25 Lesbian Movies on Hulu That You Can Watch Right Now For Fun If You Want

You might be wondering, “What other best lesbian movies are on Hulu? I bet some of the best lesbian movies are all over Hulu!” More specifically: “Where can I see two women stare longingly into each other’s eyeballs?????” Well good news! we have you covered.

Portrait of a Lady On Fire

#6 on our 200 Best Lesbian Movies List

A screenshot of "Portrait of a Lady on Fire" in which one woman holds another woman's face on a beach. This is a lesbian movie available for streaming on Hulu.

The invention of lesbian cinema is a project as old as cinema itself,” wrote Drew Gregory in her review. “But every once in a while there is a work of art so specific, so complex, so new in its oldness and old in its newness, that it moves the craft, our craft, to another level of seeing.”

The Girl King

Image: two women wearing a lot of fur are staring at each other expressionless next to a horse. This is a lesbian movie available for streaming on Hulu.

Queen Kristina of Sweden, who was crowned at the age of six, will not abide the conservative ideals of her culture, especially when she falls in love with a woman. Solidly mediocre.

Liz in September

Two women lay together in bed after having sex, pressing their foreheads together. This is a lesbian movie available for streaming on Hulu.

It’s not great, this film about a straight girl who stays at a lesbian beach resort and ends up getting seduced by the resident Lothario. “This film has so much potential to be, if not fun, at least not an unending pit of despair,” Erin wrote of it at the precise moment it became clear it would remain an unending put of despair. “Now we’re in an underwater world of existential reeling.”


#54 on our 200 Best Lesbian Movies List

Two teenagers, locked in a bathroom during a graduation party, realize their deep feelings to each other by communicating only with their eyes. "Booksmart" is a lesbian movie available for streaming on Hulu.

“Have you seen Booksmart?” Is a question a lot of lesbians were asking each other last summer. Everybody really enjoyed this film, produced by Olivia Wilde, about two best friends, Molly (played by queer actress Bernie Feldstein and Amy (lesbian) who discover that the kids who devoted themselves to studying throughout high school only to discover that the kids who also had social lives ALSO got into exclusive colleges and so they decide to get all of their socializing in on one night. “Every joke lands, even a running character gag that could have easily become grating in less skilled hands,” writes Heather Hogan. “The stakes become clear, the conflict is heartbreaking, and gosh is the resolution ever earned.”

Hearts Beat Loud

#81 on our Best Lesbian Movies of All Time List

Two girls lying in bed gazing into each other's eyeballs in "Hearts Beat Loud"

This indie summer comedy features “effortlessly cool” Kiersey Clemons as Sam, enjoying her last summer at home making music with her cool Dad and, of course, falling for Rose (Sasha Lane). “I just love this movie. It’s light, perhaps even fluffy, and yes a bit twee,” wrote Carmen. “But you know what, who cares? When was the last time a motion picture centered itself on the premise that a teenage, mixed race, black lesbian is worthy of support and love from everyone surrounding her? It’s simple and tender and because of those things it’s groundbreaking. It sneaks right up on you and barrels into your heart.”

Princess Cyd

#32 on our 200 Best Lesbian Movies List

Two queer people stare at each other, one of whom has a mohawk. "Princess Cyd" is a lesbian movie available for streaming on Hulu.
Heather called this the most hopeful queer film of 2017, and it made plenty of mainstream magazines’ best-of lists too. It hits all your coming-of-age hotspots about first queer love and sexual discovery. What’s especially refreshing about this one is that there’s no hand-wringing from anyone about their sexuality and every woman with a major part comes away from their summer together more content and connected. Plus, our very own Ro White is in it!

Elena Undone

Screencap from lesbian movie Elena Undone in which two women embrace, their bodies pressed together and their eyes hanging low. This is a lesbian movie available for streaming on Hulu.

The story of a mother/pastor’s wife and a well-known lesbian writer who cross paths and are instantly drawn to one another. Meanwhile I am drawn into another room where anything but this film is playing.

Vita & Virginia

#197 on our 200 Best Lesbian Movies List

Two women stare up at the sky, their noses millimeters apart and full of sexual tension. This is a lesbian movie available for streaming on Hulu.

We all love Vita and Virginia and also, they loved each other. I asked Drew if this movie was good and she said “no, but it wasn’t bad. It’s very fine.”


#148 on our 200 Best Lesbian Movies List

A screenshot of A.W.OL. where two women lay in bed. This is one of the lesbian movies available for streaming on Hulu.

“Talking about class can be ugly,” wrote Sarah Fonseca in her glowing review of AWOL, a love story set in a rarely-portrayed rural landscape and confronts new conversations issues of class, race and gender. “Yet as AWOL asserts, when you dare to comment, sometimes it frees up room for beauty to unfurl.”

