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Talking with Alison Bechdel about Feminist Martial Arts, Lockdown, and Her New Book “The Secret to Superhuman Strength”

“My bookish exterior perhaps belies it,” write Alison Bechdel in The Secret to Superhuman Strength, “but I’m a bit of an exercise freak.” That is, it turns out, an understatement. Alison Bechdel shares her process of writing this latest book over the last ten years, collaborating with her partner, and the “huge blossoming of lesbian culture.”

Politics + Activism

Extra! Extra!: How to Begin to Process the Unfolding Horror of COVID in India?

COVID returns to the forefront of this week’s Extra! Extra! as we look at the outbreak of COVID in India and the threats posed by variants across the globe. We look at the one thing that’s proving stronger than COVID: capitalism and how that’s impacting our recovery. The team also examines new developments on the immigration and criminal justice fronts and ponder what it means to hear the president tell transgender Americans he’s got their backs.


Into the A+ Advice Box #34: Happy 30th Birthday, A+ Member!

The AS team tackles advice for entering your 30’s (and we’d love to see yours in the comments), as well as advice for a member who’s found their sex drive has disappeared shortly after moving in with a partner, advice on coming out and labels, untangling trauma while exploring sex with your partner, finding boots that don’t make your feet hurt, and more!