NSFW Sunday

Can Lesbians REALLY Have Sex? F*ck Yeah! It’s NSFW Sunday!

Does lesbian sex even count as real sex? OBVS! We have several examples, even, and lots of opinions & tips on the topic for all ye believers. Also; cute lesbian Mila Kunis “After Sex” clip, naked ladies reading banned books, cheerleaders, Lohan’s nip slip, Loveland South Korea, and Bitchtapes sexed up mixtape. Let’s stop being polite and start getting trashwhore.

Politics + Activism

Obama’s ‘Small Victories’ for LGBTs This Week: Is It Change We Can Believe In?

The Obama Administration is making small steps towards helping the LGBT community with the Shepard Act & new initiatives from the departments of Housing and Urban Development and Health and Human Services. Also; Dan Choi gives great interview to the Metro Weekly – with tales of a childhood spent praying “Jesus, make me pop a boner for Michelle Pfeiffer, in Jesus’ name, amen!”