40 Lesbian, Queer & Bisexual (LGBTQ+) Amazon Prime Video Original TV Shows

What TV shows with lesbian, bisexual and queer women and trans characters are on Amazon Prime Video? What a good question you may have typed into your computer browser, looking for Prime Video queer television programs with lesbian storylines and/or LGBTQ+ themes and characters!

While various television shows with queer female and/or trans characters rotate in and out of the Prime Video library, content produced by Prime Video stays there forever and is mostly available worldwide, and that’s what we’re focusing on with today’s list.

The Absolute Most Lesbian Amazon Prime Video Original TV Shows:

A League Of Their Own

2022 // 1 Seasons // 8 Episodes

The Rockford Peaches, a team of women from the new series A League of Their Own, stand in a locker room in their skirt uniforms.

Not only is this program the gayest Amazon Prime video TV show, it’s one of the gayest TV shows ever. Bringing queer narratives to the forefront of a story in which they were once erased, the A League of Their Own TV show wedged into our hearts with fists full of hope, sportsmanship and a record number of very hot queer characters, almost entirely played by very hot queer actors. If you wanna know more, we’ve luckily written ten billion articles about it, and this review is a good place to start.

High School (Freevee)

2022 – // 1+ Seasons // 10+ Episodes // US + UK Only

Railey and Seazynn Gilliland as Tegan and Sara in Amazon's High School

Based on the iconic queer twin musicians Tegan and Sara’s memoir High School and produced by Clea Duvall, this series features TikTok stars Railey and Seazynn Gilliand as two future iconic queer twin musicians named Tegan and Sara experiencing their painfully awkward high school years in mid-90s Calgary — their early forays into music and intense friendships and queerness and love.


2014-2019 // 5 Seasons // 41 Episodes

Transparent musical finale cast

Joey Solloway’s Transparent is centered on a Los Angeles based Jewish family chock-full of queers: there’s Moira, the parent who comes out as a trans woman in the series premiere and is unfortunately played by a terrible person who is also a cis man (Jeffery Tambor), bisexual mother-of-two Sarah (Amy Landecker) who gets kinky with Jiz Lee, steals Tig Notaro’s wife and has a throuple with her husband and Alia Shawkat, and nonbinary aimless twentysomething Alex (Gaby Hoffmann) and classic Jewish mother Shelly (Judith Light at her very best). There are multiple trans women characters played by trans women actors (most notably Alexandra Billings, Trace Lysette, Hari Nef and Sophie Giannamore), Carrie Brownstein plays a bisexual geek named Syd and Cherry Jones playing, basically, Eileen Myles. It was brilliantly written and game-changing and once upon a time had the privilege of employing more trans and queer folks behind the camera than any other show.


2023- // 1+ Seasons // 8 Episodes

Eddie, Dulcie and Abby from Deadloch on the rocks

This Australian show about a small seaside town with, somehow, a massive lesbian population, is a murder mystery and a comedy and just truly a g-ddamn delight, as well as being so effortlessly inclusive. Local men start dying, the “man-hating lesbians” are blamed, and Senior Sergeant Dulcie Collins is on the case with help she didn’t request, Detective Eddie Redcliffe. They’re an odd couple detective duo.

Dead Ringers

2023 // Limited Series // 6 Episodes

Two Rachel Weiszes stand next to each other in lab coats

Rachel Weisz plays twin gynecologists seeking to revolutionize the way pregnancy and birth are handled in the medical world in “this bloody and horny psychosexual thriller full of body horror, mind games, and sci-fi-ish strangeness.” An adaptation of the 1988 David Cronenberg film, one of the twins is a lesbian, but the other has been known to seduce on her behalf.

One Mississippi

2016 – 2017 // 2 Seasons //12 Episodes // U.S Only

Tig, played by Tig Notaro, is in a hospital bed. A woman in a dress is touching her forehead lovingly.

Tig Notaro’s super-good semi-autobiographical comedy series One Mississippi follows a Los Angeles radio host “Tig Bavaro” as she returns home to Mississippi after a double mastectomy and a C. difficile infection to be with her family when her mother is taken off life support. She moves in with her brother and stepfather and begins learning things about her mother and her home that she never knew. Then she falls for a straight girl played by her real-life girlfriend Stephanie Allynne. It’s really funny and when it got cancelled by Amazon I was very sad.

