25 Lesbian Movies on Hulu That You Can Watch Right Now For Fun If You Want

You might be wondering, “What other best lesbian movies are on Hulu? I bet some of the best lesbian movies are all over Hulu!” More specifically: “Where can I see two women stare longingly into each other’s eyeballs?????” Well good news! we have you covered.

Last updated 4/11/2024.

Lesbian and Queer Focused Movies on Hulu:

Anaïs in Love (2022)

Two women looking at one of their hands with passion

“Throughout the film, Anaïs’ interest in the married man pivots to a much greater interest in the man’s wife,” writes Drew of this lesbian film on Hulu about a chaotic thirty-something who finds herself entangled with the wife of a publisher she’s having an affair with. “But it’s not the film’s queerness that separates it from its subgenre — although I’m grateful for the steamy sex scene. What Anaïs in Love does differently is it lets its protagonist get away with everything.”

Bendetta (2021)

Still from "Bendetta" of a nun and a girl gazing into each other's eyeballs

Our “sacrilegious lesbian nun movie” is based on the true story of a 17th-century nun who finds herself entangled in a lesbian affair with a novice and has visions that threaten the Church’s very foundation. Drew was underwhelmed, however, by its alleged scandalousness, noting, “Verhoeven’s offering ends up feeling like a relic of a bygone era — one where the only people allowed to film lesbian sex were straight cis dudes ignorant to the most exciting ways we fuck.”

Blue Jean (2023)

two lesbians laughing together in a bar

In 1980s Ireland, Jean is a high school PE teacher and netball coach who dodges lesbian rumors at work while enjoying a robust queer community at home and a radical dyke girlfriend, Viv. As homophobic politicians fight to root lesbians out of education altogether, Jean’s worlds begin to collide when she runs into a new student, Lois, at the gay bar. “The triumph of Blue Jean is that it takes time showing the queer lives at stake,” writes Drew in her review of Blue Jean. “This is not a dour film. It has hot lesbian sex, sweaty snapshots of queer bars, and, ultimately, portrays the power of community. This makes the constricting environment of the school all the more painful.”

Boys on the Side (1995)

A deeply beloved 90s classic in which Whoopi Goldberg plays a lesbian musician on a post-crime road trip with Mary Louise Parker and Drew Barrymore. The Indigo Girls! Nineties lipstick! Southwestern landscapes! There is so much processing and bonding in this movie, it’s almost like it’ll never end (just like a real lesbian relationship!).

Cloudburst (2012)

Two elderly dykes looking at each other in love

Lesbian couple Dotty (Brenda Fricker) and Stella (Olympia Dukakis) break free from their nursing home and venture out on a road trip to Canada where they intend to tie the knot. in her review, Vanessa noted that it was fantastic to “see a true honest story about two old women in a real relationship with feelings and nuance and layers and depth.”

Crush (2022)

AJ and Paige looking at each other on the track field

This delightful teen rom-com is a lesbian movie on Hulu full of queer actors playing queer characters. Paige is an aspiring artist who joins the track team to beef up her college resume, hoping to get closer to her eternal crush, Gabby — but ends up finding herself drawn to somebody unexpected! “From the extremely winsome leads to the easy story beats and quick humor, it’s darn cute and wholly queer,” wrote Analyssa in her review. “By about 20 minutes in, I had adapted to all the Gen Z speak and was fully along for the ride.”

Elena Undone (2010)

Screencap from lesbian movie Elena Undone in which two women embrace, their bodies pressed together and their eyes hanging low. This is a lesbian movie available for streaming on Hulu.

The story of a mother/pastor’s wife and a well-known lesbian writer who cross paths and are instantly drawn to one another. Meanwhile I am drawn into another room where anything but this film is playing. Read Erin’s scathing and hilarious review of it here.

