“Wheel of Time” Season 2 Digs Deeper Into Moiraine and Siuan’s Secret Love/Alliance

Wheel of Time season one ends with the revelation that Rand al’Thor is the Dragon Reborn, the prophesied male Channeler who will either save the world or absolutely destroy it. This obviously freaks out our earnest shepherd boy, who decides to Spider-Man all his friends, begging Aes Sedai Moiraine Damodred to tell them he died fighting the Dark One at the Eye of the World. And actually something really terrible did happen during that battle: Moiraine lost her connection to the One Power, leaving her unable to do any Channeling. Season two kicks off not long after, with our ragtag band of townies from Emond’s Field splintering and splitting up, and Moiraine — in true queer fashion — taking a lot of hot, brooding baths to deal with her grief and angst over her lost magic. Prime Video’s promo for season two was Rosamund Pike times a million, and I’m pleased to say they were not overselling Moiraine’s continued involvement in keeping this Wheel turning.

Season one of Prime Video’s adaptation of Robert Jordan’s sprawling epic fantasy series was both celebrated and derided by fans and critics alike. For me, much like the books, I wanted to love it way more than I did — but there was still plenty to keep me interested. I mean, it’s a story set in a world where women control the magic because the One Power corrupts men, which leads a lot of dudes down paths of resentment and insecurity, and also finds them at the end of the Aes Sedai’s blades an awful lot. Plus we got confirmation that Moiraine and Siuan Sanche, the current Amyrlin Seat, aren’t just in cahoots with each other; they’re also in love with each other!

Moiraine and Siuan kiss

This season digs deeper into their secret alliance, showing us that Moiraine and Siuan were given a joint mission to find the Dragon Reborn. Moiraine was tasked with training him. Siuan was tasked with preparing the Tower to support him. We also get way more of the Aes Sedai, in general. Egwene and Nynaeve join them in the White Tower in Tar Valon to train, and both handle the opportunity in completely different ways. Egwene becomes buddies with fellow trainee Elayne Trakand, as she carefully moves through her new world with her eyes wide open. Nynaeve brings some chaotic good energy to the Tower which finds her at odds with Liandrin, who pisses her off juuuust enough for her to do some Channeling of her own. Nynaeve’s storyline is so powerful and raw and emotional, a real highlight of this installment of the epic; shades of The Empire Strikes Back, Dementors, and Ringwraiths.

There’s nothing I love more than a good found family in high fantasy (RIP Williow), but there’s something exciting about seeing the WheelFriends split up and go off on their own adventures this season. It opens up more of the world and allows us to learn more about each of them and their own destinies tied up with the Wheel. Plus, characters being cut off from their family/severed from their magic only makes the reunions more powerful! There’s also plenty to dig into when it comes to the Dark One and his Dark Followers, many of whom are hiding in plain sight, sympathizers that have lived and work beside many of these villagers their whole lives. (Trumpian, no?) I personally love that these baddies don’t look like any that have come before them, not even Whovian monsters.

If you loved season on of Wheel of Time, you’re going to be fascinated by season two. If you hated season one, you still might find something to love, if you’re willing to invest your time in it. There’s plenty of changes from the book, which was always going to be inevitable, but, to me, the spirit of Jordan’s imagination remains in tact. Plus the costumes, sets, and fights are big budget delights.

Rosamund Pike says we’ll see even more of Moiraine and Siuan next season. My main hope for this whole series is that she means a lot more.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that no one can write about a long-loved, gazillion-word fantasy series in a way that makes everyone happy. I hope I’ve hit the high points of what you like this season on Wheel of Time, and I also hope that you’ll kindly share the rest of your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. Thanks for your thoughts on WoT, Heather. I haven’t read the books (and don’t plan to), so didn’t have any preconceptions for this series… NGL, I got into this for Rosamund Pike, and was pleasantly surprised about her tense wlw relationship in S1. She’s supa dupa broody in S2, losing her magic, but not her wits, so curious enough to see how things unfold with her and the rest of the motley crew.

  2. Siuan’s been inexplicably absent for this season, which is raising some eyebrows in the WOT online communities. She’s a huge part of the series (especially after Book 4), and they’ve been giving a lot of her . . . future emotional beats to Moiraine the season. Lots of concern about her role going forward. We are definitely getting a flashback (the picture above), but tbd if she and Moiraine will actually interact in real time this season.

    But there are so many very cool, unique, powerful women in this show who are coming more into focus! We met Aviendha last week who has another “I mean can we even call it subtext” relationship with Elayne in the books (leading to what is basically a marriage ceremony). The showrunner has heavily implied that they’re going to be explicitly maintext in the show. Min is also verrrryy queer coded, which book readers know has some further implications there…

    It’s a great show with a lot of very well-developed female characters. I came to the show (and subsequently the books) for Moiraine and Siuan, but am staying for everything else!

    • I think, unfortunately they follow last season’s model, single Siuan Sanche-heavy episode and nothing else.As for Moiraine current storyline


      That’s right. I think they won’t spend too much time to show the emotional effects of Siuan’s stilling. But stilling is an important theme throughout the series so they’re showing it through Moiraine. I know Ishamael only shielded her but she thinks she’s been stilled and they want the audience to think that as well.


      I’m really excited about Aviendha and Elayne , especially since Rafe Judkins said he’s interested in a polyamorous relationship between them. However, it looks like we have to wait for Season 3 but who knows when that will be

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