Danger & Eggs

2015 // One Season // 13 Episodes

frame from danger and eggs full of queer people being cute as fuck!!

Trans showrunner/animator Shadi Petosky’s series, co-created with Mike Owens, focused on the adventures of “a young masc lesbian on her topsy-turvy adventures with her anthropomorphic egg friend” and aimed to be incredibly overwhelmingly, rather than subtextually, queer as hell. Its roster of voice actors contained so many of our faves, like Stephanie Beatriz, Jasika Nicole and Angelica Ross, plus there’s a huge list of guest stars like Jazz Jennings, Tyler Ford and River Butcher.

Amazon Prime Video Series With Primary LGBTQ+ Female and/or Trans Characters and Storylines

The Boys

2019 – // 3+ Seasons // 24 +Episodes

In Amazon’s universe of “depravity and violence,” superheroes are known to the general public, under the thumb of an exploitative corporation, and prone to narcissism and vanity. “The Seven” are the corporation’s top superhero team and “The Boys” are vigilantes attempting to reign in corrupted heroes. One of the Seven, Queen Maeve, a warrior / feminist / humanitarian, is bisexual.

Daisy Jones & The Six

2023 // One Season // 10 Episodes

Simone and her girlfriend talking in Daisy Jones and the Six

The Black lesbian singer Simone who earned this position on this list is not Daisy Jones and she’s not The Six, but she is Daisy’s best friend for a time and she does get one pretty fantastic episode dedicated mostly to her storyline, which follows her stepping into her career and her relationship with her girlfriend Bernie in New York City.

The Expanse

2015 – 2021 // 6 Seasons // 62 Episodes

Image: a middle-aged white woman in a black v-neck shirt and green blazer stands in what appears to be the hallway of a spaceship. She looks concerned.

The Expanse follows a disparate band of antiheroes as they grapple with a conspiracy that is threatening the fragile future they’re living in a colonized Solar System. Also; being queer is not a big deal in this future! Elizabeth Mitchell plays lesbian character Anna Volovodov, a doctor who leads a small Methodist congregation. Season Five amps up the queer factor in a major way.


2024 // Limited Series // 6 Episodes

two girls on a subway train laughing in "Expats" on prime video

Based on the 2016 novel by Janice Y.K. Lee, Expats weaves around the close-knit expatriate community in Hong Kong — affluent families who have intense friendships and are deeply embedded in each other’s dramas and marraiges. Starring Nicole Kidman and Sarayu Blue as two of those expats, Ji-Yong Woo plays Mercy Cho, a recent Columbia graduate fumbling through her adult life who’s life entangles tragically with that of Margaret (Kidman) and her family when she volunteered to watch their children at a crowded market. Mercy’s journey (which includes queerness!) is a complicated highlight of this drama series.


2021 – 2022 // 2 Seasons // 16 Episodes

The Fairfax teens gather around Derica and her phone outside of school

Fairfax is heavy satire with mile-a-minute deep-dive entertainment insider jokes and visual gags, with a misanthropic teenage lesbian main character (played by Kiersey Clemons) who’s live-laugh-loving / brand building in Los Angeles.” — Heather


2019 – 2020 // 2 Seasons // 12 Episodes // US + Canada only

still of three women in a severe office

Anna Paquin stars as an unflappable bisexual American PR professional / fixer working in London to help her high-profile clients escape sticky situations. However her own life is a little bit less “fixed.”

Four More Shots Please!

2019 -2022 // 3 Seasons // 30 Episodes

Lisa Ray, playing the character of Samara Kapoor hands a barbell to Umang, played by actress Bani J.

This series follows four female friends in Mumbai who are living life on their own terms including bisexual personal trainer Umang Singh, who’s always on the lookout for the next hot hookup. But she’s got one weakness: Bollywood actress Samara Kapoor (played by the beloved Lisa Ray). ” We get plenty of steamy scenes with Bani J and ham acting from Lisa Ray,” wrote Himani in her review, “but, personally, I’m way more interested in Umang’s back story, which is revealed through a series of flashbacks in episode three.”

Gen V

2023- // 1+ Season // 8+ Episodes

Gen V: Marie and Emma look at a laptop together

And history would say they were roommates.

