LGBTQ+ Movies To Stream on Netflix With Lesbian, Bisexual and Trans Characters

What are the best lesbian movies are on Netflix? What are the good best lesbian movies on Netflix? This is probably a question you have typed into a search box before. Perhaps you typed that into a search box really recently, like ten seconds ago, and that’s why you’re here, now, with all of us, wondering about the best streaming lesbian movies on Netflix, or the best lesbian bisexual queer and trans movies on Netflix. In this case we are using “lesbian” as an adjective referring to romance and other activities between two women.

Most recent update: 2/9/2023

The Best Bisexual, Queer, Trans & Lesbian Movies On Netflix

Alice Junior (2019)

#19 on the Best Queer Movies Of All Time List

lesbian movies on netflix — three teenagers hold each other while looking towards the sun

“I watched the first 75 minutes of Gil Baroni’s new film Alice Júnior filled with giddy delight. I’ve seen a lot of movies with trans characters — a lot — and we simply do not get movies this joyful. This felt like trans Lady Bird by way of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World as it aesthetically mimics model/YouTuber Alice’s social media adolescence. There’s an energy from beginning to end — a playfulness — that felt fresh, and thoughtful, and so fucking fun.” – Drew Gregory

Disobedience (2018)

Ronit and Esti hold their heads together with longing

It’s the lesbian spit movie! Ronit returns to her Orthodox Jewish community following the death of her rabbi father, thus stirring a reunion with Esti (Rachel McAdams), who never left and is married to Ronit’s cousin David, as her family expected. “Disobedience brims with irrepressible, sweaty-palmed longing and anticipation,” writes Kayla in her review.

Dope (2015)

lesbian movies on netflix — three teenagers on bicycles in Los Angeles

This coming-of-age comedy set in L.A. that follows three nerdy best friends who get caught up in some drug-deal-induced hijinks after hitting up an underground party “works as a comedy, a coming-of-age story, and an action movie,” according to Drew. While lesbian content isn’t central to the film, Kiersey Clemons gives a heartwarming performs as Diggy, the masc lesbian of the trio whose “outfits and energy feel authentically queer in a way often absent from mainstream media about teenagers.”

Do Revenge (2022)

Two teen girls in poppy outfits looking very shocked

This delightfully dark homage to ’90s teen flicks is a colorful, slick comedy starring Camilla Mendes as mean girl Drea who, after seeing her video sexts leaked by her boyfriend, teams up on an intricate revenge plot with Eleanor (Maya Hawke), a lesbian transfer student dead-set on punishing the girl who bullied her at summer camp as a pre-teen.

The “Fear Street” Trilogy (2021)

lesbian movies on netflix- fear street 1994 gay characters huddle in a corner crying

“What makes The Fear Street Trilogy go from a solid good time to a grand cinematic event is its understanding that intelligence and fun are not antithetical,” writes Drew in the Lesbian Movie Encyclopedia. “Like The Slumber Party Massacre TrilogyFear Street doesn’t make us choose between campy horror and an engagement with reality. It’s proof that “good politics” are also good storytelling.” The first installment of this series based on the Christopher Pike movies does the unthinkable: it lets its queer heroines live.

The Half of It (2020)

#17 on the Best Queer Movies Of All Time List

Two teenage girls outside in their neighborhood, one with a bike

Alice Wu’s lesbian take on Cyrano de Bergerac follows Ellie Chu (Leah Lewis), a shy, Chinese-American 17-year-old who splits her days taking care of her grieving father and writing essays for her peers for extra money. She forms an unexpected bond with the crush of a sweet football player who hires her to write her love letters. “It may not be a “love story” in the traditional sense, but it is about love,” wrote Malinda Lo in her review. “It’s about young people discovering what it is, what it isn’t, and what it could be. It’s about searching for your other half and finding that the other half might be within you. And yes, it’s about a queer Asian American girl — still a revolutionary subject for a mainstream film.”

Lingua Franca (2019)

lesbian movies on netflix- Still from "Lingua Franca" of a woman crying with the wind in her hair

“I’m excited about this film, because it’s the rare feature written by, directed by, and starring a trans woman. But I’m also excited about it because it’s an undeniably accomplished work of cinema. Not only is this film more than its labels because Sandoval sees her character’s humanity — it’s more than its labels because Sandoval is so good in all her roles. This is a patient and artful film, nuanced in its writing and direction, and filled with stellar performances.” – Drew Gregory

Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom (2020)

Dussie Mae (Taylour paige) and Ma Rainey (Viola Davis) embrace in this still from "Ma Rainey's Black Bottom"

Based on August Wilson’s Tony-award winning play, Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom sees Viola Davis as the titular character, a Black queer blues singer and one of the most successful Black women of the era. In her hands, Carmen writes, the triumphant and emotional film “becomes a complex portrait of a queer Black woman hurricane whose footprints loom over the last 100 years.”

