Saturday Morning Cartoons: Ten Percent

Welcome to Saturday Morning Cartoons, a segment where four artists take turns delighting you with their whimsy, facts and punchlines on Saturday mornings! Our four esteemed cartoon critters are Cameron Glavin, Anna Bongiovanni, Megan Prazenica and Sarah Rosenblatt. Today’s cartoon is by Megan!


Megan’s next cartoon will order off the whole menu on May 24th.

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Megan Praz

Megan Prazenica is an animator/artist from Pittsburgh, PA. She now lives LA and life has been interesting ever since. When Megan isn't making art comics, or video games, she can be found wrecking havoc on the ultimate frisbee field as her alter-ego, "Bacon." Catch up with her on her website, her tumblr or tweet @MeganPraz.

Megan has written 42 articles for us.


  1. Kinda broad to be describing “The MidWest” as lacking vegetarian options. Lots of big, progressive cities in it, FYI.

    • Yes, but not everyone in those cities is progressive. The midwest panels mirror my experiences in the south side of Chicago. I currently live in Milwaukee, the largest city in Wisconsin, and the dating pool of queer women is exceptionally small. So I related to these panels!

        • I appreciate your defense of the Midwest and please know that I affectionately give the Midwest a hard time because I spent most of my life in rural and suburban PA (who just got marriage equality! YES!). I’m just pointing out the correlation between the amount of queers and vegetarian food in an area. I can’t comment for all of the Midwestern cities, but I do know that Chicago’s pride blows LA’s and SF’s out of the water:)

    • I agree, I’m kind of tired of seeing people talking shit about the Midwest. There are plenty of large, progressive cities here, and the people are nicer, and it’s beautiful.

        • Considering you are doing a “well actually..” on a comic that’s showing that it can be hard to be a queer person, you are doing plenty of fart smelling.

    • I love this defense of the Midwest! I have been to plenty of vegan and vegetarian restaurants being born and raised in Ohio. And also know of plenty of places to go and meet other ladies. I live in Boston now, and I think people would be amazed at how easy it isn’t to go and meet people here!

    • Oy. I gotta say, as a twentysomething queer from Akron, Ohio, I have to say: the MAJORITY of the Midwest lacks vegetarian options and the MAJORITY of the Midwest does NOT consist of “big, progressive cities.” So…thinking in “big picture” terms, the panels are pretty accurate. In Akron, I was the only lesbian as far as the eye could see. Same with the vegetarian options, although I’m not so sure, since I’m staunchly omnivorous. (Morally ambiguous, I know…maybe it’s time to start eating vegetables…)

  2. As a newly turned vegetarian (19 days!), I feel this.

    And I live in London, which is one of the most vegetarian/vegan friendly places in the world!

  3. I went to a restaurant with friends a few weeks back and almost everything on the menu was cooked using lard. I consumed the only thing that didn’t have lard: Alcohol. Mainly, margaritas. So, not all was lost.

  4. Since I’ve been a vegetarian and out for about the same amount of time (just about two years), I would say this is pretty accurate :)


    • LOL!!! Ok this begs the question, (I am vegetarian also), what do Gorillas eat for protein? Do they eat insects? Avocados? Brazil Nuts? I am serious. I expect answers but may google it myself.

      I know that Chimpanzee’s have been filmed eating other animals that they have successfully hunted.

      • Wait….wait…..I am going to google this because of my initalial reaction was….”hmm?!”

        This is one thing to discuss during brunch for me.

        “What do great apes eat?”

    • From my googling, it seems like they only eat plants and the occasional termite. Apparently, they have to eat constantly in order to get enough carbs. That sounds like an animal I could be related to!

  5. I don’t know, Nebraska at least (the areas I’ve spent lots of time in, anyway) isn’t as great for the big liberal cities thing. But that’s just my personal experience, I guess.

  6. YES!!! I love it. I feel this especially when I’m watching a something on TV, or a movie, with friends. I remember watching Gossip Girl with my friends in high school, and while they all drooled over Chuck Bass, I was secretly blushing because I was so attracted to Serena! Oy vey…what’s a queer to do?

  7. this is the most accurate description of my move from Somewhere in the Prairie to Boulder, CO …

  8. This is so good! I live in the South and I had to give up vegetarianism due to lack of healthy options (unfortunately my health had to come before how I gross I find meat) and I feel like I might as well give up on ever finding a girl at this point. I can’t wait to get out of here and get to somewhere like San Francisco.

  9. Haha I really connected with this strip. It’s goofy but I’m sure people can relate.

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