The Comment Awards Are at Hot Topic, Looking for Megan Fox

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Good morning, pastries and turnovers! Listen: I am having an issue with boots.

Yes, boots! See, I am an Old. (An Eternal, if you will.) Once upon a time, we didn’t have ankle boots. We had tall boots that were layered over skinny jeans (love the pants, hate the name). Now I have these duck boots for the rain, and they end at my ankle, and I’ve got no idea what to do with my jeans! Do I cuff them above the boot? Then my ankles get cold! Do I just give up and pull them down over the boot? Then they get wet, like the bootcut jeans of my high school years! I have never been able to figure this out satisfactorily. Suggestions welcome.

This week, Casey knows which wintery queer book you should read this season.

Have you joined A+ yet? Thirteen Days of A+ Returns is all happening now!

Also! There’s a new holiday miniseries, RITUALS! Get excited to read nine pieces throughout this month that will help us feel less alone and more seen.

Drew watched Bendetta and wished that it was pervier.

Shelli caught us up on The 4400 reboot, which is a very good and very queer sci-fi show that I hadn’t heard about and now have binged in a day and a half, THANK YOU, Shelli!

Vanessa helped a reader who wants to put themselves out there…without getting their feelings hurt. Dream the impossible dream!

Christina had this, on Sondheim.

Abeni brought us Charlie Jane Anders: the Autostraddle Interview. This! Is! Exciting!

Not into the holiday movies? Jeanna’s got some witchy alternatives.

And then there were your comments!

On Holigay Gift Guide: What To Buy for Book Lovers (Other Than Books):

The Convert Award to :):

I came into this post very skeptical about someone trying to mess with my book organization and calling it a gift. But then I saw that wooden book rack with built in bookmarks. I want it so badly.

On Tello’s “Christmas at the Ranch” Is a Welcome Horse Girl Holigay Rom-Com:

The Cherry on Top Award to msanon and Cleo:

trying to think of anything better. can’t.

On Quiz: Which Wintery Queer Book Should You Read This Holigay Season?

The Relevant to my Interests Award to Gina:

i am the ven diagram of books, queer stuff, and taking personality quizzes wayyyy too seriously so i think i just ascended to another plane of being thanks, casey 😊

On “Yellowjackets” Episode 104 Recap: Feel the Pain:

The Nat & Misty Award to Kristen Arnett:

Yes, I love Christine Baranski, too. If she were to curl her lip directly at me? Mmmmm! And thank you for the holirotica. Always a pleasure.

On Roundtable: Is There Anything Hot About the Holidays?

The Christine Baranski Appreciation Post Award to Bianca Garza:

Yes, I love Christine Baranski, too. If she were to curl her lip directly at me? Mmmmm! And thank you for the holirotica. Always a pleasure.

On Sondheim and the Ambivalence of Wanting:

The Passion Award to Rachel:

This was a beautiful tribute to the man who inspired my career, my art, and my life. I am a musical theatre writer who has been extremely impacted by Sondheim’s work and his vulnerability – his yearning. Musical theatre is all about yearning for and wanting something. The most basic of musical formats center around the “I want song” and the protagonist’s journey to achieve their want. The brilliance of Sondheim’s musicals is that his characters’ wants are so complex and often unknown to themselves. My characters’ fatal flaws are often that they’re too self-aware. Sondheim, having been in psychoanalysis (like myself), mastered the troubled character who is not overly self-aware, not overly sympathetic – they are human. He is in his characters and his songs (more than he ever cared to admit), and regardless, he perfectly captured the human spirit. In musical theatre school, we often are taught about characters being larger than life. Some, like Mama Rose in Gypsy or Sweeney Todd are driven with a clear goal, but even those characters’ strong wants can be broken down to the human condition. I’m going on and on, but essentially, Sondheim mastered the human condition through song. We yearn. We struggle to know what we’re yearning for. We struggle when we’re both the protagonist and the antagonist. We are Bobby. We are Desiree. We are Sally and Fosca and George and The Baker’s Wife. We are all human. Thank you, Mr. Sondheim.

And on No Filter: If Anyone Is Going To Give Me Hot Topic Couture, I Support It Being Megan Fox:

The Hot Pockets Topic Award to Dkc2017:

Between Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly (or is it Pete Wentz? I mean polyamory is a thing and she clearly has a type…), they may as well buy out Hot Topic or at least revisit their stock options.

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