Howard Stern & Sandra Bernhard Talk Real L Word, Kate Moennig Crushes

It was a big day to be gay and a Howard Stern fan.

While Howard gave up on The Real L Word after his initial review, his wife Beth Ostrosky continued watching and pretty much loves it. So, here we have Howard’s second review of TRLW and it looks he may be a convert. He seems fascinated by Whitney‘s apparent standing as “the gay prize” since all the girls are after her and riffs about her “red wings” for a bit. He obviously missed our “Is It Sex?” flowchart cause he’s still confused by “lesbian fucking” and says the show isn’t answering any of his questions.

Sandra Bernhard & partner Sara Switzer

Sandra Bernhard & partner Sara Switzer

Comedian Sandra Bernhard was the guest today so they got down to business and compared notes on the finer points of the latest episode (Sandra would NOT have sex with a woman on her period, just FYI). Howard’s wife Beth was a huge fan of The L Word (OG) and he used to make sporadic references to her leaving him for Shane. Beth swings by the studio later in the interview and reveals that Howard once invited Kate Moennig to come on the show so Beth could meet her but she turned it down (probs was nervous about being outed?). Of course, Sandra has no problem doing just that 5 seconds later.  There’s also a super weird moment where Sandra is about to mention Nikki & Jill but Howard freaks out and prevents her from mentioning Nikki’s name. INTERESTING. They also comment that Sandra’s long time girlfriend, Sara, looks like Tracy (lucky ducky). Overall, Beth loves the show and Sandra was bored, though she found the wedding dress shopping to be sweet.

Later, a caller brings up Lindsay Lohan and Sandra weighs in on bad parenting and hopes Lindsay can have a “renaissance” after this is all over. Remember when we asked Sandra if she had any advice for Lindsay & Samantha? That was fun.

LISTEN to Howard Stern & Sandra Bernhard chat about lesbian sex & The Real L Word:

[this audio combines several different conversations from the same day, forgive the splicing!]

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  1. There’s something I really, really love about Sandra Bernard.
    I’m happy she doesn’t fly that red airline.
    Biggest turn-off ever.

    • If your girl is wearing a tampon, where is the issue with oral sex? I don’t get it. There’s no mess.
      It helps relieve her cramping, too.

    • i dont see red wings as a turn off.. personally i dont think i would ever be able to go down while a girl was bleeding, and i dont think i could ever let someone go down on me during that time.. but who knows.. I mean YEARS ago i said i would never kiss a girl and here i am gayer than ever lol

    • OMG, do it now. I listen every day and the show has gotten exponentially better since he’s gone to Sirius. Can’t even compare.

  2. Love seeing some lesbian Stern fans. I don’t think I’ve missed a show since he’s been on Sirius and I’ve been a fan for about 10 years now. I love that you always cover the show Jess!

    I still don’t think he’s that into the TRLW, but I also think he’s intrigued by it.

    RE: “There’s also a super weird moment where Sandra is about to mention Nikki & Jill but Howard freaks out and prevents her from mentioning Nikki’s name. INTERESTING.”

    He doesn’t know any of these women. Sandra and Howard have a mutual friend named Jill who’s kind of a NYC socialite who makes tv appearances sometimes (no, not the “housewife” either). Perhaps he thought Sandra was going to give something away about her.

    Also, when Howard and Robin were talking about lesbian sex it sounded like neither of them had ever had sex before or understand anything concerning the female anatomy. It was weird.

    • I need to find a fellow gay Stern fan to run away with so I can be done dating already. Hi Jen, call me!

  3. eh nice one Sandra nice (outing)
    and the ‘Rasta’ hah

    Thanks for editing the show! I like Stern and the way he interviews, well sometimes

  4. So Sandra outed Kate Moening?… PLEASE KATE COME OUT OF THE OVERSIZED CLOSET! :) I love you

  5. You guys, my mom used to be BFFs with Howard Stern. Like they used to go to Bruce Springsteen concerts together and everything.

    I don’t really know what that means for me but I think I should get them to reunite and then I can invite a different member of my lesbian posse to be on every show. Lesbian takeover!!

  6. Katherine Moennig is gay? I thought she was straight.

    Love Howard Stern have since my awkward first watching of Private Parts. Him and Robin are a lot of fun. Did anyone ever watch the TV show? I remember watching it with my parents.

  7. 5.) Howard Stern talked on his show about his fiancee having a crush on you and your character. Have you heard about that? How do you feel about it? Would you go on his show if he asked you?
    Katherine: yeah, i did hear about the howard stern show. i think it’s flattering i was brought up. i think howard stern is a genius. i used to listen to him all the time. but if i was to go on his show, that would be crossing a personal line with me. i’m just too private and shy.

    .. I found this on some L word fansite where Kate was asked alot of questions by fans hmmm

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