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GLAAD Said “Let There Be Gay,” and GLAAD Saw ‘Valentine’s Day’ and It Was Good

Glaad says Valentine’s Day is secretly gay, The Real World DC mini-recap, Out Media’s $10K contest for college queers (you could win!), Modern Family’s gay dad interviewed, Rihanna heats bisexual rumors, Porita behind-the-scenes, Gaga & Cyndi Lauper continue their talk show tour and talk about their gay followings, Ellen will be dancing on TV for 3 more years, best Single Ladies parody ever, LiLo misses her flight, Melissa Etheridge’s new album, and Janeane Garofalo dream job on 30 Rock.

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Lady Gaga & Cyndi Lauper Talk Safe Sex on Good Morning America (BAM!)

On Good Morning America to promote Mac’s VIVA/GLAM lipstick (all profits going to MAC Viva GLAM AIDS fund), Lady Gaga & Cyndi Lauper stay on topic about the importance of safe sex for gay & straight women. Also; suggested changes to the DSM V are OUT!, wanna be sexy Elmo for Halloween, shopping for love, sexism by the numbers, nuns go all Salt’n’Pepa on Oprah, and feminism at school.

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DADT: Dan Choi Back on Active Duty, Lissa Young Talks to AS, Black Women Disproportionately Affected

It’s DADT News, and we’ve got good news and bad news. Dan Choi has been called back to active duty! Yes, really! Autostraddle catches up with DADT discharge Lissa Young for her reaction to last week’s hearing (“exhilarating and infuriating.”) Study shows black women disproportionately discharged under DADT (and the affects of all anti-gay laws hit the black community harder). Also; Iowans and New Jersey on gay marriage actions/reactions, Rhode Island’s gay marriage bill and more on Judge Walker.


Sci-Fi Oscar Noms, EA Sports’ Superbowl Prediction & Mass Effect 2’s Gay Hullabaloo

The virtual Saints and the real Saints win the Superbowl! The Oscars go wild for science-fiction for some reason! And we all continue to puzzle over the future/present/past of Lost. The show, and the characters. And like, the semi-abstract conceptions of time. Also; gay gamers, the facebook makeover, dinosaurs, a new iPad in the works? and excuses to buy more video games. And more.

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Portia De Rossi’s ‘Advocate’ Cover Story: ‘I Feel Like My Life Can Stand for Something.’

Portia De Rossi is on the cover of The Advocate with a fantastic in-depth interview, discussing topics including her marriage, equal rights advocacy, career aspirations and her new willingness to speak openly about her private life. Also! St.Vincent, behind the scenes of Skins and Lily Loveless interview, Chloe trailer, lesbian Desperate Housewives, Rihanna music video shoot, Lady Gaga’s telephone video, Vanity Fair responds to the WOC issue (not well), Justin TImberlake loves gender stereotypes, 40 sexiest videos, Jersey Shore and so! much! more!