This spin-off of The Boys is set in the Godolkin University School of Crimefighting, where hopeful heroes train and hone their skills with the goal of getting a prestige post-training assignment or a spot in the elite Vought International’s The Seven. Jordan is bi-gender (able to transition from one gender to another, played by two actors) and its central heroine, Marie, is sexually fluid.

Good Omens

2019 – 2023 // 2 Seasons // 12 Episodes

Based on the Neil Gaiman/Terry Pratchett book, Good Omens is essentially a love story between an angel and a demon. Aziraphale (Michael Sheen) and demon Crowley (David Tennant), who spend Season One going from “co-workers” to “intense queer subtext.” Season Two opens with a new love story added in: Nina (Nina Sosanya) runs a quaint coffee shop and Maggie (Maggie Service) owns a record shop across the street and has a big fat lesbian crush on Nina.

Harlan Coben’s Shelter

2023 // Limited Series // 8 Episodes

Two middle-aged women on a roof

This very bad but reasonably compelling thriller is the story of “a New Jersey town plagued by disappearing children, murder, and butterfly imagery.” Aside from the somewhat predictable murder plot itself, we have a teen boy moving in with his aunt after his father’s death only to discover a town seeped in mystery. His new friend, goth art girl Ema (Abby Corrigan), is queer, and so is his aunt (Constance Zimmer!).


2021- // 2+ Season // 20+ Episodes

Four friends sit around a table in a still from the tv show Harlem

Tracy Oliver’s Harlem follows four Black single friends in their 30s as they navigate careers and love in the city, in a crew headed up by Camille (Megan Good). Lesbian actor Jerrie Johnson is Tye, a masc lesbian character. Sa’i enjoyed both seasons and notes that in Season Two, “Black joy, and more specifically the joy of Black women, is one of the major themes of the season, and it is a delight to take part in.”

Hazbin Hotel

2023 – // 1+ Seasons //  8+ Episodes

Hazbin Hotel: the gay princess of hell Charlie and her girlfriend Vaggie

We absolutely ADORED this super-gay animated musical comedy. “Are you looking for a show that will make you laugh and blush while also making you feel real feelings?” asked Valerie. “Do you like adult animation, mind-blowing singing talent, and wacky antics? Well, come on down to the Hazbin Hotel, where the activities are chaotic and the people are eccentric.”


2018 – 2020 // 2 Seasons // 16 Episodes

Image: A large lake surrounded by tall, vibrantly green trees. The character played by Janelle Monae is inside a red rowboat. She appears alarmed. She is wearing a white shirt and a green jacket, and clutching both sides of the boat, like she doesn't know where she is or how she got there.

Season One of Homecoming, based on a Gimlet podcast, starred Julia Roberts as a caseworker for veterans at a live-in transition center for veterans sponsored by a giant corporation with some sinister secret intentions. It’s a watch-in-one-night binge: eerie, intense, winding and worth it. Season Two opens with a new protagonist, played by Janelle Monáe, waking up in a rowboat in the middle of a river. Also, she’s gay.


2020-2023 // 2 Seasons // 20 Episodes

Image: Millie, an FBI agent, is a Black woman with short dark hair, wearing a blue button-up shirt and a green trenchcoat, visible from mid-torso up. She is wearing white latex gloves and writing in a notebook with a skeptical facial expression.

Three decades after World War II, a group of Jews and allies have set out to find and kill Nazis who are still living, thriving and employed in the United States. FBI Agent Millie Morton is on the case and also she’s a lesbian! Who lives with her hot girlfriend! It’s a sharply stylized series with a winning cast, although its Holocaust flashbacks can be alternately horrifying and problematic.

I Know What You Did Last Summer

2021 // One Season // 8 Episodes

Lennon and Margot holding each other scared

This adaptation of the teen horror movie that was an adaptation of a book rockets the story into present day Hawaii with the same basic conceit but an otherwise very different story. It’s difficult to describe what happens without giving you spoilers, but for our purposes here: there is a bisexual main character played by Brianne Tju and the lead is…. kinda bisexual?

The Lake

2022-2023 // Two Seasons // 16 Episodes

Billie and Ivy sit in a circle in The Lake season two, with Ivy strumming a guitar.