Mars One (2022)

Two girls head to head in a dark room with red lights

In this Brazillian family drama from writer/director Gabriel Martins, Eunice (Camilla Souza) — a college student ready to leave home and even more ready to explore her sexuality — is one of four protagonists. Writing about Eunice’s relationship with her girlfriend Jo in her rave review of the film, Drew wrote “their hotter than cute meet cute at a club, their dinner with Jo’s wealthy family, the way they love each other in the sort of impassioned yet insufficient way college students love. It all just feels so real. ”

The Mitchells vs The Machines (2021)

An animated teen girl with glasses and black nail polish leans back in front of a rainbow while wearing a red puppet.

The Mitchells is a genuinely hilarious animated film, full of cutting cultural jokes, visual gags, smash cuts, bonkers animation, and frolicking dialogue,” writes Heather of this delightful story about a family driving cross-country to drop off their daughter, Katie Mitchell (Abbi Jacobson) for film school. Although Katie’s queerness isn’t the focus of the film, it’s an essential element of her very relatable character.

Passing (2021)

Tessa Thompson looks at Ruth Negga, her reflection in the mirror behind them.

“Passing has me in such a chokehold, I still don’t know where to start. There’s the craft of the storytelling, the questions it presents about understanding race — for once! — from a Black gaze. It’s singular in its grab and should be on the short list for any awards season conversation. But more than anything, I can’t stop thinking about the way that Tessa Thompson looks at Ruth Negga.” – Carmen Phillips

Prom (2020)

Netflix original

teen lesbians at prom
This Netflix adaptation of the hit Broadway musical, produced by Ryan Murphy, follows a handful of out-of-work Broadway actors as they insert themselves into a small Indiana town to advocate for a teen to attend the prom with her girlfriend. It left Valerie with “a happy, joy-filled, unruly heart.” It wasn’t a critical favorite, but we as a community had a very nice time!

Ride or Die (2021)

Two women holding each other sitting outside a house at sunset, still from "Ride or Die"

“This is easily my favorite two and a half hour lesbian murder drama about bourgeoisie class betrayal with a Norah Jones needle drop. Based on the popular manga Gunjō, Ryūichi Hiroki has made the bonkers, gratuitous lesbian movie I’d hoped Benedetta would be. ” – Drew Gregory

All The Other Bisexual, Queer, Lesbian and Trans Movies On Netflix

Ana e Vitoria (2019)

This Brazilian film is a narrative that traces the actual real-life beginning of the musical duo Anavitória, described as the story of two young musicians who develop an instant friendship after a chance encounter and decide to purse music while finding themselves. For Ana, this involves having lots of big feelings about romantic love for the women she’s into.

Anne+: The Movie (2022)

Anne and her girlfriend in bed

The 90-minute dramedy follows the titular Anne as all the happy endings from her beloved crowd-funded two-season Dutch webseries Anne+ come unraveled. The film “simply does not care that straight people exist, as characters or as audience members,” writes Heather Hogan in her review, praising its “low-stake storytelling” and “queer-acted and queer-directed sex scenes.”

Beauty (2022)

The couple from "Beauty" staring solemnly at the camera

Netflix barely promoted the existence of this film, probably because it’s not very good! Described as the story of “a young singer on the brink of a promising career who finds herself torn between a domineering family, industry pressures and her love for her girlfriend,” it is very clearly intended to be about Whitney Houston. Niecy Nash plays her mother.

Bruised (2022)

Halle Berry, playing queer character Jackie Justice, in Bruised

“If you’re anything like me and your main reasons for seeing Bruised were to see Halle Berry fight and make out with girls, you won’t be disappointed,” wrote Carmen in her review of this film in which Berry plays an MMA fighter grabbing one last shot at redemption when the son she left behind returns to her life. “But you might walk away wishing it had stuck to just those two things.”

Chloe (2009)

A doctor played by Julianne Moore hires an escort named Chloe (Amanda Seyfried) to test whether or not her husband is cheating on her, but then finds herself drawn into a dangerous little attraction with Chloe.