Fire lsland (2022)

group of friends in Fire Island seeming upset at each other

This heartwarming film about a group of gay friends looking for love and sex and community on Fire Island isn’t a lesbian movie, but it’s so hilarious and heartwarming and fantastic that any queer person who believes in queer community would enjoy it. Plus, Margaret Cho gives a delightful performance as “career brunch server, age unknown, lesbian scam queen” Erin. “I loved Fire Island because it was real. It’s real to be erased and undesirable in white queer spaces as a fat person of color,” wrote Carmen in her review. “It’s real to be gay and thirst after Christine Baranski or laugh until your sides hurt over Marissa Tomei. It’s real to want to escape for seven days and never once see a straight person.”

Grandma (2015)

Elle and Sage ride together in a car with the windows down on a sunny afternoon

Lily Tomlin stars as the titular Grandma, Elle, a lesbian poet and widow who gets a visit from her teenage granddaughter who needs money for an abortion. Thus the two head on an all-day journey into Elle’s past trying to score the cash to make it happen.

Happiest Season (2020)

A screenshot of "Happiest Season" in which Kristen Stewart smiles at Mackenzie Davis. This is a lesbian movie available for streaming on Hulu.

This hit holiday lesbian movie by Hulu is a rom-com co-written and directed by Clea Duvall. It stars the one and only Kristen Stewart as Abby, who’s meeting her girlfriend Harper’s (Mackenzie Davis) family for the first time. But, big surprise! They don’t know that Harper is gay! Also, Aubrey Plaza plays Harper’s ex-girlfriend, Riley.

Jack & Diane (2012)

diane touching jack's lower lip erotically

Charming and naive Diane (Juno Temple) meets tough-skinned Jack (Riley Keough in New York City. They hook up all night and must grapple with their growing relationship under challenging circumstances — Diane’s moving at the end of the summer, but her feelings for Jack are manifesting themselves in terrifying ways, creating mysterious violent changes in her physical body. Read our review of Jack & Diane.

Jagged Mind (2023)

Two women drinking wine facing each other

“…my favorite works of queer horror aren’t so easily bound by genre descriptions,” wrote Kayla of this time-looping lesbian erotic thriller, “and Jagged Mind views to me much like a haunted house story — without the actual haunted house. The haunted house, instead, is a relationship.”

Poor Things (2023)

A deeply weird and visually delightful story of a young woman brought back to life in a very strange way by a mad scientist before embarking upon a whirlwind adventure that takes her on a sea voyage and eventually sees her becoming a sex worker, which’s where the queer parts come in! People really loved this movie or they hated it.

Portrait of a Lady On Fire (2019)

#6 on our 50 Best Lesbian Movies List

A screenshot of "Portrait of a Lady on Fire" in which one woman holds another woman's face on a beach. This is a lesbian movie available for streaming on Hulu.

The invention of lesbian cinema is a project as old as cinema itself,” wrote Drew Gregory in her review. “But every once in a while there is a work of art so specific, so complex, so new in its oldness and old in its newness, that it moves the craft, our craft, to another level of seeing.”

Tell it to The Bees (2018)

Jean and Lydia pressing their foreheads together

This romantic drama film set in the 1950s stars Anna Paquin as Jean, a new doctor in a small town who makes a connection with Lydia (Hollilday Grainger), whose young son bonds with Jean over their shared interest in bee colonies. But Jean and Lydia’s relationship, believe it or not, is a scandal!

Two of Us (2021)

two women in Two of Us gazing into each other's eyeballs

Nina and Madeline are retired women who’ve spent 20 years posing as neighbors to hide their lesbian relationship from their community when a health emergency throws their relationship, and their plan to escape to Rome to live openly, into chaos. “Aside from the harrowing suspense, what sets director and co-writer Filippo Meneghetti’s film apart is the passion and tempestuousness of Madeline and Nina’s interactions,” writes Heather of this French film. “The visual and narrative tension, of course, ramps up the eroticism, but so does Madeline and Nina’s actual relationship, which hasn’t aged in that calm, quiet, mature way we usually think of lesbian grandmas.”

