So Much Drama! – Top Ten Lesbionic Theatrical Experiences

We thought this would be easier — the hardest part, we imagined, would be coming up with just ten. Surely if we thought really hard, wikipedia’ed (we expected a “lesbian characters in plays” list of some sort to appear … it did not), checked out the glbtq encyclopedia and googled some shit, we’d be rushing to narrow down the contenders by Sunday afternoon. I mean, there’s Maureen & Joanne from RENT, to start with. And then … um.


Beat on the Street: Stef-on-Kaki King

“Well, a friend of mine saw me playing at some point and said, ‘You know, it’d be interesting if you took paint and put it on your fingers and and left a mark of where your fingers traveled on the guitar.’ … I kind of took this idea for a minute and thought well, OK.. That was the first seed planted.”

RODEO DISCO on June 28th!

The ladies of are just so excited to announce our very first RODEO DISCO party at Mason-Dixon (133 Essex St, on the Lower East Side of NYC) on June 28th, the last day of NYC Pride! In celebration of the newest hottest website for girl-on-girl culture, RODEO DISCO will feature sexy cowgirls, appropriately thematic […]

TV Lists

Top Ten Feats of Lesbian-Storyline-Television Endurance

“We’ll comb desperately and hungrily through minutes upon minutes of storylines we don’t care about on shows we’ve never seen before — aliens! middle schoolers! telenovelas! big brother 10! — to reach the two-minute morsel we care about more than we probably should: the holy grail of promised homosexual content.”