Canadian comedy The Lake follows Justin (Jordan Gavaris), a gay man reconnecting with his biological daughter Billie (Madison Shamoun) who he had with his best friend when they were teens in high school, bonding in a quaint but drama-filled lakeside community where Justin summered as a kid. In Season Two, Billie returns to the lake and gets mixed up in a love triangle with professional tree planter Forrest (Jhaleil Swaby)…and Forrest’s tree planting sister Ivy (Max Amani).

The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart

2023 // Limited Series // 7 Episodes

The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart: Sigourney Weaver and Leah Purcell as lesbian lovers June and Twig

A young girl from a violent upbringing is orphaned and moves in with her grandmother, June Hart, on a flower farm in a story that “takes its time unfurling stories about secrets, lies, cycles of abuse, physical and emotional violence at the hands of men, and the importance of found family and having a support system.” Sigourney Weaver is June, the lesbian matriarch who runs the flower farm with her partner Twig.

I Love Dick

2017 // One Season // 8 Episodes

Image: An art gallery in Marfa. Devon, played by Roberta Colindrez, is presenting her play to a group of artists who are sitting in a semi-circle around her. She is wearing a brown t-shirt with white stripes and has dark, curly hair. One of her hands is on a piece of paper on the floor, the play script. Wee see the backs of five students circled around her.

Joey Soloway’s series based on the book by Chris Kraus brought Roberta Colindrez as Devon into our lives, and the world has not been the same since. Chris (Kathryn Hahn) heads to Marfa for her husband  Sylvère’s (Griffin Dunne) fellowship and meets the sponsor, Dick, who she becomes immediately obsessed with. Different characters head up individual episodes, and Devon’s is SURPRISE my favorite.

The Legend of Vox Machina

2022- // 2+ Season // 24+ Episodes

legend of vox machina cast (animated)

“When making their D&D liveplay game turned (adult) animated series, The Legend of Vox Machina, the Critical Role team kept all the original queerness of the campaign the story is based on, and then some. Vex, Vax, Scanlan, (and probably also Keyleth) are bisexual. We have Indira Varma (Ellaria Sand, Game of Thrones) and noted bisexual Stephanie Beatriz as wives Lady Allura and Lady Kima; also nonbinary actor Stacey Raymond as the nonbinary Bryn. The story is also queer in nature, in its story of underdogs doing their best with their found family; it’s funny and boisterous and you don’t have to know a thing about D&D to enjoy it. The show got renewed for a second and third season so there’s plenty of queerness to come!” — Valerie

Leverage: Redemption

2021 – // 2+ Seasons // 29+ Episodes // US + UK Only

cast of "Leverage Redemption"

In this follow-up to the original Leverage (2008 – 2012), reformed criminals — the Hitter, the Hacker, the Grifter and the Thief — have returned, and along with a new tech genius and corporate fixer, they’re ready to take on a new style of villain and provide leverage to people who need help. Queer actress Aleyse Shannon plays lesbian character Breanna Casey, Hardison’s foster sister and the new tech genius, a skilled hacker and engineer.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

2017 – 2023 // 5 Seasons // 43 Episodes

This image released by Amazon shows Alex Borstein as Susie Myerson, left, and Rachel Brosnahan as Midge Maisel in "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel." (Nicole Rivelli/Amazon via AP)

(Nicole Rivelli/Amazon via AP)

It’s tough to decide where to put this show because it took five entire seasons of its punchy, colorful, quippy, feminist-lite Jewish comedy to actually acknowledge that Susie was gay, but better late than never!

Mixte / Voltaire High 

2021- // One Season // 8 Episodes

square photos of the Voltaire High characters

This critically acclaimed French comedy series takes place in 1963, five years after the legalization of mixed-gendered education,  when Voltaire High’s takes the leap to go co-ed, thus turning the entire world upside down! The school nurse, Jeanne, is a lesbian married to her best friend Paul.

Mozart in the Jungle

2014 – 2018 // 4 Seasons // 40 Episodes

Image: a white woman with long flowy hair in a symphony playing the cello

This comedy-drama series was inspired by the tell-all Mozart in the Jungle: Sex Drugs and Classical Music, in which oboist Blair Tindall recounted her professional career in high-profile symphonies. Saffron Burrows plays Cynthia Taylor, a bisexual cellist with The New York Symphony and Gretchen Mol is Nina, a union lawyer who initially hits it off with Cynthia, one of the many men and women with whom Cynthia has an affair.

