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Laneia’s Team Pick: International Obscura Day

Hello weirdos. According to Atlas Obscura, today is International Obscura Day, which means you need to pack a lunch or an afternoon snack and leave your house in search of local weirdness and wonder. Actual events are being held in Brooklyn, San Francisco, Vancouver and like, 77 other cities (but not Phoenix, in case you […]

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Lady Gaga: We’re Born Gay & Homosexiness is Telephone’s Most Bestest Aspect

Constance McMillen is on the Ellen Show and we’ve got video! Lady Gaga talks to an Australian radio show about “Telephone” and exhaustion (and the podcast is advertised as her “gay revelation”?) Also; Kristen Stewart & Dakota Fanning are adorbs, The Lost Boys, Joss Whedon fans’ sex advice, pretty ugly girls, slut-shaming McGee and A Wrinkle in Time.


SXSW 2010 Captain’s Log #1: Hipster Spring Break Begins

Music blogger and SxSW warrior Stef has descended on the music capital of the world to bring us full reports on the happenings and hype acts of this year’s South by Southwest music festival. Highlights from Day 1 include Roky Erickson, the Muffs, the Depreciation Guild, Zoë Keating, and Audiostraddle favorite Hesta Prynn.

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Catholic Church Lets Sex Abusers Guide Children, But Not Gay Parents?

A new round of sex scandals rock the church while the church fights to keep its anti-gay adoption policies and prevent the child of gays from attending its pre-school. Jon Stewart & “Deliver Us From Evil” report. Also; the trouble with the media’s take on the troubles of black women, clinical trials leave out glbts, ‘zines, is twitter a girl, gearing up for dinah shore weekend & a new LGBT Center in Long Beach, New York.

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Coming Soon: Constance on Ellen, Real L Word, Chloe’s Lesbian Sex Scene, Glambert & Gaga Together?

Ellen DeGeneres invites Constance McMillen to her show and Cat Cora speaks out to support Constance. No one believes the guy who says he booked Adam Lambert & Lady Gaga for a launch party at the local park. Johnny Weir is a tough man to track down, are Glambert & Gaga performing together, Tina Fey in Esquire magazine, a new lesbian sci-fi flick, The Real L Word sets a debut date, Ellen Von Unwerth’s lesbo-sexy music video, Jennifer Coolidge, Kathy Griffin and Ugly Betty’s gay kiss.

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Gay Prom Update: ACLU Schedules Hearing. Also Constance McMillen’s Mom is Gay!!!

In a radio interview, Constance mentions that her Mom is gay and also talks about how the response online has warmed her while classmates have been hostile. Also: big boobs do not a “curvy model” make, the case for girl geeks, Miss England trades swimsuits for sports, Karl Lagerfeld hates gay marriage, Tampon ads come back around, and a woman coaches football.

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Queer the Census: Be Counted or Pay the Price, Homos.

Get a sticker and queer the census, or go without education and health care. Just saying, it’s up to you. Patraeus says the time has come to repeal DADT. Also; just like kids in middle school, more and more seniors are daring to come out as queer or trans. Even more legal analysis of the Prop 8 trial and what it all means! Plus, a lesbian couple was granted a marriage license in CA because of regressive gender laws, and you can get married at Mt. Everest!

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Telephone’s “Lesbian Prisonyard Girlfriend” on Kissing Gaga, Queer Media, Gender & Being Hawt

Out magazine talks to Lady Gaga’s lesbian jailyard girlfriend, performance artist Heather Cassils, about kissing Gaga (‘intense’), butch/femme, trans, gender identity, performance art & everything you care about. If you’re wondering what Tila Tequila is up to these days, we’ve got an update. Plus, Tegan & Sara talk to Mother Jones about Adam Lambert, Lady Gaga is trying to brainwash you into joining the Illuminati, “Chloe” premiered last night, more outcry over Skins, and Adam Lambert is in Japan.