Emily’s Team Pick: A Bunch of Mice go to a Party

A bunch of mice go to a party and do lots of drugs. You get to be the scientist and see what happens to your brain when you use different kinds of drugs. It’s sciencey and interactive and fun and you might feel like you know something after. I like it ’cause you get to […]

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New Jersey Senate Voting on Gay Marriage Tomorrow! Get Your Whiskey & Kleenex!

No one thought it would happen, but the New Jersey Senate agreed to hear the same-sex marriage bill tomorrow — what’s the outlook? Also, Rhode Island’s gay funeral rights bill veto, Prop 8 trial on YouTube, Obama’s transgender appointee, and the funniest bestest Daily Show video ever about that simple time Glenn Beck & his ilk are always reminiscing about.

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Jillian Michaels: First Lady to Ever Come Out (Bisexual) in “Ladies Home Journal”

Jillian Michaels tells LHJ she’s open to finding love with either gender (yay bisexuals!) and also we think she has a girlfriend, Korean Actress Lee Na-young will play a trans character in an upcoming film, Lindsay Lohan speaks out about the dangers of prescription drugs w/r/t Casey Johnson, plus Rosie, Lady Gaga, Hayden kissed a girl and she liked it, Ellen behind-the scenes, Sherlock Holmes and REALLY HOT GIRLS all the way from the UK!

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Hunter Valentine Rocks My World: The Autostraddle Interview

In her Audiostraddle debut, contributing writer Corey Crossfield chats to Kiyomi McCloskey, lead singer from the Toronto-based female rock trio Hunter Valentine. Fresh from showcasing at New York’s CMJ, Kiyomi talks about the band’s beginnings, their upcoming EP “Lessons From The Late Night”, and how she writes the songs that can tear your heart apart or help you piece it back together.