BREAKING NEWS: Jennifer Lawrence Gets A Haircut

The only picture of Jennifer Lawrence’s new Alternative Lifestyle Haircut that matters today:

Because no one can resist a cute blonde with an ALH and Google Glass. FACT.

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    I saw another site post about this and they were all upset that she cut her hair! And I just couldn’t understand why…she looks so hot with short hair.

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    hello you all realize i was ALREADY in love with her, right? like, now i am just completely and utterly done for but i kind of ALREADY WAS, ya know?

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    Oh my god it’s happened. I had imagined it but my dreams were not as good as the reality.


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    JLaw does not have a bad look. It is against the laws of physics and the Gods. But…I prefer the long hair! Like, a lot. I also like it better when it’s dark.

    I’ll just go sit over here by myself now.

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      You’re not alone. I share both your preferences. I think this haircut is…matronly, almost. Which Is not a word I associate with that astonishing woman….

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    I do believe that this is the most that I’ve commented on a single post. but: articles like this are what makes autostraddle so fucking lovable.

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    The only thing that could possibly be better than this is if Ellen Page were also sporting an ALH and they were together… with me.

    And now I feel like I have to rewind to Deanne Smith at A-camp saying that this is all completely feminist-friendly lust, because I feel like I’m objectifying them both by being all lusty, but I just can’t help it!

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    I love the idea of Jlaw and her short hair and blazers. But I also love Ellen Page with her long hair and scarves. I think there is something about EPage that makes her more queer looking with longer hair and more feminine presentation.

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    I didn’t know who she was until I Googled her just now… Never saw Hunger Games, but I remember laughing my ass off at the review of it on In Your Box Office.

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    I was totally rolling my eyes and mocking the media for making such a big deal out of Jennifer Aniston’s recent haircut. I take it all back, because this one? Touche, media. Touche. VERY BIG DEAL.

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    I must be the only one who guessed that by “alternate lifestyle” you meant “soccer mom”. Like everyone in the known universe, I love Jennifer Lawrence to death, but I don’t find this cut flattering or interesting at all. Which is probably good, cause I don’t think I could have handled loving her any more…

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