Also.Also.Also Two Queers, One Deleted TikTok: “Moana” Auli’i Cravalho Calls Co-Star Rowan Blanchard Biphobic

Did I have pizza for dinner last night? Yes. Am I having pizza again for dinner tonight? Also, yes.

Queer as in F*ck You

Ok so take all of this with the necessary grain of salt that I don’t keep up regular tabs on the major players involved, so I am playing catch up here!… Here we go!

I’ve loved Auli’i Cravalho since Moana and even more (obviously) after she came out as bisexual. And I’ve been looking forward to her queer teen rom-com co-starring Rowan Blanchard, which has been in the works for a while! Like Auli’i, Rowan is another Gen Z star who came out as queer young — and also that doesn’t mean that queer people can’t also be biphobic —so there are just a lot of layers to unpack here! BUT if you’re looking for some Gen Z queer celebrity gossip, I am here to share the following: Auli’i Cravalho Calls Queer Rom-Com Co-Star Rowan Blanchard Biphobic in a Now-Deleted TikTok

We got this hot tip from an A+ member about Amy Schneider, whom you’ll remember from a few weeks back is the trans contestant kicking ass on Jeopardy. Now you know I’ve still never seen Jeopardy, but this is exciting… “Amy Schneider is now a 13 day Jeopardy champion and the 4th highest earner of all time with $536,400! And here is a great interview!”

‘West Side Story’ Banned in 6 Countries Over Transgender Character. This is how I found out that the new Anybodys is going to be trans. I still haven’t decided if I’m going to see the movie!! And my conflicting feelings about West Side Story and being Puerto Rican could fill an entire book. (Plus, I’ve only seen three movies in theaters, with varying levels of comfort since the pandemic started. So.)

Saw This, Thought of You

How ‘Law & Order’ Shaped Our Views of Policing


The Carrie That Could Have Been. I tried to wait until the end of my day to watch And Just Like That but I couldn’t wait, so it’s literally on in the background right now as I type this. It pains me to say that thus far… I am into it, and have squealed more times than I care to mention (Sara Ramirez just showed up and my stomach did a LITERAL flip flop). Anyway if you’re also planning on partaking this weekend you should read that piece from The Cut, and then chase it with Heather’s recap of the first episode (we’ll have episode two up tomorrow, and we are recapping each episode weekly as we start the countdown to Miranda Hobbes Bisexual.)

Patricia Highsmith’s Many Vices. “In her journals the thriller writer left a vivid record of her vast appetite for sex, drink, violence and – above all – work.”

How to Quit Your Job. “A step-by-step escape plan, if you’re lucky enough to swing it.”

And this feels relevant, How to Care Less About Work.

Political Snacks

We’re Not Going Back to “Before Roe.” We’re Going Somewhere Worse. “Taking back the right to abortion requires some terrifying religious zealotry.”

And yes I put this link in Tuesday’s round up, probably going to keep putting it in here until the new year. Today is a good day to give to an Abortion Fund.

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  1. I don’t which AS commenter alerted me to Amy Schneider’s INCREDIBLE Jeopardy! run, but THANK YOU. As a lifelong viewer/former contestant and also TV-less person, I’ve been devouring Amy’s episodes with my dad on his TV over the holidays. It’s been such a delight!

  2. Thanks for that Slate article Carmen. That was a horrible but important read… It’s interesting that in the US more and more people are leaving religions, yet the influence of religion on politics is so strong and looking from the outside appears to grow stronger.

    Btw, there’s a typo in the last link

  3. Though I’ve been working on cultivating myself outside of my work, and remain a strong proponent of not working on weekends/taking time for myself/reminding people to take time for themselves etc, the how to care less about work still slammed me in a way that I was definitely not expecting. Thanks for giving a memory trigger of unexpected childhood joy.

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