Glee Mini-Recap – Episode 107: Throwdown

The Lynch can do no wrong and she OWNED this episode. The spit flies on Glee this week, as Sue and Will face off over control of the Glee club, Terri continues to fake her pregnancy, Quinn has to deal with the ramifications of hers, and Emma is tragically nowhere to be found.


Sister Spit’s New Generation of Queer Poets & Rebels: The Autostraddle Interview

In 1997, Michelle Tea and Sini Anderson started Sister Spit – a spoken word tour full of the best queer writers and poets around. Twelve years later, Sister Spit: The Next Generation is taking over the world/my heart. On October 5, the tour came to Phoenix and I interviewed them for you, which is actually a big deal because it was the first face-to-face interview I’ve ever done and I was scared, y’all.