S L I C K: Yuletide Fire

Content notes: hand sex, semi-public sex
It is possible that Jules was the most annoying woman on earth. She stood off to the side of the concert-venue-turned-event-space drinking what had to be an obnoxious beer straight from the bottle. Kindred Coffee Company’s holiday party was in full swing, and I felt like I was going to pass out from the heat of the crowd. I gently patted my twist out to see if it was still full and luscious or if it had started to shrink from sweat. Multi-colored lights twinkled from above, and there was a stack of presents for everyone — probably week-old coffee.

I looked up just as Jules was about to take another sip of her sludge. She was wearing all black with a leather jacket. She lifted her beer toward me i...

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Sarah (She/They) is a Black, queer, and polyamorous writer in Chicago. Her writing centers around Black sexuality, pleasure, and culture. She lives with her partner and dog and spends her free time playing The Sims, creating queer events, and working on her art practice. Sarah is pro-hoe and sex-positive.

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