All About E

A screenshot of "All About E" in which two women lay together in bed, the blonde woman looks to be in peaceful bliss.

An Australian film that dares to ask, “Can E keep the money, conquer her demons, AND get the girl?” More importantly: why are there so many men going through a sort of random plot about men who are mad at other men instead of it being a long and romantic meditation on the face of Mandahla Rose??!!? Someone paint her picture!!

Anchor and Hope

A screenshot of two lesbians holding each other by the faces near a pond.

Eva and Kat have lesbian names and live on a boat until Eva decides she wants to have a baby, but Kat is like, “what why I love our bohemian lifestyle” and then Kat’s BFF comes to visit they’re like, maybe he could be the father??? There’s a sex scene in the first ten minutes. Has anybody seen this?

The World to Come

two women in period costume intensely stare at each other's eyeballs

Mona Fastvold’s exquisite skills as a director are on display in this movie which fits most of the lesbian film tropes — 19th century, isolation, white straight cis actresses, lots of longing and period costumes. Two women in bad marriages develop a quick and deep friendship with each other that blossoms into more!


#110 on our 200 Best Lesbian Movies List

A screenshot from Adam of two queer women talking at a party while Adam looks over their shoulders.

Trans director Rhys Ernst headed up this adaptation of the book by Ariel Schrag — an adaptation which included adjusting the book’s most notoriously offensive inclusions. The premise of the story sounds unpleasant — a cis guy visits his queer sister for the summer and is mistaken for trans guy and just runs with it. Adam will bring you right back to 2006, in all its problematic messy glory. It also includes a trans woman dating a cis woman, something we rarely get to see in movies or television! Leo Sheng (The L Word: Generation Q) co-stars in a cast that also features cameos by faves like MJ Rodriguez, Theo Germaine and Julia Weldon.

Margarita With a Straw

#125 on our 200 Best Lesbian Movies List

A screenshot of "Margarita With a Straw" in which one woman holds another woman by the shoulders to comfort her while she cries.

“Yes, this is a ‘disabled person discovers their sexuality’ movie, but Laila is never healed (literally or figuratively) by that discovery,” wrote Carrie Wade in her review of Margarita With a Straw, a love story between two disabled women of color, “presented without sensationalism or pandering.”

The Color Purple

This film adaptation of the Alice Walker novel does not contain that book’s explicit romantic relationship between Celie and Shug. In 2011, Steven Spielberg told Entertainment Weekly that he was “the wrong director to acquit some of the more sexually honest encounters between Shug and Celie” in the film, but that he “basically took something that was extremely erotic and very intentional, and I reduced it to a simple kiss,” in hopes of a PG-13 rating. However, the groundbreaking blockbuster film remains worth watching.

Happiest Season

Not on our 200 Best Lesbian Movies list even though I personally think it should be

A screenshot of "Happiest Season" in which Kristen Stewart smiles at Mackenzie Davis. This is a lesbian movie available for streaming on Hulu.

This hotly anticipated holiday lesbian movie by Hulu is a rom-com co-written and directed by Clea Duvall. It stars the one and only Kristen Stewart as Abby, who’s meeting her girlfriend Harper’s (Mackenzie Davis) family for the first time. But, big surprise! They don’t know that Harper is gay!


#7 on our list of the 200 Best Lesbian Movies

Smoldering soft butch Corky and femme fatale Violet come together in this noir thriller. “There’s a deep understanding of the genre that allows them to subvert it — holding onto the excitement and sex appeal, but prioritizing lesbian love and delicious misandry,” wrote Drew of the film. “This is as stylish and exciting as any of the Wachowski’s bigger budget fare and it has sex scenes choreographed by Susie Bright. Queer women are still largely absent from genre films, but this stands as one of the most prominent — and masterful — exceptions.”

Almost Adults

Two lifetime best friends struggle to keep their friendship together as the path of their lives diverge, including one of them coming out as a lesbian and having her first relationship.


This film starring Kate Winslet and Saoirse Ronan star in the story of real-life 19th century paleontologist Mary Anning and her love affair with society lady Charlotte Murchison. “Winslet is dour dour dour and not even Saoirse Ronan’s dynamic performance as Charlotte can add any heat to their relationship,” wrote Drew in her review.

Wild Nights With Emily

#90 on the 200 Best Lesbian Movies List

Emily Dickinson face-to-face with her lady lover in Wild Nights With Emily

Molly Shannon plays Emily Dickinson in this delightfully comedic queer story that is fun above all else and pushes back handily against the historical erasure of bisexual women. Heather declared it possibly “the best lesbian comedy ever.”

Sister Aimee

two women face each other beside a car in the dessert, hands on hips, still from sister aimee

94.5% of this film about Aimee Semple McPherson is made up and it focuses on the period of time in which the legendary healer went missing. After faking her own death, Aimee heads out to Mexico with her boyfriend and eventually the couple hires a guide to take them through the southwest and across the border. Her name is Rey, and romance ensues.