Colette (2018)

This bipoic stars Keira Knightley as Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette. “Certainly there’s a hint of salaciousness in the depiction of Colette’s early forays into lady-love,” writes Heather, “but the film treats her relationship with Missy with the utmost respect and tenderness.”

Deadly Illusions (2021)

“If Netflix had wanted my attention on Deadly Illusions any earlier than when I got very sad around noon on Thursday, what they should’ve told me is that the lines between STRAIGHT and GAY will start to blur. Because my friends, they do. This is like, high camp, but also a gay movie for straight people? This is heterosexual camp. This is fan fiction but about two characters we’ve never heard of except one of them is Charlotte from Sex and the City.” – Riese Bernard

Duck Butter (2018)

Two girls in lesbian movie "Duck Butter" looking at each other wearily inside a house on a sunny day“Duck Butter was a lot like a Naima and Sergio’s failed experiment: the sex was good but the delirious lesbian mumblecore didn’t leave a lasting impression.” – Heather Hogan

Elisa & Marcela (2019)

“Not the art film its showy Black & White cinematography and more creative flourishes seem to be aspiring for, but nevertheless an enjoyable period romance. Based on the true story of Spain’s first same-sex marriage, Isabel Coixet replaces an average looking queer woman and her androgynous love with two beautiful high femmes. It’s a bit silly and a bit long, but hey the sex scenes are great.” – Drew Gregory

I Care A Lot (2021)

Rosamund Pike, Eiza González, and Dianne West in I Care a Lot.

“If you don’t like to watch movies about horrible people doing horrible things, you’ll probably want to skip J Blakeson’s I Care A Lot,”  recommends Kayla in her review. But, if you do like those movies, “then you might have fun with this cynical, clinical movie steeped in the horrors of capitalism and greed.” I Care A Lot is wicked and callous, but vivid and sharp, with a heartless lesbian protagonist played by Rosamund Pike and her girlfriend/partner played by the VERY hot Eiza González.

The Perfection (2019)

“This recent Netflix horror movie would be offensive for a multitude of reasons if it wasn’t so incoherent. Instead it’s just an absolutely wild, incredibly shallow thrill ride with a queer woman romance(??) at its center.” – Drew Gregory

Let It Snow (2019)

“The inclusion of a queer romance in a film like this is exciting enough on its own. But what makes it all the more exciting is both Hewson and Akana are queer in real life! Hewson is non-binary and gay and Akana is bisexual. They’re both so good in their roles, bringing their charm and authenticity. ” – Drew Gregory

Moxie (2021)

A 16-year-old is inspired by her Mom’s Riot Grrrl and zine-making past to strike back against INJUSTICE, misogyny and toxicity at her high school. Josie Totah plays a trans girl frustrated that her classmates and teachers won’t use her name. There is a subtle lesbian storyline that emerges quietly without much fanfare, which is fine — what’s less fine is that this film is centered on a white cis straight protagonist who is surrounded by women of color with far more interesting stories to tell.

A New York Christmas Wedding (2020)

Still from "New York Christmas Wedding" of a girl kissing another girl's shoulder!

This is not a cinematic masterpiece, but it is a solidly medium Christmas rom-com, of which we have very few with queer characters! Jennifer, feeling iffy about her upcoming marriage to a very rich young man, collides with a Guardian Angel who enables her to see what her life may have been like in an alternate universe — in which she married her best friend, Gabrielle. “I really wanted A New York Christmas Wedding to be better than what it is,” wrote Carmen in her review. “But ultimately, Christmas movies like this aren’t about being good — this is a genre that’s defined by cheese. It’s about that gooey warm feeling, deep in the pit of your stomach.”

Someone Great (2019)

lesbian movies on netflix -"Someone Great" still: three women in a gas station looking surprised“At its core, Someone Great is a comedy about getting high and drunk with your girls and listening to some great pop music and growing up a little in the process.” – Carmen Phillips

So My Grandma’s a Lesbian (2020)

Still from "So My Grandma's a Lesbian"

This Spanish comedy follows a young Spanish lawyer whose plans to marry some rich Scottish dude from a conservative family are put into jeopardy when her 70-year-old grandmother, Sofia, comes out and announces her intention to marry her best friend. Good for them!