We Need to Do Something (2021)

If you are very desperate for a horror movie or really any movie at all, then perhaps you should subject yourself to this really truly awful film that includes what Drew described as a “queer romance between two goth girls who look like those black and pink houses in Santa Monica.”

The World to Come (2020)

two women in period costume intensely stare at each other's eyeballs

Mona Fastvold’s exquisite skills as a director are on display in this movie which fits most of the lesbian film tropes — 19th century, isolation, white straight cis actresses, lots of longing and period costumes. Two women in bad marriages develop a quick and deep friendship with each other that blossoms into more! In her review of The World to Come, Drew called it “an extraordinary lesbian romance ruined by Casey Affleck.”

Other movies on Hulu with a minimal amount of Lesbian / Bisexual content:

All Fun and Games (2023) 

A horror movie about a group of teens in Salem who find a cursed knife from the 17th century that turns children’s games into horrorshows. Laurel Marsden is Sophie, a lesbian on her way to Smith College and the best friend of Billie, one of two protagonists.

A Little White Lie (2023) 

Kate Hudson stars as an English professor organizing a literary conference in this indie comedy about a middle-aged nobody man who ends up as a featured guest at said literary conference after accepting an invite that clearly confused him with a reclusive novelist who shares his name. Aja Naomi King plays lesbian poet Blythe Brown, who clashes with said man early in the conference.

The Donor Party (2023) 

Fresh out of a messy divorce and unfruitful online dating experiments, recently single Jaclyn has decided to get pregnant and live her dream of being a Mom by any means necessary, enlisting her friends to pull off “the ultimate sperm heist.” Her friend Molly invites “three good prospects” for Jaclyn to seduce to a birthday party for her husband Geoff. According to Movieweb, “naughtiness abounds” when “Amandine (Bria Henderson), a lesbian with eyes on Geoff’s sister, encourages Jaclyn to get down and dirty.”

The Drop (2023)

Set at a lesbian destination wedding, this comedy is focused on a straight couple who arrives and immediately drops a baby. Read Kayla’s review of “The Drop.”

Fresh (2022)

This horror movie finds a girl on an endless bad date with a seemingly perfect man who turns out to be a cannibal. Her bisexual best friend bi best friend Mollie (played by Jojo T. Gibbs of Twenties!) ends up having to save her ass. Read Kayla’s review of Fresh.

Spencer (2021)

Kristen Stewart has a stunning turn as Princess Diana of Wales in this biopic focused entirely on Diana’s Christmas at the Queen’s Sandringham Estate while rumors of an impending divorce stirred about. Stewart’s Diana is gorgeously nervous, manic, unsettled, haunted. Her royal dresser, Maggie, is a lesbian, Diana’s closest friend and most treasured confidant.

The United States vs. Billie Holiday (2021)

This biopic telling the story of Billie Holiday is “heavy on trauma and light on queerness,” going so far as to include a kiss between Billie and Tallulah Bankhead (Natasha Lyonne) in the trailer that was cut from the film! Read our review of The United States vs. Billie Holiday.

So there you have it, all the lesbian movies on Hulu that we could find! And we searched high and low! Which are you most excited to dust off and revisit, or watch for the first time?

Want more streaming lesbian movies?

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  1. I’ve seen Anchor and Hope and it is DECIDEDLY mediocre and far too caught up in men and their ability to ruin lesbian domestic bliss (ie The Kids Are Alright vibes). However, it is partially in Spanish which is a fun change, and it has Tonks from Harry Potter as a fit dyke, soooo it’s worth a watch.

  2. I may have screamed a little with joy when I saw the title of this. I’m so excited to watch Portrait of a Lady on Fire! Thank you for letting us know it’s on Hulu now! And for the rest of the list :)

  3. Would love to get a review from the team for Adam, since with what I have read thus far about the movie, I am unsure about giving it any money to find out if it is okay to watch or just flaming BS.

      • For my part I really liked it. I loved seeing Virginia brought to life, her struggles, her sexuality. And Vita, the original Shane ! And oh my the wardrobe is divine.

