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Telephone’s “Lesbian Prisonyard Girlfriend” on Kissing Gaga, Queer Media, Gender & Being Hawt

Out magazine talks to Lady Gaga’s lesbian jailyard girlfriend, performance artist Heather Cassils, about kissing Gaga (‘intense’), butch/femme, trans, gender identity, performance art & everything you care about. If you’re wondering what Tila Tequila is up to these days, we’ve got an update. Plus, Tegan & Sara talk to Mother Jones about Adam Lambert, Lady Gaga is trying to brainwash you into joining the Illuminati, “Chloe” premiered last night, more outcry over Skins, and Adam Lambert is in Japan.

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Lady Gaga Announces New US Tour Dates, Has Basically Taken Over the Internet Today

Heaps of Lady Gaga News (including the identity of that girl she’s making out with), Adam Lambert in flaunt magazine, GLEE spoilers from the Paley Inside Media sessions, Suzanne Westenheoffer is interviewed about being a really funny lesbian, Joyce Carol Oates wins an award, AfterEllen’s Top 50 Lez/Bi Characters, lesbian kicked off Celebrity Apprentice & moar!

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Local Cops Out Lesbian Soldier: Is Bigotry to Blame? Or Spite?

Gay people, especially lesbians of color like Jene Newsome, continue not asking or telling and being discharged anyways — and sidenote, Rapid City has a significant history of racial discrimination. J. Crew has discriminatory hiring practices, Elton got a death threat, gay men may or may not be able to give blood eventually, New Hampshire is standing for marriage equality, and the Paycheck Fairness may be able to make a difference for working women and their families. Also, Jon Stewart explains it all for you.


Audiostraddle’s 2010 Music Festival Survival Guide

With South by Southwest kicking off next weekend, the 2010 music festival season is just around the corner. Our contributing music writer and festival expert Corey has compiled a guide that will help you navigate your way around some of this year’s biggest music festivals, including SXSW, Bonnaroo, Coachella, Lilith Fair, Lollapalooza, and Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival.

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Lesbian Prom Panic: Classmates Blame Constance for Cancellation

Lesbian senior Constance returns to school, where her classmates are openly hostile and blame her for ‘ruining’ their senior year of high school after the school board cancelled prom rather than let her bring a girl. Is there hope? Well, in New Orleans, someone else is offering to bring the kids to the city for prom (no, not Ellen…yet!)! Also: Johnny Weir isn’t “family-friendly” enough for Stars on Ice, Texas evangelicals invited to plan school curriculum, Chaz Bono, pee-cones, Constance on CBS News & more!

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Girl-on-Gallery: Lesbians Love Prom Too!

Hey queers. Did you go to prom… with someone of the same sex? Well, then you need to send your photo to autostraddle [at] gmail [dot] com. Read all about it here. Our goal is to be able to add Constance McMillan and her girlfriend to the gallery when that school she goes to gives […]


Final Fantasy XIII: First Gloss

A first look at Final Fantasy XIII, the gorgeous latest installment in Square Enix’s epic RPG franchise. Don’t worry- I’ll be back with more after like 20 hours of additional gameplay. Stay tuned!

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Prom is Better Cancelled Than Ruined by Tuxedo-Wearing Lesbians

Rather than allow a lesbian to bring her girlfriend to prom and wear a tux, the school has canceled prom altogether! FANTASTIC. Also; the cute video of the kid finding out about gay people, the death of coffee shops, gays and the census, Bill O’Reily defends lesbian couple’s child and the national equality riders are coming soon to an oppressive campus near you.


SXSW Spotlight: First Aid Kit, Swedish Sisters Do Indie Folk

Sisters Johanna and Klara Söderberg are the talented young women behind this indie-folk duo. They attracted over a million YouTube views with their 2008 Fleet Foxes cover and finally released their debut album, ‘The Big Black & The Blue’ this past January. Catch their amazing live performance at this year’s SXSW.