Outer Range

2022- // 1+ Seasons // 8 Episodes

Joy Hawk and Martha Hawk in Outer Range

This Sci-Fi Neo-Western follows a Wyoming rancher, fighting for his land and his family, who is visited by a drifter with a connection to his ranch and consequentially discovers a mysterious bottomless hole on his land that inspires prophetic visions. Tamara Podemski plays Deputy Sheriff Joy Hawk, who oversees the county where all this stuff is happening, and Indigenous Queer actor Morningstar Angeline plays her wife.

The Outlaws

2021 – // 2+ Seasons // 12 Episodes // US, CA, AU, NZ & Nordic countries only

Outlaws cast in their safety vests leaning against the wall

This BBC One “brilliantly silly crime comedy” set in Bristol brings together seven strangers sentenced to complete a Community Payback period of service who discover a BAG OF MONEY but then discover some sketchy characters are looking for it. One of the seven, Gabrielle Penrose-Howe, is a lesbian influencer with anger management problems.

Paper Girls

2022 // One Season // 8 Episodes

4 teen girls sit on a curb and stare into the camera

Behind the scenes photography for Paper Girls.

This heart-tugging edge-of-your-seat adaptation of the comic book series about a group of misfit late ’80s paper girls who get caught in a time-hopping adventure had barely begun to touch the outer edges of the queer storyline promised by its source material in Season One. Alas, it was cancelled too soon.

The Power

2023 // 1+ Seasons // 9+ Episodes

Ria Zmitrowicz as Roxy Monke, bloody in a white dress

An adaptation of Naomi Alderman’s best-selling novel, The Power finds a whole swath of women around the world suddenly realizing they have superpowers. As Nic writes, “after generations of oppression, nature decides to even the playing field a bit and gives women their power back.” One of the central storylines follows Roxy, the lesbian daughter of a British mob boss. Another storyline finds its way to a girl’s home run by rebel nuns that includes Sister Maria, a trans woman played by Daniela Vega.


2023 // Limited Series // 7 Episodes

Dre, Rashida and Rashida's parents sit around the dinner table

Donald Glover’s horror series takes a stab at stan culture through unhinged protagonist Dre (Dominique Fishback) whose passion for Ni’Jah, a pop star with a fan club called “the swarm” leads her to make choices like “murdering people”! Seeds of her queerness are planted from the jump but it isn’t until the last episode that she fully comes into her gay identity and starts dating a graduate student named Rashida (Kiersey Clemons). Around mid-season she spends some time with a queer cult led by Billie Eilish.

The Second Best Hospital in the Galaxy

2024- // 1+ Seasons // 8+ Episodes

Second Best Hospital in the Galaxy: klak and sleech prepare to do surgery

Two alien surgeons battle anxiety-eating parasites, illegal time loops, and a wide range of space illnesses in an animated series stacked with queer talent like Stephanie Hsu, Keke Palmer and Sam Smith. Valerie called it “gayer Grey’s Anatomy in space.” And Palmer’s character, Dr. Klak, is gay!

The Rig

2023- // 1+ Seasons // 6+ Episodes

Cat holds up a pool ball and makes a sex joke on The Rig.
An oil rig crew are cut off from all communication with the Scottish mainland when a mysterious fog creeps in, forcing them to find a way home while battling environmental pressures and tensions within the crew, only to have the threat reveal itself to be wilder than they ever imagined. Amongst this crew is one (1) woman who is both “one of the guys” and “a woman who promised her wife that she’d quit this mess and take a job closer to home so they can raise a baby together.”


2020 – // 3+ Seasons // 25+ Episodes

Screenshot from the show Upload of Karina flirting with Aleesha

You’ll need to get through two entire seasons before it gets gay, but maybe you’re up for that challenge! Set in part in a digital afterlife called “Lakeview” and in part in the real world, Upload centers on Nathan Brown, who’s fighting for a free version of Lakeview accessible to all. Aleesha (Zainab Johnson) is an angel who starts a romance with new character Karina (Jeanine Mason) in Season Three.

