“Professor Marston and the Wonder Women” Gives Us Comics History, Kink and a Queer Poly Marriage

Writer/director/longtime lesbian favorite Angela Robinson has done a really subversive thing with the most talked-about period film of the fall: She’s brought an ardent screenplay, a soaring score, and unapologetically gauzy sunlight to bear on the story of the man, his wife, and their lover who created the most iconic female superhero of all time in the hopes that she would prepare the world for matriarchal rule — and a healthy side of bondage.

Drawn to Comics: Recapping My Favorite Mini-Comics from Flame Con

Artists’ Alley is full of comics and drawings and zines and buttons and stickers showing gay and bi and queer and pan and trans and gnc characters of all types being happy and being themselves. It’s hard not to spend all the money you have in just one afternoon, and in fact, I bought a lot more comics and pins than I was planning on buying.