You Should Go: International Autostraddle Summer Brunch Weekend is Upon Us!

There’s nothing I love more than a good brunch, and luckily, I’m not alone. When we announced that August 23 – 24, 2014 would be hereby known as International Autostraddle Brunch Weekend, y’all couldn’t have been more excited. Now, with brunch just around the riverbend, I’m here to help you find your fellow Autostraddle readers around the world – and maybe even a great Bloody Mary. WELCOME TO THE INTERNATIONAL AUTOSTRADDLE SUMMER BRUNCH WEEKEND MEGA-POST!!


Don’t see your city listed here? It’s not too late to host! Just submit your brunch gathering on our events site to have it added to this post. To view the brunch events on a calendar, click here. To correct errors in this post or on the site, email chelsey [at] and carmen [at]



Host: Reshmi, Izati, Ling
Nosh Restaurant and Bar
August 30, 11:00 AM

Australia & New Zealand


Host: Isobel
Bambi’s Kitchen
August 24, 11:00 AM


Host: Stef D.
Location TBD
August 24, 11:00 AM


Host: Dina
Reuben Hills
August 23, 11:00 AM


Host: Kate
August 24, 10:00 AM



Hosts: Jessica & Monika
The Armview
August 23, 12 PM

Vancouver, BC

Host: Isabella
Ron Basford Park
August 24, 11:00 AM

Victoria, BC

Host: Blake
August 24, 10:00 AM



Host: Elisa
Location TBD
August 24, 12:00 PM


Host: Hattie
Look Mum No Hands
August 24, 10:00 AM


Host: Nancy Katati
George & Delila
August 23, 11:30 AM

United States

Albany, NY

Host: Em More
Washington Park Historic District
August 24, 11:00 AM

Ashland, OR

Host: Hana K
Morning Glory
August 22, 10:30 AM

Atlanta, GA

Host: Arielle
August 23, 10:30 AM


Host: Jana
Caracas Arepa Bar
August 24, 12:00 PM

Boston, MA

Boston Straddlers
Boston Common
August 24, 11:00 AM

Chicago, IL

Host: Amanda Walters
Palmer Square Park
August 23, 11:00 AM

Cincinnati, OH

Host: Claire Suer
Mayday Northside
August 24, 11:00 AM

Dallas, TX

Host: Yvonne
The Gin Mill
August 23, 11:30 AM

Durham, NC

Host: Amanda
Location TBD
August 23, 11:00 AM

Grand Rapids, MI

Host: Briana
Gaia Cafe
August 24, 12:00 PM

Los Angeles, CA

Host: Carmen SanDiego
Luna Park Los Angeles
August 24, 11:30 AM

McAllen, TX

Host: Mary
August 23, 11:29 AM

Oakland, CA

Host: Carolyn
Luka’s Taproom
August 23, 11:00 AM

Philadelphia, PA

Host: Tracy More
Rittenhouse Square Park
August 24, 1:00 PM

Portland, OR

Host: Bethany
August 23, 1:00 PM

Portland, OR

Peninsula Park
August 24, 11:00 AM

San Diego, CA

Host: Leslie
August 23, 11:00 AM

Santa Barbara, CA

Host: Jeannette
Our Daily Bread
August 24, 10:00 AM

Washington, DC

Host: Carmen
DC Reynolds
August 24, 11:00 AM

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  1. ok this is pretty unlikely but I just moved to Zürich, Switzerland a couple weeks ago and if there are any straddlers at all in this country (really it’s not that big) then I want to have brunch with you if you exist??

    • Yes we exist! I am also based in Geneva and we are mostly expats of course… but we are here, queer etc etc. I’m off on holiday myself this week (San Francisco, get ready for me!) but I can probably send you to at least one lovely person I know in Zurich… and I’m sure the Geneva crowd would be happy to welcome you to the French corner of Switzerland for brunching!

      • OK I am going to come to Geneva for brunch, not this weekend but in the future and get in touch with all of you and meet all the swiss straddlers. Do y’all have an autostraddle and/or facebook group?

      • Awesome! I will post in that group and come and visit and make friends with all the geneva straddlers! there is an english-speaking lesbian meetup group in zurich (because, why not) but I am kind of scared to go to things not knowing anyone? like WHAT IF THEY DONT READ AUTOSTRADDLE WHAT THEN

  2. Hmmmmmmm.

    Is there a way to contact the organizer of a meetup that isn’t via facebook? It seems awkward (well, “terrifying” is actually the accurate word, probably) to simply show up for a meetup. But I don’t use facebook (this geek distrusts those geeks sort of thing).

  3. All right, Dublin straddlers! It hasn’t made it onto the events calendar yet, but here’s what I’m thinking:

    Dublin brunch!
    Saturday, August 23 10 AM
    Brother Hubbard café
    153 Capel St, Dublin 1

    If you’re interested in coming, I’d appreciate it if you could message me!

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