Mosquita y Mari

#47 on the 200 Best Lesbian Movies of All Time List

mosquita y mari still of the two teen girls looking at each other

This quiet coming-of-age lesbian movie on Hulu follows straight-A student Yolanda and her relationship with the new dangerous girl in school, Mari. Both girls navigate their families’ expectations while growing closer and sensing that their friendship is turning into something more.

A Perfect Ending

two fancy women gaze at each other lustily in "a perfect ending"

This mediocre lesbian film stars Jessica Clark as Paris, a high-price escort who begins a little situation with a wealthy middle-aged wife, Rebecca (Barbara Niven) who is having conflicts with her husband and also has never had an orgasm!

Reaching for the Moon

#155 on our 200 Best Lesbian Movies List

two women outdoors holding each other and looking into each other's eyes in "reaching for the moon"

Miranda Otto and Glória Pires play American poet Elizabeth Bishop and Brazilian designer Lota de Macedo Soares, two headstrong women who had a very dramatic affair. As Drew wrote on the Best Lesbian Films ever list, “It’s a film about depression, substance abuse, and the creative process — and how all three affect romantic relationships.”

Tru Love

still of two women looking at each other forehead-to-forehead in "tru love"

A Candian film about 37-year-old “serial bed hopping lesbian” Tru who is bounding aimlessly through life when she meets Alice, a 60-year-old widow visiting Tru’s friend, her busy lawyer daughter, Suzanne. Sparks fly! There are complications with Suzanne! I watched this entire film and retained not one moment of it, but your mileage may vary.

Good Kisser

three women in a dark living room with a bottle between them

Lesbian couple Jenna and Kate decide to have a date with another woman, hoping a threesome will spice up their relationship. “.While the larger conflicts may fall flat, the dramatic minutia when the threesome is going well is really enjoyable to watch,” wrote Drew in her review.

So there you have it, all the lesbian movies on Hulu that we could find! And we searched high and low! Which are you most excited to dust off and revisit, or watch for the first time?

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  1. I’ve seen Anchor and Hope and it is DECIDEDLY mediocre and far too caught up in men and their ability to ruin lesbian domestic bliss (ie The Kids Are Alright vibes). However, it is partially in Spanish which is a fun change, and it has Tonks from Harry Potter as a fit dyke, soooo it’s worth a watch.

  2. I may have screamed a little with joy when I saw the title of this. I’m so excited to watch Portrait of a Lady on Fire! Thank you for letting us know it’s on Hulu now! And for the rest of the list :)

    • I hope you don’t mind if I ask a few questions. I haven’t seen the film but I’ve read some reviews. It doesn’t sound like something I’d be interested in but (of the reviews I’ve read) it seems like others have found it problematic but not entirely offensive.

      Have you seen the film and if so would you be willing to share what you found offensive about it? Also, if others enjoyed the film then why should it not be included on the list? Not saying that queer artists can’t make insensitive art but doesn’t having queer talent involved give the film some credibility?

  3. If you like A Simple Favor I cannot recommend enough A Simple Podcast. It’s got three queer hosts and they have an episode where they interview Paul Fieg and one dedicated entirely to the costumes and they even interview Blake motherfucking Lively herself. Do yourself a favor

  4. I was able to watch Liz in September. I wanted to like it, but that plot was not for me. Having a bet if she can sleep with the straight girl reminds me of those cis-het movies where guys bet if he can get with a certain girl.

  5. FYI for those lacking a Hulu subscription (or who don’t want to pay for it), check to see if your cell phone or cable provider includes a free subscription. I get a basic (aka with commercials) Hulu subscription included with my Sprint cell phone plan, and my mom gets hers with her Xfinity cable package. Worth a look if you are paying for phone/cable anyway!

  6. I still think Portrait of A Lady on Fire should be number one on this list. What Celine Sciamma does with this film in my mind was Oscar worthy as a director. She so got screwed as did the actresses. So few words but everything throughout the film builds with each look. We know just what the actresses, characters are thinking, feeling with out ever saying as much.
    And at the end when Marianne sees the portrait of Heloise and she is holding the book open to the page that Marianne drew her picture on it lets us know that she still loves her and thinks of her. The last night they were together Heloise tells Marianne I feel regret. Marianne tells Heloise do not feel regret but “remember” That is also I think what the final scene is about when they are both at the opera and the music playing is the one Marianne played for Heloise on the piano. Once again I think Heloise is sad, but remembering.

  7. Wait, what’s wrong with Elena Undone?! It is one of my all-time favorite flicks and so you’ve truly piqued my interest by informing us you’d walk out of the room if it was on!

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