VIDEO: Vee From “Orange Is The New Black” Sneaking Up On People

This season, Orange is the New Black introduced us to Vee, an unstoppable sociopath who shook up the power dynamic of Litchfield in a major way. She was the perfect villain — cool, calculating, manipulative and seemingly un-fuck-with-able.

Unfortunately, after a while I found it really hard to take Vee seriously, because she is constantly eeeevilly slipping in and out of hallways like some kind of malevolent Buster Bluth from Arrested Development. Those prison shoes look pretty clunky, but somehow nobody ever hears Vee coming. From what I understand, some people read a lot of poetry in prison, some people find religion, and some spend their entire sentence creepin’ on their enemies from shadowy hiding places in the prison halls.

It took a lot less time than you’d think to assemble this supercut, which is notable mostly because of the menacing cowboy standoff music they use every time someone comes across Vee. She must just stand there all day glaring into space until one of her marks comes around that corner.

If you haven’t watched Season 2 yet, this clip does contain spoilers. Also this season happened months ago, who even are you?

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  1. for some reason I assumed the video would be Vee sneaking up on random people just in the street. that would be funny.

  2. Watching Lorraine Toussaint as Vee and then immediately after that as Lena’s loving mum on the Fosters really messed with my head… I feel like I can never trust her again, ever.

  3. He he! Ace. And yeah…I found it hard to take Vee seriously too for the same reasons. It was all just a leeeetle overdone.

  4. Wow, I totally underestimated how much time Vee spends lurking, and did not notice the cowboy music, and now I will need to rewatch this season and play a game of ‘spot Vee lurking’.

  5. My favorite one is when she just appears in the kitchen when Gloria is going into the freezer. She should have a puff of smoke like a magician.

  6. Lorraine Toussaint is a wonderful actress. I wish they’d had a better character for her to portray. I personally found the entire character of Vee and her storyline simplistically written and just too much a stereotypical villain. Moreover, her death at the end of season two was little more than audience manipulation. There was no complexity to her death… we were all supposed to go “yaay” (which I did as well). But ultimately, I thought focusing on her and even her relationship to the other members of her crew (Black Cindy, Sue and Taystee) just never mined exactly why she had so much power over them, especially Taystee, who, if anything, should have been extremely suspicious of her knowing her to be a very two-faced person. Didn’t buy it and wasn’t moved by it.

    • AGREE. The ending was such a cheap shot it was hard to find it particularly satisfying, even though I know it was meant to be. I was particularly confused by Janae’s diehard loyalty to her.

      This video makes me so happy though.

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