is a performing artist and writer who lives and works in NYC. She is a member of the New York Neo-Futurists, where she writes, directs and performs experimental theatre works for their weekly late-night show, The Infinite Wrench, which won the 2017 New York Innovative Theatre Award for Outstanding Performance Art Production. Kyra made her composing debut in 2015 as the Composer/Sound Designer for the New York Neo-Futurists’ Mainstage production The Human Symphony, which received positive reviews, and for which she received a nomination for a New York Innovative Theater Award. As a professional French hornist, she has backed notable artists such as Lizzo, Carole King, Jon Batiste, Frank Ocean, Dev Hynes, and Taylor Mac, performed on Broadway and Off-Broadway shows, and has appeared on the television shows Mozart in the Jungle and VH1’s Big Morning Buzz Live. Read and learn more about Kyra’s latest project, a NYC history essay series, at patreon.com/kyrasims.

Kyra has written 1 article for us.