Comics 101: The First Step Is Admitting You Have A Problem

Have you ever wanted to read comic books but found yourself a) overwhelmed, b) intimidated or c-g) five kinds of confused? We lay it all out for you, kind of like a railroad magnate would. But he’d be laying railroad track, and we’re layin’ knowledge and we’re a layin’ it about comic books. So check it out– get schooled about the comic book, the graphic novel, the comic strip and that wily beast the webcomic.

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Anti-Gay Senator Ashburn got Outed, Apologized, Promises to Change. For Us. Really.

Join us as we gape open-mouthed at Senator Roy Ashburn’s homosexual 360, and think about the ramifications of observing Memorial Day while DADT is still in effect. Also, a new gay travel site, a lesbian confirmed to the South California District Court in San Diego, Tammy Baldwin is splitting with her partner, and Mary Cheney is supporting a homophobic candidate.

Arts + Pop Culture

Chely Wright on Ellen: Why We Love Watching Out Celebs Meet Ellen DeGeneres

Chely Wright was interviewed last week on Ellen, gets teary, talks about Ellen’s Mom, and we take a look at why Ellen’s show has been so important for out celebs, and why Ellen, like Oprah, succeeds because of her “outsider” status, not in spite of it. Everyone is having a fabulous time this Sunday Funday! Librarians are covering Lady Gaga songs while she’s hanging around British pubs, Neil Patrick Harris is surprising his boyfriend with awesome parties, a brief gay pride parade happens successfully in Moscow, the “first modern lesbian” will get her time in the spotlight, and Gawker would like to talk to you about prescription medication.

NSFW Sunday

Coming Out Erotica NSFW Sunday Book Club & Other Naked Girls, Sex Menus fu

Laneia reviews Coming Out Erotica from Clies Press and I kinda wanna buy it/borrow it now: “Am I getting sappy about erotica? Should you read this book? Am I ovulating? YES.” Plus, gay men don’t feel comfty kissing in public but do you? sexy facebook alert, alien cunt something, and stop having sex while you’re driving, or at least use a hands-free device, hot photoshoots, sexy godsgirls, and guess her muff!

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Newsweek Confirms Inability to Talk About Gay People

Newsweek does a story about LGBT retirement communities, which are filled with Indian Chiefs, flower arrangers, and sexual minorities. Also, Colin Farrell talks to Ellen Degeneres about anti-gay bullying, Douglas Coupland donates his papers, Jezebel talks feminism and Sarah Palin, there’s a new film about virginity that you’ll probably want to watch, and the future of online news!