Jess G.’s Team Pick: Cat Uses iPad

Admit it: The real reason you bought your iPad is because your cat feels left out when you use your iPhone. His tiny paws can’t seem to type on that tiny touchscreen, so you did what any loving cat-owner would do. You bought him an iPad with its paw-friendly, giant touchscreen. Problem solved!

Society + Culture

Girls These Days: Bisexual or Lesbian, Educated and Unemployed, Raunchy but Unfunny

Today, let’s talk about why bisexuals & lesbians are popping up in big numbers on important surveys and how the American College Dream failed black graduates in the recession. Also, Vogue is combating lighter-skinned ideals of beauty in India, the conservatives are the only ones writing about the Day of Silence, and Justin Bieber is part of a lesbian conspiracy.

Pop Culture Fix

Glee Guide: Glee Returns With Extra Gay, Gaga, Madonna and Britanna

Tomorrow GLEE premieres and we have everything you need to prepare: photoshoots, air-dates, guest stars, episode summaries, musical numbers, sneak peeks, interviews about our favorite bi-curious duo Brittany & Santana, a rundown of exactly how gay GLEE is and photos of the Lady Gaga bubble dress. Rachael Hip-Flores of Anyone But Me picks up a Streamy Award, Oprah’s unauthorized bio & Coronation Street’s first lesbian kiss draws big audiences.

Politics + Activism

Potential Justice Elena Kagan Supports Gay Rights, Has Short Hair. Ruh Roh

Obama is eyeing Elena Kagan among others to replace Stevens on the Supreme Court and the lesbian rumors are a’flyin’. Oh look everyone is still mad at the Pope! Cyndi Lauper is helping gay youth in Harlem, Dan Choi brings gay Arabic linguist wisdom to Texas A&M, protests in LA. Also, the search for justice for the Aligarh Muslim University professor, and should gay employers be out to their employees?

Pop Culture Fix

We Love Tina Fey’s Sarah Palin Impression More Than Anyone Loves Sarah Palin

We love nothing more than Tina Fey being Sarah Palin, amirite? Well, we have an infographic to prove it. Constance McMillen has now been invited to more queer-inclusive proms than we were aware existed, Lady Gaga tells you about safe sex, and her stalker fans tell you about her dressing room. Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann are huge lezzies, selling cars to gays, gay priests in Utah, NEWSIES MUSICAL and oh, Tila Tequila.