To Each Her Own (2018)

Although this French film got bad reviews, Sally informed us that she in fact has seen it and furthermore; liked it. I trust Sally so here we are. The plot is described as “Just as Simone works up the courage to tell her conservative Jewish family she’s a lesbian, she finds herself attracted to a man.”

Wendell & Wild (2022)

lesbian movies on netflix- Two animated black teenagers in uniforms stare at each other in Wendell & Wild

“This is an animated kids movie about how private prisons are way more evil than literal demons. How could I not love it??,” wrote Drew of this stop-motion adventure. “Not only does this give us a goth Black girl lead — it also has a Latino trans boy at her side. This isn’t just inclusive children’s entertainment — it’s inclusive children’s entertainment that actually engages with the realities of the people it represents.”

The Valley of a Thousand Hills (2022)

two Black women in a gorgeous field, one in a red tank top with a shaved head and the other with locks standing behind her in a yellow paisley shirt

This South African drama tells the story of a woman in a conservative village community who must choose between the husband her father chose for her or her secret true love, a woman.

Wine Country (2019)

lesbian movies on netflix - a group of women friends on a wine tour

Paula Pell plays “a lesbian antique shop owner from Portland with a new set of knees and thirst for love” in this film Heather described as ” improv funny and physical comedy funny and sight gag funny and punny funny — and  a story about how sometimes our little personality quirks can only be distilled into their truest form and made manifest as our lurking anxieties and insecurities and maladaptive coping mechanisms when we’re in the company of the women who love us best and most.” Also, Cherry Jones is in it!

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  1. Marine Story gets a lot of, not hate exactly, but dislike on this site. I do understand and recognize that it’s objectively kind of a mess, but I’m bizarrely and ridiculously fond of it. Maybe I was just so conditioned to believe that lesbian stories didn’t get happy endings that I’ve gotten ridiculously over-attached to the first movie I saw which did?

    • I actually really enjoyed A Marine Story. It’s a slow burn and at times, predictable, but did provide insight into being gay and being military (sure, it happened on the L Word). The central relationship of this film is frustrating and the ending is …
      BUT I felt like the acting was believable and the feelings throughout were real!!

    • Thanks for the list, it’s much appreciated especially now that we are all stuck at home here in Italy.
      I just don’t understand the enthusiasm for Daddy Issues; I watched it with high expectations when it was first reviewed here by Drew and it’s SO BAD, literally one of the worst movies I’ve ever watched

  2. I second Dope! I watched it on a whim not realizing there’d be a lesbian character in it and loved it. I wish we’d seen more of Diggy and Big, but I feel like wanting a movie to be longer is never really a bad thing.

    Life Partners is my guilty pleasure movie, I’m kind of embarrassed by how much I love it. Although I kind of wish the queer character hadn’t been played by Leighton Meester, I liked the character story arc much more than the acting. Gillian Jacobs is amazing though.

    Next time I want to have a lot of feelings I’m going to watch the Edie documentary.

  3. fwiw, I am sort of partial to I’ve Heard the Mermaids Singing, because I was pretty cheeseball for Patricia Rozema in college (When Night is Falling!) and I learned about it from that book Cunt about Movies In Which Women Don’t Get Raped, and for sure, it’s not very good for reasons of gayness, but I do love a weird, daydreamy character just like, exploring her sense of self as an artist. It also has Ann Marie McDonald when she’s like 19, and it just slays me.

    I think it just reminds me of your weird earnest friend who shows you a long, long slideshow of her trip to Prague but all her pictures are close-ups of rocks and the weird reflective surfaces of buildings. I think I’ve projected my desire for the emotional fullfilment of every weirdo onto her story though- like she wants so much to be impressive and worldly, and she just can’t manage! she tries to lick the warm handtowel in a Japanese restaurant! it just kills me!

    • I am also a huge fan of I’ve Heard the Mermaids Singing, for some of the same reasons–I love Patricia Rozema and I like it’s quirky art-focused theme, and the fact that there are 3 queer women without a lot of identity angst meant a lot to me at a particular point in time.

      Also the image of showing the art as pure light just works like magic for me–it’s a great image of what art can be without imposing personal taste.

    • Therer are 7 films from this list (the recommended ones) that you can watch on Netflix Germany:

      Game Face
      Blue is the warmest color
      Your sister’s sister
      Breaking the girls

      Quite disappointing, I’d say.