The Wheel of Time

2021 – // 2+ Seasons // 16+ Episodes

wheel of time cast in a meadow

This epic fantasy series follows Moiraine, a member of the Aes Sedai, an elite group of women who are capable of channeling the One Power. Moiraine Damored is an Aes Sedai who finds herself in a backwoods place called Two Rivers, convinced the Dragon (the Chosen One of the entire series) is one of the villagers who live there. The head of the Aes Sedai, Siuan, lives in Two Rivers, and also, her and Moiraine “know each other. Like know each other.”


2023 // Limited Series // 8 Episodes

Wilderness: Liv and Ash in the club

Adapted from the kind of novel you’d buy in an airport bookstore and be really glad you did, Wilderness is a thriller about a jealous wife and a mysterious murder and the woods and also the lead’s best friend is a lesbian and the lead is also queer (you’ll see!)

The Wilds

2021- 2022 // Two Seasons // 20 Episodes 

eight teenage girls stranded on an island looking miserably towards the sunset in "The Wilds"

A group of troubled teen girls are sent to a wellness retreat on a desert island that is NOT QUITE WHAT IT SEEMS — they end up having to fend for themselves, with and against each other. There is a rewarding queer storyline between a hot-tempered lesbian athlete and [spoiler] and as Valerie wrote in her review of The Wilds, “the girls have this charm that makes you want to learn more about each of them, and the show has a clever way of revealing their backstories bit by bit that keeps you needing to come back for more.” We came back for more for Season Two, which for some reason decided we needed BOYS to make the show sing. Unfortunately, the increasingly intense thriller was cancelled after its second season.

With Love

2021 – 2023 // 2 Seasons //  11 Episodes

Isis King as a nurse in a hospital in "With Love"

Over the course of a year of holidays, we see the Diaz family’s stories play out, weaving in and out of the lives of unrelated people all searching for love. Trans actress Isis King plays Sol Perez, a nonbinary oncologist dating Miles, who has a nonbinary teenage child, Charlie (played by Busy Phillip’s nonbinary child Birdie Silverstein). It’s created by Gloria Calderon Kellett of One Day at a Time fame!

Amazon Prime Video TV Series With Secondary or Minor Queer Storylines and Characters

Alpha House

2013 – 2014 // 2 Seasons // 20 Episodes

Inspired by several fictional Republican Senators who share a Washington DC row-house in this political satire with a long list of revered recurring/guest actors (Wanda Sykes, Amy Sedaris, Cynthia Nixon) and cameos from figures including Stephen Colbert, Rachel Maddow and Elizabeth Warren. Julie Carrel (Brooke Bloom) is the chief-of-staff for Senator Louis and her girlfriend, Katherine (Natalie Gold) is chief-of staff to a different senator. They eventually get pregnant!


2014 – 2021 // 6 Seasons, 60 Episodes // US Onl

Irreverent Los Angeles homicide detective Bosch trusts his instincts over the rules but has an impeccable record of finding the killer. Commanding Office of LAPD Homicide Grace “Bullets” Billets is a closeted lesbian and Bosch’s supervisor. Rose Rollins shows up for a few eps in Season One to date her.

Carnival Row

2018  // One Season // 8 Episodes

This neo-Victorian fantasy-noir finds bands of mythical creatures escaping from their riotous homeland to seek comfort in a city where they are not entirely welcome. Queer model/actress Cara Delevingne plays Vignette Stonemoss, who is pansexual and was involved fellow faerie Tourmaline, although that element of her character earns only the most passing of mentions.


2017 – 2020 // 2 Seasons // 12 Episodes

In its second season, Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s eponymous protagonist Fleabag confirms her bisexuality while sharing a drink with a lesbian businesswoman played by Kristin Scott Thomas. But you’re gonna watch this show regardless because it’s so good!


2015- 2021 // 4 Seasons // 32 Episodes

“Down and out” lawyer Billy McBride, played by Billy Bob Thornton, gets pulled back into the work through some byzantine and unexpected cases, including a TRULY BIZARRE Season Two situation that continues to haunt me. Anyhow, there are some adjacent queer women characters who appear in Seasons One and Three, including Billy’s ex-wife, played by Maria Bello. Nina Arianda’s performance as Patty Solis-Papagian is a genuine delight!


