Gird Your Loins For “Faking It” Season Two: Here’s What’s Gonna Go Down

Hello, I'm here to audition for the role of Brandy Howard

Help me, I’m poor

After season one of Faking It ended in basically the worst way possible, we’ve been eagerly anticipating how much better/worse things could get in Season Two! Yesterday, Buzzfeed published a post chock-full of information about what we can expect when the show starts back up on September 23rd, which just-so-happens to also be my birthday.

Buzzfeed reports that Season Two’s guest star roster will not only include Laverne Cox, but also the band Fifth Harmony. Buzzfeed reports EXCLUSIVELY that “Fifth Harmony will be making an appearance as “an all-girl band with an edge who cover pop music’s most memorable boy band songs'” and lez be real I have no idea who the fuck Fifth Harmony are but if they’re gonna be playing a lesbian cover band then I’m down.

We’ve also been informed that Karma and Amy’s friendship will be a focus of Season Two — Karma wants to repair it and Amy’s ready to step away from her I-wanna-hug-you-with-my-legs-in-more-than-friendship feelings for Karma to ensure the friendship survives. Another theme will be “guilt”: Amy and Liam feel guilty about playing hide the salami, Shane feels guilty about being the bearer of very bad news, and Karma feels guilty for rejecting Amy’s hot burning lesbian love for her.


Wow Karma yeah your Playboy Bunny bellybutton ring is SUPER hot

We’re also gonna find out what Lauren is taking pills for, and I guess it’s a pretty significant secret. Some of us at Autostraddle HQ are hoping hard that she’ll turn out to be transgender, which Mey says she has suspected since it was revealed that Lauren lied about when she was on her period in Season One. “It’s a secret that informs who she is at her core,” Carter Covington told Buzzfeed,” and she’s going to spend the season sort of exploring that.” Bailey De Young referred to the revelation, which will happen in the season premiere, as a “de-masking.”

Whoa your safe word is "

Whoa hold up your safe word is “Faberry”?

Karmy fans are told not to give up hope for the far-away future for their chosen ‘ship, but that this season definitely won’t feature a romance between Karma and Amy. I have it on pretty good authority that Amy’s gonna start dating a girl for reals this season, but you’ll have to watch to find out if I’m a psychic or not. Unfortunately, the love interest will not be Laverne Cox’s character, but as my colleagues reminded me while we were recording the first A+ podcast yesterday, teacher/student relations are apparently illegal despite what Loving Annabelle and Pretty Little Liars would have you believe.

Also, Shane is gonna be dating some boys and having some feelings. Furthermore, there’s also still hope for Karma and Liam, which might be relevant to you if you, unlike me, give a shit regarding Liam Booker’s whereabouts and behaviors. Pretty sure he’s not gonna trip and fall into the fountain in the mall though, so I can cross that possibility off my wish list.

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  1. I had the biggest grumbles about the season finale, but omigod I missed Amy and her face and the silly words coming out of her face.

  2. Is it wrong that I’m stupid excited about this? Because if it is, I definitely don’t want to be right.

    Also if y’all are right about Lauren being trans* my little queer heart may explode from delight!

    • You are definitely not the only one, Rachel! I really like this show too. So I’ll do me and you’ll do you watching Faking It together. :)

  3. This is leaving me so excited for so many things including Amy, Laverne Cox, Amy + dating ladies, the first A+ podcast, and more Autostraddle recaps.

    (also I can’t help but root for Karma/Liam sometimes because Karma crying makes Amy cry which makes me cry. pls everyone just exude forgiveness and love and wisdom beyond your high school years in season 2 ep. 1)

  4. If Shane transferred and was never heard from again,if Liam dug a hole and stayed in it for eternity and if last season ended before that last part,I’d consider watching it again.

      • When Amy clearly wasn’t comfortable with his questioning of her and Karma’s relationship, he kept pushing anyway.

        And then he decided that outing them in front of an entire party (even though they weren’t really together) was an okay thing to do. And he never even apologized for it.

        Plus his issue with bisexual people.

  5. First picture: MTV was like, how gay can we make Amy in this scene? And they added a beanie, aviators and a plaid thing over a slouchy shirt.

    I’m excited about it coming back!

  6. Early Happy Birthday Wishes to you, Riese! Now I extra-hope that the season premiere is really great, because you only deserve to watch the best on your birthday. :)

    I was just wondering recently when Faking It was coming back, so I did a happy dance when I’d looked it up online and found out that Season 2 is starting in ONLY TWO WEEKS!!

    And I’m so excited that THE Laverne Cox is going to be on this show! I haven’t gotten a chance yet to see her work on OITNB since I don’t have Netflix, so I’m really glad that I get to finally see for myself what all the praise for this amazing woman is about.

  7. Please tell me I’m not the only person that kept forgetting that Shane was a guy whilst reading this? Shane McCutcheon will forever and always be my default Shane.

    Also, somewhat excited for this to come back. Teen dramas are my not-so-guilty pleasure, and I’m glad this one focuses on LGBT issues. I’ll be really pleased if Lauren is trans.

    (also also secretly hoping for Laverne and Natasha to get some screen time together)

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