S L I C K: Caterpillar Girls

Content notes: oral sex, hand sex, biting, blood, T4Cryptid sex
You go because of the rumor: There's a monster in the woods.

As stories go, it's little to go on, probably just another false lead. But Francine hates to leave a lead alone to languish in the general inbox, just waiting to be snapped up by 3 Spooked Girls or Buzzfeed Unsolved. Paranormal investigation media is a niche, but it's your niche, so you pack a bag and put a ticket to Seattle on Francine's credit card, and twenty-four hours after the email comes in, you're in a rented Subaru driving away from Seattle's rain and into the mist of the Washington rainforests.

The town is so small you get lost three times on back roads just trying to find it, and you take deep breath...

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Shelly Jay Shore

Shelly Jay Shore (she/they) is a writer and nonprofit fundraiser in New York/Colonized Lenapehoking. Her creative fiction and nonfiction celebrates diverse characters and perspectives, and her activism centers on expanding civic engagement and social justice. In her limited free time, Shelly reads a truly alarming number of books, experiments with home bartending, wrestles with her dogs, and attempts to raise a functioning human being who will only need the normal amount of therapy. Find her on twitter and instagram.

Shelly has written 6 articles for us.