Lesbian Comedian Erin Foley: The Autostraddle Interview

Erin Foley’s shooting star of comic fame has been skyrocketing through the night air, perhaps you’ve noticed & laughed? We sit down with Erin on the Sweet Cruise to talk about her TV projects, new relationship, feeling like she’s in a good spot career-wise, Facebook, and her upcoming Lifetime Achievement Award.

Politics + Activism

Lesbian Soldier Denied DADT Discharge Wins Appeal in Canada! Oh Canada!

In October we interviewed Skyler James, a lesbian soldier denied the DADT discharge she expected when outed — she wanted you to know the true story of her appeal to Canada for asylum. Today, we’re happy to report her success! Also; San Fran tells feds to back off and let it grant benefits to same sex couples, gay panic will be cited in Mercado case and NY looks ahead for same-sex marriage.


Metric Australia: Audiostraddle Concert Review

Canadian rockers Metric finally bring their powerful, crowd-pleasing synth rock to Australia. Indie heart-throb Emily Haines wins over a hardcore Melbourne crowd with smoking hotness and idiosyncratic dance moves, requests a spliff and receives candy instead. Audiostraddle’s contributing writer Isabelle takes us there.

Pop Culture

Lohan’s Ex-BFF “Lesbian Don Juan” Courtenay Semel Covers Curve Mag

Courtney Semel will grace the December cover of Curve magazine asking “Is she the most wanted lesbian in Hollywood?” (ahem) Also; Adam Lambert’s album is streaming online, Paris Hilton is looking for Kate Moennig on Twitter while watching TLW, Ro&Kelli aren’t giving up the business, Lindsay Lohan created a TV show, vintage Gaga, Autostraddle interviews Jill Bennett & Cathy DeBuono. ETA Carmen Electra lesbian sex tape leaked.

Pop Culture

Open Letter to Adam Lambert from the Lesbians

There’s SO much drama right now about your alleged unwillingness to be gay on the cover of OUT magazine, Adam Lambert!. Gay men have so many feelings, cats, candles and guitars, don’t they? Well, take the train to Lezzieville Adam Lambert Fan HQ where we’ve got an offer you just can’t refuse.

Society + Culture

Sarah Palin Lies (& Loves Glenn Beck), Double X Folds, Women Bare 40% and Feminism Allegedly Won?

WHAT A DAY FOR THE LADIES! Mr. Buckingham Palace thinks feminism has triumphed because men have all turned into little girls who like to sing their way into our heart. Double X folds, Sarah Palin lies, Oprah talks porn, Sarah Haskins will protect you and new research suggests ladies should bare 40% of their bodies for optimum sex appeal, so roll up those cargo shorts!