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We the Jury Find in Favor of Autostraddlers, to the Amount of 20 Comment Awards!

You’ve all been so patient through 2 hours of Autostraddle downtime, the constant standing applause during Obama’s State of the Union address, and days & days of Prop 8 trial testimony. Well, you can finally rest now – it’s Hey Did You See That Comment Friday! The court hereby orders that you accept these Autostraddle comment awards, effective immediately.

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Laura’s Team Pick: Rent a Movie

As much as I love Netflix, their recommendation system doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me [a documentary about Crips and Bloods has been on my front page for days. ?.] What To Rent asks you a bunch of weird questions and then gives you pretty much exactly what you’re looking for. There’s […]

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J.D. Salinger, 91, Dies: All Eyes On the Literary Recluse Who Despised Our Eyes

J.D. Salinger, author of “Catcher in the Rye” and legendary recluse, dies of natural causes at the age of 91. Will death kill his well-cultivated privacy? How do we honor our literary idols using the same media machine employed to vaporize/idolize our dead celebrities & rock stars? Will we get to read all his unpublished books now? Why do some people feel entitled to that, or anything, from anyone who has passed away, ever?


King Kong Don’t Have Nothing Over EZ Girl: The Autostraddle Interview

Jess talks to polarizing musician Elizabeth Ziff: “Honestly, I’m queer more than I am gay. I’m peripheral. I’ve never been conformist, I’ve never been status quo, it’s never even entered my brain. I’ve been in a band for 25 years, that’s what I’ve done. Traveled the world, fucked, got wasted, been political, and created.”


Rosie O’Donnell on Howard Stern (FULL AUDIO): ‘Hitachi Magic Wand Could Numb Vital Organs.’

Listen to the full audio of Howard Stern asking Rosie O’Donnell the questions Oprah would never dream of (including sex toy chat) on their Sirius simulcast, Sara Quin producing Hesta Prynn’s solo album, Kristen Stewart is twitchy indie it girl, Joy Behar starts a shitstorm by declaring gays aren’t monogamous, Mo’Nique says the Church and God loves the gays, Lance Bass goes Glambert, gay Mad Men actor/character is gone for good.

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Day 12 of Prop 8 Gay Marriage Trial: On the Last Day, The Other Side Epically Failed

It’s the very last day! And Blackenhorn continues to dig his own grave; defending polygamy and generally being a petulant h8er: “I feel like there must be some secret clause in legal proceedings that when someone says something this f*cking stupid, they automatically forfeit the case for their team. Like losing the Snitch. The polygamous Snitch.”

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Jennifer Beals is Overall Better at Life Than You, Prettier, More Holistic

Jennifer Beals shares tips for heavenly living, we play photohunt! Sundance darling The Kids Are Alright features Annette Bening and Julianne Moore playing a lesbian couple, Tracy Ullman does Rachel Maddow and Lady Gaga raises $ for Haiti. Bring it On has so many straight-to-video sequels, why is it such a smash hit? Plus, is indie dead? Will anyone agree to be in a Real L Word scene besides the cast? Will Queen Latifah adopt a child or three from Haiti?

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Canada Votes Lucas Silveria Sexiest Man, Trans Kids Hurting in US Schools (#goodnewsverybadnews)

Lucas Silveira nabbed Sexiest Man in ChartAttack’s 2009 Awards. New research confirms existing research about harsh realities for trans and gender-nonconforming youth in US Schools. Obama might talk about DADT in the State of the Union tomorrow. The Moscow mayor thinks gay pride parades are Satanic. The HRC tells you where to work. And Chicago might appoint a lez to the city council.

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Rosie O’Donnell Does Oprah, Will Do Dinah Shore, Also Meredith Baxter’s Coming!

Dinah Shore has announced Rosie O’Donnell will headline their comedy night, Meredith Baxter will make an appearance, and Autostraddle will be participating in a Battle of the Lesbian Webseries! Plus, Rosie was adorbs and inspiring on Oprah yesterday, we’ve got video. MGMT gets inspiration from Gaga, Celeb Jihad thinks Taylor Swift is a lesbian (it’s a joke, get it!!), and Sarah Haskins is leaving Target: Women!