      There is also:

      Lost and delirious
      Girl, interrupted

      And from the not recommended ones:

      Anatomy of a love seen
      Chasing Amy

  4. I haven’t been sleeping well lately, so I planned on Tuesday to drink a vat of Sleepytime Tea and go to bed early. Naturally my wife and I ended up awake until 12 am watching CONTRACTED instead. We’re fans of scary movies, and this one was frankly disgustingly scary – and a very good cautionary tale against sleeping with men ;) It definitely doesn’t deserve to be top tier on this list, but it wasn’t the worst horror movie I’ve ever seen. It’s one of those kind of so-gross-and-bad-it’s-good movies. Like Zombeavers. (You’re welcome if you haven’t heard about that gem before.)

    • I agree that this is a gross movie (the very first scene, the rape scene and then the last scene with the guy X.X) and the dialogue is very “off”.

      But don’t judge me when I say that I find Samantha very intriguing (Her liking purple-purple phone, bedsheets and flowers are a plus!) and I think of her when I’m listening to Zombie Girl’s music <3 lol ;)

  5. I read this, got really excited, bookmarked it, and was already dreaming of many cosy evenings to come–but then was heartbroken to realise that a lot of these (a lot of the most interesting sounding ones!) are not available for Netflix UK. Instead, they just keep recommended I watch Perfect Ending and Bound.

    • Nope. Eva Green is one of my favs. Tropes don’t bother me. I’m a terrible lesbian. I’ll admit it. I don’t find things offensive like others do – I just want to watch my fav actors/actresses. I seem to watch this a few times a year, just for Eva. Penny Dreadful – although not gay per se, was my fav Eva Green anything.

  6. Um, EXCUSE ME, Jenny’s Wedding is an instant classic, easily one of my top 5 favorite lesbian movies of all time. I honestly love it to death.

    But also, this is a very very impressive article, good job and thank you.

  7. I so needed this!!!!!!!!!

    EEEk, so many favorite movies to re-watch (Dope, Pariah, Mosquita y Mari <— EVERYONE SEE THESE MOVIES, along with Frida, Rent, Paris is Burning)

    So many movies I've always wanted to catch up on (Tangerine, Sand Dollar, Stud Life)

    Let me just say, I'm sort of jealous that I don't live in Canada and therefore can't watch "Saving Face", "Pride", or "Circumstance" whenever I want :( If you live in Canada (or the UK) watch those movies, too!

    Love this list! Thanks for doing the research for us, Riese!

    • *Nods* I really wish there was a Goth girl lesbian movie but no cheesiness, please!

      Also, I have to add the only thing I liked about “The Guest House” was that white and black top and black glasses that guest was wearing! Oh! And that black skirt, underbust corset with a black muscle shirt and the purple stockings. But that’s honestly it x.x

  8. Omg… I feel wounded (wounded!) that The Fish Child isn’t included on this list!!? It’s this amazing completely gay Argentinian drama about 2 girls in love and one (the main character’s indigenous housekeeper) gets accused of murder. Racism and class have a huge role in this film but never in a heavy handed way. It’s beautifully shot, passionate, romantic, and very unique. I’d recommend it everyone.

  9. Fun fact about 52 Tuesdays: the film was only filmed on tuesdays over the course of a year! So the progression of the characters has an authenticity to it which is really interesting. Also, I sat behind the main character (James) in my first year of gender studies and they would always glare at me if I ate in class and I found them to be quite terrifying actually. But it’s a good movie if only because it always reminds me so much of home.

    • To clarify, I don’t think Miss G’s sexuality is ever established, but IMO they were definitely playing on the predatory LGB trope when they had her molest Fiamma.

      But once again… SAVING FACE! I saw a pic of the main cast at a 10 year reunion and I swear they didn’t age a day, those assholes. Not that I’m bitter or anything…

  10. What about Jack & Diane? True there is the very random and ridiculous werewolf thing, but it isn’t prominent and if you can get past it, the movie is really cute. Plus side, it actually features an androgynous/more tomboy type character which I don’t usually see in the typical lesbian and bisexual films. I’m pretty sure it’s streaming in the US and Canada.

  11. I saw Pariah (thanks to the AS recommendation a while back), 52 Tuesdays, and Tangerine in theaters and all were excellent. Also a big fan of Kyss Mig, RENT, The Kids are Alright and Blue is the Warmest Color. Looking forward to watching Dope and Life Partners soon! Thanks for the list.

