10 Weird Camping Gadgets That I Found On The Internet

queer-your-tech-header_FINAL_640web Well weirdos, I’m at A-Camp right now. Which means I’m hoping that nothing big happened in the tech world this week because I am writing this post approximately one million years in advance. I’m doing this because when I go camping, especially A-Camping, I want to unplug and unwind. Turns out, though, there are some weird camping technologies out there in the world. Some of them sound cool and useful. Others sound bizarre and I wonder what the hell these camping people are doing. Is this that glamping thing the kids are doing these days?


1.  Air Mattress With Speakers

air-mattress-with-speakers Because who wants to actually hear nature anyway?


2. Biolite Camp Stove

Because cooking fires that don’t charge your gadgets are so last year. Apparently the size of a water bottle.


3. Hand Crank Blender

hand-crank-blender No.


4. Wrist-Mounted Mosquito Repelling System

mosquito_repeller_w I highly doubt this works.


5. WrapStove

wrap_stove Heats up individual pots, makes obsolete my favorite part of camping. #teamFire.


6. Portable Shower

portable_shower2 I think this image is funnier than anything I could ever write regarding this apparent travesty: portable_shower4


7. Double Flash Light.

double-flash-light Lights what’s ahead and where your feet go. Marketed to senior citizens. Should be marketed to tipsy/tired queers on a mountain navigating the dark and avoiding bears.* *These two groups are not mutually exclusive.


8. CamelBak All Clear UV Water Purification System

Ugh, okay, FINE this is pretty cool.


9. Scrubba Wash Bag

Ugh, FINE FINE FINE THIS IS COOL AND I WANT IT, OKAY? I can think of several points in my life where this would have been useful.

10. Tauntaun Sleeping Bag

bb2e_tauntaun_sleeping_bag It’s not a gadget. But I know y’all. I see y’all. I know you want to know this is exists.

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  1. As a hardcore “tents are overrated, mosquitos are your friends and dying in the wilderness is fun” camper, to me, calling an air mattress a camping gadget is almost offensive, but that Scrubba Wash Bag may have just moved to #1 on my list of things I would buy if I wasn’t a poor student…

  2. Ok so you can get a sleeping bag with arms and legs in it so you can walk about. I feel people need to know this information.

    P.S. I need the last 3.

  3. i totally need that double flash light thing for winning festival season. just how awesome would it be to simply walk to the toilets without falling over other tents/people sleeping outside? also, the tauntaun sleeping bag. SO rock’n’roll.

  4. Saw “double flashlight” read “double fisting”. I’m in a weird place right now

  5. The Wrap Stove actually looks brilliant! There are many situations where open fires are not permitted. And if I could replace my backpacking stove + fuel setup with this, I’d love it! Can’t find any sites where it’s actually for sale though…

    • I want to know WHO takes a hand-powered blender when they go camping?! That would be one hard core fresh smoothie lover.

    • It would be great, but there have been some pretty good breakdowns of all the flaws in this design system. I wish it worked as amazingly as it looks.

      • That’s too bad, but would explain why it never went to market. If it looks too good to be true, etc., etc…

    • And apparently it requires child labor. So think twice before you buy if you don’t have kids. Maybe you could train your cats to drag water from a steam but that would make me cry.

  6. As someone who goes camping in Wales, I appreciate the need for the Scubba bag, but in reality, getting my clothes wet is never a problem, It’s getting them any dryer than soggy that I find the hardest part.

  7. I can vouch for the BioLite being completely awesome and handy. For situations where you don’t have enough wood around (or just don’t feel like) building a fire to cook or boil water, this thing is awesome… it can boil water in minutes and all you need are a few twigs and pine cones. Fire starters help if you’re in a rainy area. And you don’t have to carry around tanks of propane! It is super light. The iphone charger thing is really just a side benefit.

  8. Totes yes for the camelbak and portable washing thing. The wash bag actually works. A friend of mine took it camping a while ago (not A-camping) when they became forest people for 3 nights.

  9. The biolite looks super useful, actually. If I weren’t a poor college student, it’d definitely go on my list of gear I’m planning on buying. (It might still go on my list of gear to buy because it’s cheaper than I thought (way cheaper than another kayak anyway). And I currently don’t have a camping stove. And I’ll want one this summer if nothing changes as far as getting a roof over my head for August.)

    The scrubba doesn’t look like it’s worth the money though. It’s literally a dry bag with some bumpy stuff on the inside, and I could definitely jerryrig something for far cheaper. Especially since I have a drybag already.

  10. it can boil water in minutes and all you need are a few twigs and pine cones. Fire starters help if you’re in a rainy area

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