Drawn to Comics: Lumberjanes #5 May Be the Best One Yet!

by rory midhani

by rory midhani

Ooo eee! Does Lumberjanes kick it up a notch this week or what? This was already one of my five favorite current comics, but with this issue, it shot to the very top of the list. This issue was funny, it was intense, the art was amazing, we saw some great relationship moments between the Janes and we got some really, really interesting looks into the deeper mythology of the universe. We get to see all of the classic hallmarks of a Lumberjanes book, plus the thing that I’m pretty sure everyone agrees makes anything better: dinosaurs.

After a short little moment where we get to see both deeper into the longtime friendship between Jo and April, and how the overarching mystery seems to be affecting Jo more than the others, we learn that Rosie, the camp director, is going to be gone for a little while and is leaving Jen in charge. Unfortunately for the entire Lumberjanes camp, this means that they no longer get to go to the Raccoon Rodeo (which sounds freaking incredible). But never fear, Jen has a much safer (in her mind) backup plan: Friendship bracelets. And once again, Lumberjanes proved that it’s one of the most handy comics out there by actually having honest-to-goodness instructions for making friendship bracelets.

art by Brooke Allen

art by Brooke Allen

I love getting to see the wide variety of campers in this scene, and in this entire issue. We already had a pretty good variety of girls with the main group, and now we get to see way more. We see girls of all shapes and sizes, some with short hair, some with long, some with dyed hair or mohawks, we see girls of all ethnicities and girls of all styles and aesthetics, and they’re all here hanging out and having fun together. Several campers seem pretty sad that they have to miss out. A new character, Diane, makes her best attempt at getting the coveted Pungeon Master merit badge, chiming in with a “lanyards? More like LAMEYARDS.” Classic.

Just when Jen thinks that she’s keeping the girls safe for once, the entire camp is attacked by a group of Deinonychuses. Yes, you heard that right, Deinonychuses. If you weren’t already in love with this comic, I don’t understand how you aren’t by now. I pretty much reacted the exact same way that Ripley does and I’m sure many other readers did too. And I absolutely love how much we get to see that Jen and Ripley care for each other in this issue. It’s one of my favorite relationships in the book and it’s really highlighted in this issue.

art by Brooke Allen

art by Brooke Allen

There are some scenes that any Jurassic Park lover will instantly recognize and love, although if this is your first experience with dinosaurs in the modern age, you’ll have just as much fun. This issue was just flat out hilarious. There are at least three moments where I laughed out loud and stopped reading so I could show my brother just how amazing this issue is. And it’s not just full of jokes, the action is top notch too.

Molly gets separated from the rest of the group, as she and Diane were paired up to go to the bathroom, and the way she deals with the dinosaurs attacking her is just plain perfect. Like, I don’t want to spoil it because when you see how she uses her hat to get them out of trouble, I want you to be surprised. But just trust me, it’s wonderful in every way. Plus, we get to see Mal and April teaming up to kick some dino-butt in their own unique ways. Plus, the Bearwoman mentioned in the first issue makes an appearance!

art by Brooke Allen

art by Brooke Allen

Oh boy, I can’t wait for the next issue. This is too much! The Bearwoman accused Jo of some mysterious and tantalizing stuff that I can’t wait to see where it leads. Maybe we’ll finally learn why this camp is such a hotbed for the supernatural? And I’m dying to know what Diane is up to! The issue came out a couple of weeks late because of a printing error, but they made up for the delay by putting out one of my favorite single issues of any comic I’ve read in years. The whole Lumberjanes creative team deserves a standing ovation for this one. Twenty-Five out of Five stars. Brava.

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  1. I’m behind on Lumberjanes, only read the first 3, but raptors give me incentive to catch up faster! Ahh!

  2. DINOSAURS!!!! Aragahhdhdjdhh!
    Also I about died at the hat thing. This continues to be my favourite comic of the moment. I feel like I need the badges and to make all the play lists.

  3. I was so sad because I thought it would be impossible to find these in Guadalajara, but I might have found a comic store where I’ll be able to get the numbers and catch up! Wish me luck! Because badass girls with awesome hair + dinos= something I need in my life.

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