  12. ‘ One of our Autostraddle Plus members requested a post about all the streaming lesbian-related films on Netflix and so here I am, delivering my deliverable to one of our many VIPs. ‘ !!!!! <333

    Is this the best thing ever to come home to after a long, stressful day of classes? Almost definitely. And just in time for spring break, too. AUTOSTRADDLE'S TOO GOOD TO ME.

  13. So here’s where I disagree:
    -Girltrash is great fun, not just ok! Boy Meets Girl is also pretty good.
    -Room in Rome I absolutely love
    -Tru Love and A Perfect Ending aren’t very good

    But agree on everything else. Unfortunately Netflix Australia has only the not very good films!

  14. I saw kiss me and thought it was good, but not great. I think the plot is a bit played out like a romantic comedy, though I don’t think it was suppose to be one? I’m not to familiar with Swedish humor.

    I very much will disagree with you on Room In Rome, I thought it was done well, and reasonably accurate at times. I suggested it to a friend(partially cause it’s a queer film in Spanish) and she said after watching it with her partner she had an even better night.

    I am not sure if it’s still streaming(only saw it on the dvd option in the US netflix), but Amiee and Jaguar was a powerful and really sad movie. It’s about a queer Jewish woman who falls in love with German woman who plans to be engaged to a German solder/SS during WWII. Not something to watch alone.

    Also, not sure if it’s on Netflix still, but there is My Summer of Love, staring Emily Blunt, and set in the UK. The movie has an air of creepiness(can’t fully explain it, but I had British queer agree). Saw it twice partially cause it’s Emily Blunt and another actress(forgot her name), being cute at time, and partially cause I couldn’t figure out why it’s creepy.

    Elena Undone(is still on Netflix), and found the movie for the most part to be typical, straight woman married with kids who’s husband is a homophobic priest. She falls in love with a lesbian, and leaves the husband. It had an air of cheesiness to it. Only good thing about that movie was the love making scene was better than average.

  15. I love how this list includes the only okay and the pretty crappy movies as well as the actually good ones. Watching bad lesbian movies on Netflix was definitely part of how I came out to myself.

    • Wait… it’s the Gay and Lesbian genre and if you click on Subgenre, you can pick between like romance, documentaries, comedies, etc. I think it’s just movies, though, and not shows.

      My wife and I like to watch all the queer content, so we watch a lot of terrible stuff on Netflix. ;)

  16. The Kids Are Alright’s “happy ending” pissed me off to be honest. I didn’t think it was earned as I did not believe that those two should have stayed together or learned anything at all. Neither of them seemed happy in their relationship. And a good portion of that film is spent on Jules’ affair with a man, complete with graphic sex scenes. That alone is enough for me to not recommend to anyone who is specifically looking to watch a “Lesbian movie”.

    I’ve seen a good portion of the movies on this list. Though I wish Pride were on Netflix US. I still haven’t seen it yet.

    My highest recommendations go to Pariah, Tig, and Paris Is Burning.

  17. Absolutely, hands down, adored Tig and Edie & Thea. A+, 5 stars.

    For The Bible Tells Me So was critical to setting myself free from the hypocritical beliefs of my *christian* friends & myself. Instead of building a faith, I’d built a cell with long stints in solitary confinement, battling with my internalized homophobia. The silver lining? Instead of looking to a higher power, I started to identify my own power and ironically, have a stronger faith than ever.

  18. We accidentally stumbled across Girltrash one night and it took an entire bottle of wine to get through it. What a terrible, weird movie. But it inspired us to tell everyone about it, which led to a queer movie night watching one about space alien lesbians filmed in black and white that used to be on Netflix? And then we wanted to watch more SO THIS LIST IS PERFECT. Thank you!

    • Girltrash is a follow-up to a webseries from 2007 i think, the initial story involves bar fights, stolen money, mafiosi and lots of threats and running. It’s really funny (i mean, i like it a lot). When i first saw what they did with the feature, i thought what the hell?! That’s why Rose Rollins’ character is so mad all the time: it comes from the initial storyline. I’m not sure why they decided to make Coby come out and the whole story revolve around that since in the webseries, she has a girlfriend and they actually both get kidnapped by Rose Rollins… I never watched “codependent…” cause that one always seemed weird to me but maybe i should!

  19. I had been waiting for another list like this, and then it hit me . . . that moment when you realize you’ve already seen (or half-watched/attempted) most of these and you must wait patiently for more lesbian movies to actually be made.

