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Fantasy Football Isn’t Scary! Here, Let Me Show You!

As you may already know, this September, sports gays like myself in offices and friend groups across the country need YOU to be one of the 4+ people on their fantasy football league. Never fear, this guide is here to give you the briefest overview of what you need to know about fantasy football so you can sign up and make your pal’s day, win your office league, and claim the clout you deserve.


PHOTOESSAY: Meet Me in The Keys

Recently I got to adventure with five other queers on on behalf of the Florida Keys & Key West! If you’ve never been to The Keys, the little islands off the coast of Miami, you’re missing out on some very colorful places and a truly wild time. On the outside, The Keys are a laid back stretch of beachy towns with predictable tourist traps and seaside souvenir shops, but there is a rich history of queerness just beneath the surface, as well as incredible experiences like snorkeling off Molasses Reef or watching the sunset from a catamaran.