2019 – 2021 // 3 Seasons // 24 Episodes

Hanna lives in a remote Polish forest with her father, the only man she’s ever known. She was part of a CIA program he recruited for, where children’s DNA was enhanced with 3% wolf to form “super-soldiers.” In Season 2 we meet other children from the same program and one of them, Jules, is a lesbian.

The Man in the High Castle

2015 – 2019 // 4 Seasons // 40 Episodes

You’ve really got to pay attention to a lot of high-concept alternate history depicting a parallel universe where the Axis powers won World War II and thus Nazi Germany and the Empire of Japan are in charge, each taking a piece of the United States for themselves. A small lesbian storyline arrives in Season Three.

Modern Love

2019- // 2 Seasons // 16 Episodes

This anthology series inspired by The New York Times column has a lesbian episode in Season Two in which a middle-school-aged girl catches feelings for her schoolmate, Alexa, and they bond over their shared love for anime.


2021 // One Season // 10 Episodes

Every summer the graduating seniors of Carp, Texas gather to risk their lives competing in a series of challenges that inspire them to confront deep-seated fears in hopes of winning a shit-ton of money. Anyone can play but only one will win. There are two recurring lesbian characters who are dating each other!

Phillip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams

2018 // One Season // 10 Episodes

One episode of this anthology series tells the story of a future policewoman, played by Anna Paquin, sharing headspace with a game designer as both track down violent killers whose existence has enormous consequences.

Red Oaks

2014 – 2017 // 3 Seasons // 30 Episodes 

In the first three minutes of Red Oaks, David’s father has a heart attack on the tennis court and says, in what he believes are his final living moments, that his marriage to David’s mother Judy (Jennifer Grey) is dead and he’s pretty sure Judy “is a lesbian or at least technically bisexual.” Thus we journey into the world of Red Oaks, a Jewish New Jersey country-club in the mid-80s. While the show is pretty squarely focused on David and his adolescent adventures, once the inevitable divorce hits, Judy starts questioning her sexuality and tentatively wading into the waters of light kissing with other ladies.

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  1. Fleabag is one of the best shows I’ve ever seen.

    I’m still mad that The Wilds got cancelled. The queer couple was great and I’m pretty sure they were building something with Leah and Fatin, too.

    A League of Their Own is basically essential viewing!

  2. I am honestly not sure if you all are trolling with the Wheel of Time coverage at this point. Siuan lives in the White Tower in Tar Valon – the Aes Sedai “headquarters,” if you will.

    The Two Rivers is the village that is burned to the ground in the first episode. It is said repeatedly that the gang’s goal in Episodes 1-6 is to get to the White Tower in Tar Valon. If there is no willingness to pay someone who has watched the show to cover it, this is also a very easy Google

    • I volunteer as tribute! Wrong show, but right idea (of coverage that is.)
      Though, it’s not really all that gay. There is an ep that covers the relationship to an extent, but that’s it. It’s certainly more of an interpretation of the books rather than a exact replica. I’m here for it though, I got bored with the books at about the 5th and much rather this view of Moiraine.

    • Also Moiraine isn’t the main character, the five villagers are. She was put forward in season one because when given the choice to promote the series through Rosamund Pike or a quintet of mostly unknown (but very good) actors, they picked Pike.

      Every subsequent season is going to back off her as a lead as the young folks come into their own.

  3. Not on the list but a true gem with main queer characters: Prisma! (Released in September). I have watched all episodes nearly in one sitting and was blown away. Not your typical high school drama show!

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  5. Had just discovered a Spain Amazon Prime original, Sin Huellas (No Traces), and has a great lesbian ‘ex’s to lovers’ troupe throughout the action of running away from the mafia. Really funny too. Thought I’d mention for folks as I noticed it wasn’t on this list, and found it through a queer youtuber

  6. Carnival Row has two seasons. The whole Vignette, Tourmaline, Philo love triangle gets more screen time in season 2 and the series ends with Vignette and Tourmaline returning to their home land to get married.

  7. As someone who loves science fiction, I started watching the Expanse without knowing anything about it or its characters. There’s multiple queer characters with larger roles spread out over the seasons, but what I like about it is also the ‘casual’ queerness. Minor characters that pass by and are queer for no reason. They just are.

    Also, more and more amazing female characters show up as the show goes along. Already worth a watch just for that.

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