  20. I am absolutely thrilled with this list………..I’ve seen just a few SO FAR
    I have Netflix and Hulu…I’m old enough to remember when our DOB group
    didn’t get all our mail because it homosexuality was considered pornographic.
    Now to have all these films at our fingertips….glad I lived to see the day

  21. Summer of Sangaile (which I saw in the theatre) was TERRIBLE, and I say this as someone who =actually is a fan of international art movies with minimal plot; it’s just a bad example of the genre.

  22. “All Cheerleaders Die” is a horror/comedy (kind of in the vein of “Tucker and Dale vs. Evil” but a little darker) that has two lesbians – the main character and her ex-girlfriend who is a witch. There are sapphic hookups, and the monster of the movie is a football player who is the paragon of toxic masculinity and misogyny. It’s awesome and I can’t recommend it enough – especially because no one seems to have ever heard of it.

  23. Kissing Jessica Stein!

    My wife and I love that movie. I know it catches a lot of flack, but I honestly love how all of the characters grow and evolve; sexuality is part of that but not all of it. The scene with Jessica and her mom (played flawlessly by Tovah Feldshuh) brings tears to my eyes every time!

    • Kissing Jessica Stein was so important to me and is one of my favourite movies. It was such a great portrayal of Jewishness and so natural about both Judaism and exploring your sexual identity that I wound up watching it four times in a row when I first found it.

      That scene with Jessica and her mom helped me come out to my mom, since I was so nervous of how she’d deal with it based on earlier conversations I’d had with her about some of my gay friends. Then watching Judy be so supportive and accepting of Jessica’s relationship with Helen because it made her daughter happy…it really made things easier to talk to my mom.

  24. Yesssss this is so necessary!!

    Also, I’m not being even a little bit hyperbolic when I say that Anatomy of a Love Seen is the worst movie I’ve seen in years, and maybe ever. Like, I’m generally not a super harsh critic, and I definitely wasn’t expecting it to be a masterpiece, but YIKES that was some garbage. Don’t waste your time, friends.

  25. The reality of lesbian movies is changing rapidly. The drama, story line, character. If you watch portrait of marriage you will understand. The natural reality is very interesting to watch. There are many more other lesbian movies like women’s lake, never ending and etc. that is interesting and fun to watch.

  26. the foxy merkins. it’s so totally unique and amazing. saw it at outfest la and now it’s streaming on Netflix! not everyone will like it, but if you like quirky weird comedy I think you will. lisa haas is brilliant. highly recommend.

  27. “Fucking Åmål leaves you giddy with first-love nostalgia and no Celene Dion songs stuck in your head.”

    That’s true. However, it does leave you with Robyn’s Show Me Love stuck in your head!!

  28. Warning about Blue is the Warmest Color- there’s a lot of controversy about how the director handled the sex scenes, and left the two actresses deeply uncomfortable and never wanting to work with him again. ( Also found a 2018 article that said he assaulted a 28-yo woman (

  29. Reposting this because originally I’ve accidentally posted it in an unrelated thread.

    Thanks for the list, it’s much appreciated especially now that we are all stuck at home here in Italy.
    I just don’t understand the enthusiasm for Daddy Issues; I watched it with high expectations when it was first reviewed here by Drew and it’s SO BAD, literally one of the worst movies I’ve ever watched.

    Has anyone else watched it and not liked it or is it just me?

    • Omg me neither, I just watched it last night with some friends via Netflix Party and it was just… there were a few scenes that were kind of fun, but on the whole the whole thing was really uncomfortable and bizarre. I was really disappointed; based on this list I expected it to be at least kind of good!

  30. Reposting this because originally I’ve accidentally posted it in an unrelated thread.

    Thanks for the list, it’s much appreciated especially now that we are all stuck at home here in Italy.

    I just don’t understand the enthusiasm for Daddy Issues; I watched it with high expectations when it was first reviewed here by Drew and it’s SO BAD, literally one of the worst movies I’ve ever watched.

    Has anyone else watched it and not liked it or is it just me?

  31. That review for below her mouth was really funny… And daddy issues is the only one I haven’t watched or attempted to watch before turning it off… Never heard of it, but unfortunately it is not longer on Netflix.

  32. There was a film on one of the after hours…
    2 girls ho to NYC one of their fathers had died. They are going to a party at a club, it was down an alley a private admission place, a kink club, so many many hot scenes, lesbian, gay, bongas,… it actually was like a top 10 at the time. I have been trying to figure out how to watch n it again and for the life of me cannot find the name of it.

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