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Jess’s Team Pick

I’m embarrassed by how many of these I recognized immediately: 100 Greatest Hits of YouTube in 3 and a half minutes. Inside: shoes!, single ladies, thriller, keyboard cat, treadmill fail, etc.

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Laura’s Team Pick

Somebody made an entire website devoted to my favorite fall [and sometimes winter, and spring, and maybe even summer a little] feeling! Project Nostalgia is set up like FML, only instead of people telling you about their shit day, they tell you about things they’ve loved. aw.

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Intern Jen’s Team Pick

There is this little flash game that really pisses me off because I can never ‘trap the cat’. You’re meant to pop the light green bubbles to make dark green bubbles to encircle the cat but seriously this is one sneaky cat!


Dexter Recap 401: “Living the Dream”

Dexter returns to Showtime for its fourth “killer season,” and, along with other Showtime series like Nurse Jackie, Weeds, and Secret Diary of a Call Girl; begs the question, “It is possible to be a good person who just does some bad bad things?”

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Emily’s Team Pick

Are you like me and have so many feelings you don’t know what to do with? Wild Mood Swings gives you a website for whatever crazy emotions you might have.

By |September 27, 2009