S L I C K: The Maid Who Was Elegant

Content notes: bondage, D/s, watersports, tattooing

Editor's Note: This story is a sequel to "The Gambling Countess," which takes place in Southampton in 1983. Myra is a young trans woman who has moved to Severton Manor, where she will be serving Countess Eleanora. Myra has just completed her initiation, which included performing cunnilingus on the Countess. Read on to learn what happens next.

“A toast, to the maid who was elegant,” Eleanora said, her glass turned up in the air. “Cheers!”

Myra took the other glass from the tray. It was small, so it would be finished in one or two gulps. Myra locked eyes with the Countess, matching her grin, and the two of them knocked back their glasses.

It was then that Myra heard a gasp....

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June Amelia Rose

June Amelia Rose is an anarchist leatherdyke fiction writer, lifestyle submissive, and proud transsexual living in Brooklyn. Her story "My Sweet Femme Nightmare" was recently published in Best Lesbian Erotica Volume 4. Her novel is awaiting publication. She is currently at work on her next book. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram for more writing and depravity.

June has written 4 articles for us.