        Caveat : now that I’ve seen a few Movies Without Men™ , if I were to see Vita & Virginia again I might find it grating.

  4. Adam is a Transphobic diaster of a film. It’s offensive that you included it in the list.

    I’m hurt to have to even post this to remind Autostraddle how deeply offensive this film is to so many queer people.

    • I hope you don’t mind if I ask a few questions. I haven’t seen the film but I’ve read some reviews. It doesn’t sound like something I’d be interested in but (of the reviews I’ve read) it seems like others have found it problematic but not entirely offensive.

      Have you seen the film and if so would you be willing to share what you found offensive about it? Also, if others enjoyed the film then why should it not be included on the list? Not saying that queer artists can’t make insensitive art but doesn’t having queer talent involved give the film some credibility?

  5. If you like A Simple Favor I cannot recommend enough A Simple Podcast. It’s got three queer hosts and they have an episode where they interview Paul Fieg and one dedicated entirely to the costumes and they even interview Blake motherfucking Lively herself. Do yourself a favor

  6. I LOVED Princess Cyd. How cool is that!

    It took me forever to finally decide to watch Booksmart a while back but I’m so glad that i did.

    I might have to resubscribe to HULU…*sigh*

  7. I was able to watch Liz in September. I wanted to like it, but that plot was not for me. Having a bet if she can sleep with the straight girl reminds me of those cis-het movies where guys bet if he can get with a certain girl.

  8. FYI for those lacking a Hulu subscription (or who don’t want to pay for it), check to see if your cell phone or cable provider includes a free subscription. I get a basic (aka with commercials) Hulu subscription included with my Sprint cell phone plan, and my mom gets hers with her Xfinity cable package. Worth a look if you are paying for phone/cable anyway!

  9. I still think Portrait of A Lady on Fire should be number one on this list. What Celine Sciamma does with this film in my mind was Oscar worthy as a director. She so got screwed as did the actresses. So few words but everything throughout the film builds with each look. We know just what the actresses, characters are thinking, feeling with out ever saying as much.
    And at the end when Marianne sees the portrait of Heloise and she is holding the book open to the page that Marianne drew her picture on it lets us know that she still loves her and thinks of her. The last night they were together Heloise tells Marianne I feel regret. Marianne tells Heloise do not feel regret but “remember” That is also I think what the final scene is about when they are both at the opera and the music playing is the one Marianne played for Heloise on the piano. Once again I think Heloise is sad, but remembering.

  10. Wait, what’s wrong with Elena Undone?! It is one of my all-time favorite flicks and so you’ve truly piqued my interest by informing us you’d walk out of the room if it was on!

  11. Thanks for the list! Reaching for the Moon looks really good.

    I can’t actually watch Happiest Season anymore because I had first watched it with my ex girlfriend. Now to me it is “Unhappiest Season.” lol

  12. Wait, what’s wrong with Elena Undone?! It is one of my all-time favorite flicks and so you’ve truly piqued my interest by informing us you’d walk out of the room if it was on!

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  18. Under the Christmas Tree is cute as shit for what it is. A Lifetime film. Just nothing but wholesomeness and a couple I wanted to spend more time with.

    Generally, I think most “lesbian films” are awful in terms of quality and acting(like a majority of this list) but I actually had fun with this one.

  19. I recently watched “Life Partners” with low expectations and was surprised by how much I liked it. I thought it was a very realistic portrayal of how a friendship can be impacted by one of the parties investing a lot of time in a romantic relationship. I recommended it to my straight friend. Wasn’t the biggest fan of their “bitch” and “slut” dynamic but given that it was two white women…..

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  21. It’s so frustrating to me that Elena Undone gets ridiculed yet films like The World To Come are raved about. Elena is my personal favourite and I can admit it isn’t without fault but…SPOILER ALERT

    At least no one dies and there isn’t some really fucked up scene of flashes between passionate love making and death. How was that supposed to be anything other than incredibly depressing and a poor cinematographic choice…

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